How to Use Grandstream Device Management System and UCM RemoteConnect Together

Posted by Brian Van Meter, Marketing Manager on Oct 26, 2022

Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS) and UCM RemoteConnect empower installers with a cloud-based solution to easily manage all of their Grandstream IP PBX and IP endpoint deployments before, during, and after the project. These platforms come together to allow an installer to not only manage the entirety of a client's solution from the cloud but also to expand that deployment network to remote employees or satellite offices by utilizing UCM RemoteConnect. Within this blog post, we're going to be covering how GDMS and UCM RemoteConnect come together to offer a game-changing Grandstream configuration and management solution for installers. In order to get started, create an account on GDMS. UCM RemoteConnect is also accessed through the GDMS platform account.

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How to Use the UCM IP PBX's Call Center Features

Posted by Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist on Nov 18, 2021

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For small to medium businesses, customization is important when building out a telecommunication solution. An on-premise VoIP solution is a popular IT system as it allows businesses to create a scalable solution to fit their needs. One of the major functionalities that a VoIP system delivers is call center features that allow for organizations to implement their own localized call center to better serve their customer base. Grandstream Networks’ UCM series of IP PBXs have built-in call center features that allow businesses to run their call centers efficiently and effectively. In this blog, we take you through the major call center features in the UCM series and how to best utilize them.

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Choosing the Right IP PBX For Your Deployment

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For businesses and organizations of all sizes, people are their most important asset. How they work together, communicate, and collaborate is the primary driver of success. Utilizing the right unified communication technology can create an environment that enhances the way a business is run and produces a more productive and collaborative operation. Choosing the right unified communication platform for any new business can be a challenge: deciding what you need and what features are most important can help narrow down the decision and create a customized solution for your deployment. In this blog post we will cover the main backend choices you have when creating a unified communication solution, and how Grandstream’s UCM series can fit into your deployment scenario.

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UCM RemoteConnect: Overview and Key Features

Posted by Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist on Dec 7, 2020

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UCM RemoteConnect Overview

UCM RemoteConnect, a part of the UCM6300 Ecosystem, is a companion cloud service to the UCM6300 series IP PBXs. UCM RemoteConnect allows organizations to build a secure, easy-to-manage communications and collaboration solution for remote workers and devices. Network administrators can configure, edit, and manage every aspect of their UCM6300 device from the cloud through UCM RemoteConnect. The service provides automatic NAT firewall traversal that securely connects remote users to the IP PBX. The cloud service provides reliability by running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) while offering zero-touch configuration and IT-friendly management. As it is integrated with the Grandstream Device Management System, every business can control and customize their network in one central location. UCM RemoteConnect allows for users to just connect their devices to the internet to be linked with their organization, providing a hassle-free experience.

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What is the UCM6300 Ecosystem

Posted by Brian Van Meter, Marketing Manager on Oct 8, 2020

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Grandstream's Upcoming Onsite and Remote Communications Solution

In our previous blog post, we wrote on how the COVID-19 pandemic didn't create a new demand within the communications and collaboration market, it sped up its adoption. Remote work isn't anything new, it is a trend that has been gradually developing prior to the pandemic accelerating it into a status quo. At Grandstream, we recognized the need for a solution that is as customizable and secure as an onsite device, while being as flexible as a remote cloud solution. The upcoming UCM6300 Ecosystem is a solution bundle that provides complete communications and collaboration for onsite and remote deployments. Installers and IT teams will be able to create IP communication and collaboration solutions with Grandstream products that can seamlessly bridge geographical gaps to link all users within an organization under one network, no matter their location. 

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What is Kari's Law?

On February 16, 2020 Kari’s law and RAY BAUM’s Act went into effect. This law was passed in direct response to the tragic loss of Kari Hunt Dunn. During Kari’s attack, Dunn’s 9 year old daughter repeatedly tried to call 911 and was unsuccessful in reaching emergency services due to not knowing she had to dial “9” to reach an outside line before calling 9-1-1. This led to the implementation of a law that ensures public safety and the ability to dial 911 easily from any service. At Grandstream, we believe that all our customers should feel safe and have easy access to emergency services. Providing a communication solution to our customers that is compliant with this law is important to us. The law/act state the following:

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