How COVID-19 is Rapidly Evolving Telehealth

Posted by Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist on May 13, 2020

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The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly due to the COVID-19 global outbreak. The technology used to communicate between doctors and patients ranges from simple telephone calls in place of visits to face-to-face video calls and even robot doctors. There has been a sudden boom in telehealth visits and enhancements in technology within the industry. Video chatting has been one of the safest means of communication between physicians, nurses, and patients in COVID-19 testing facilities and other urgent care centers on the frontlines. It allows healthcare workers to protect themselves from potentially contagious patients during this global pandemic, ultimately slowing the spread of the virus. Remote appointments are also being held for non-urgent visits, by both video calls and regular telephone calls. 

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What can we improve in Healthcare with Unified Communications?

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2020 is here, and sometimes it looks like communication and collaboration platforms used in healthcare are not keeping up with the times. According to a study, nearly 80 percent of hospitals still use pagers and a survey showed that almost 52% of physicians said that these devices are one of their most significant sources of frustration. Pagers have existed since the 1950s, and because they work on a much higher frequency than cell phones, they allow doctors to be reachable despite x-ray proof walls and poor cell phone coverage, so it seems like pagers will still hang around at least for a few more years, but... how can we get healthcare professionals better communicated?

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Big Data and Why it Matters

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What’s the big deal with “big data”? The way businesses manage data is progressing and becoming an essential vessel in their business model. The combination of analytics and data can help businesses not only make better decisions but discover patterns and trends that make them more efficient and profitable. That, plus the ability to discover consumer behaviors based on data is what makes this trend such a big deal.

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