Choosing the Right IP PBX For Your Deployment

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For businesses and organizations of all sizes, people are their most important asset. How they work together, communicate, and collaborate is the primary driver of success. Utilizing the right unified communication technology can create an environment that enhances the way a business is run and produces a more productive and collaborative operation. Choosing the right unified communication platform for any new business can be a challenge: deciding what you need and what features are most important can help narrow down the decision and create a customized solution for your deployment. In this blog post we will cover the main backend choices you have when creating a unified communication solution, and how Grandstream’s UCM series can fit into your deployment scenario.

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On-Premise Solutions

An on-premise IP PBX typically involves an IT team or system administrator to setup the network, handle updates, enhancements, and manage it on an on-going basis. On-premise solutions are typically used by organizations who work within one location, such as an office building, warehouse, hotel, call center, etc. and need voice-only communication solutions. Grandstream’s UCM Series IP PBX are an ideal device for a premise-based UC solution.

  • Saving money over time with less recurring fees and more features and customizations
  • SMBs and enterprises with the technical resources to manage the system and take full advantage of premium features and integrations
  • Organizations where time is of utmost importance, deploy a redundant or high availability solution
  • When you want full control over your security, an on-premise IP PBX will let you manage, monitor and control the security of your system, all under your own network
  • Integrated UC deployments that include systems such as CRM, hotel management, call center etc.
  • Using certain features on a yearly basis can affect SMBs/SMEs operating budget, Grandstream offers limited initial upfront equipment costs and includes all features up-front
  • Grandstream products never require licensing fees and are specifically designed so that SMBs/SMEs internal staff or their reseller/system integrator can self-administer and manage the network versus having to hire an outside IT firm

Cloud Based Solutions

A virtual cloud-based platform is typically accessed via the internet from any location and provided through a service provider where physical equipment is not needed on-site. This means the entire network is run and operated in the service providers’ cloud and the business is paying monthly for the communication service provided as well network management and sometimes specific feature add-ons. Cloud solutions are popular with businesses who are split between many locations and/or mostly remote. It is also ideal for a business who may not have an available IT team or resources to hire an IT team.

  • Businesses who prefer low upfront costs
  • The hosted provider will take on the majority of the setup tasks, often making for a quick setup process
  • Small businesses or start-ups without readily available IT staff for system updates and maintenance
  • Organizations that use out-of-the-box solutions and won’t need customized integrations with third-party systems
  • Companies who want simple maintenance, as the hosted provider takes on maintenance and upgrades
  • Companies that are widely dispersed and often prefer to communicate using smart devices and laptops/desktops

Hybrid: On-Premise and Cloud Based Solution

We’ve already learned about on-premise and cloud based IP PBX s, so what happens when you combine a cloud based and on-premise solution? Enter the UCM6300 Ecosystem, which offers a unique hybrid solution that combines the benefits of cloud and on-prem. With the UCM6300 Ecosystem, business’ can benefit from a secure, on-premise based solution under your full control with the option to access it remotely from anywhere - giving any business the flexibility to customize their UC needs. When UCM RemoteConnect and Wave are added to a UCM6300 series, it allows the business’ staff and IT team to access the solution from anywhere as they would if they had a cloud platform. In an era where employees are often travelling, working remote, or following a hybrid model, Grandstream’s UCM RemoteConnect, part of the UCM6300 Ecosystem, allows organizations to build a secure, easy-to-manage communications and collaboration solution for workers in any location. Network administrators can configure, edit, and manage every aspect of their UCM6300 device from the cloud through UCM RemoteConnect and the Grandstream Device Management Systsem (GDMS).

  • Remote collaboration that is secure & reliable; Cloud-based NAT firewall traversal service runs on AWS with 99% reliability
  • Offers secure connections with remote SIP endpoints registered to a UCM6300 series device
  • Integrated with GDMS for centralized management of remote devices; also at
  • Built-in advanced system and device monitoring & diagnosis tools to actively ensure secure connections and provides advanced system and device reports and real-time email alerts
  • Reduced telecom and long distance costs between office locations and remote workers; saves on cell phone bills by routing domestic and international calls made on a smartphone through VoIP; provide VoIP phones to remote workers
  • Expanded voice communication options with custom voice features like IVR, call queue, call recording, call routing and conferencing features
  • Unite geographically-dispersed locations on one centrally-located IP PBX; extension dialing across network; mobile and remote workers also included.
  • Introduces telepresence-based video conferencing for improved workplace collaboration and real-time video communications; Adds real-time video surveillance of facilities and IP door phones using a variety of video codecs.
  • Advanced data support through fax, fax/voicemail forwarding to email, call detail records, company phonebook integration and system backup

A powerful yet easy to manage voice, video, data, and mobility communications platform has never been more achievable than when anchored with Grandstream’s series of UCM IP PBXs. The UCM series of IP PBXs offer an extensive set of unified communication features in an easy-to-manage on premise solution with no licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per features. Our UCMs range from small and medium business deployments to small and medium enterprise solutions.

For more information about Grandstream's UCM6300 Ecosystem visit the solution page below.

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