Modern and Mobile: Providing Connectivity in a Flexible Work Space

Posted by Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist on Mar 13, 2019

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Mobility in the modern workplace is becoming increasingly common and is a standard for office productivity. Flexible office spaces are becoming a trend in many industries, encouraging collaboration and the flow of ideas. When employees are given the freedom to move away from their desks for a change of scenery, both morale and productivity can increase dramatically. The way we use technology on an everyday basis has evolved to improve our collaboration with others both face-to-face and over communication endpoints. Mobile work spaces cut costs, increase collaboration, and improve communication throughout an organization. Even a communal work area of a few couches and a coffee table will allow for encounters outside of the generic cube setting that could end up generating the next big innovation.

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One-on-One: Previewing the WP820 with Mike Magers

Posted by Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing on Aug 1, 2018

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We are getting close to the official release of our first cordless WiFi IP Phone, the WP820 (for those who have has been following the development of this model and seen it called the WP800, we decided to rename it the WP820). The feedback we have gotten from Beta testers, channel partners service providers, major platform providers and potential end-users points to this product instantly becoming one of our best-selling models. Our Beta Club had more applicants to test this product than any product we have ever put through a beta test. Also, as you may have seen me talking about recently in a blog and on a Telecom Reseller Podcast, WiFi voice is poised to become a mainstream deployment model because of its cost, management and environmental benefits.

To get some feedback on our upcoming WP820, I recently sat down with Mike Magers a prominent Grandstream Reseller and Systems Engineer with VoiceConnex, a technology integrator in Missouri, USA. Not only does Mike bring years of experience within the telecom and security industry, but he is a Beta tester of the WP820.

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