Getting to Know the GRP2600 Essential IP Phone Series

Posted by Brian Van Meter, Marketing Manager on Dec 31, 2021

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Features, Capabilities, and Deployment Scenarios

The newest addition to our GRP2600 series, the essential IP phone line, brings affordable and powerful devices to the desktop of any business or home office. As part of the GRP series of Carrier-Grade IP Phones, this line is also equipped with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management. Built for the basic needs of desktop workers and designed for easy deployment by enterprises, service providers, installers, and other high-volume markets, the essential IP series is an ideal choice for easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy VoIP endpoints. Within this blog post, we’ll provide a brief overview of the features, capabilities, and deployment scenarios of our new essential IP phones.

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Questions Answered: Our GRP2600 Series

Posted by Brian Van Meter, Marketing Manager on Apr 9, 2019

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Our new generation of IP phones, the GRP2600 Carrier-Grade series, has raised a lot of excitement. We've recently released the GRP2616 to this series and continue to build out the line's diversity. With a new line of products comes a lot of questions about features, capabilities, design, and technical specs.  In this blog post I’ll answer frequently asked questions and provide some insight about this powerful series of IP phones. Read on to learn more.

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