How to Create a Captive Portal for the GWN Series

Posted by Brian Van Meter, Marketing Manager on Feb 15, 2022

A captive portal has a variety of benefits when deployed into a Wi-Fi network. Being able to keep control of who can access the network, provide lead generation for commercial Wi-Fi environments, or ensure the user accepts terms and conditions are all advantages of a captive portal. Setting up a GWN captive portal is an easy process, and the variety of features available means that you can create a captive portal that is ideal for your deployment. Within this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide to creating a captive portal for the GWN series of Wi-Fi Access Points.

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Topics: Wi-Fi, GWN Series

Designing a Warehouse Wi-Fi Network

With the tremendous growth of Wi-Fi supported devices and mobile internet applications, warehouses are relying on Wi-Fi technology now more than ever. Wireless access points have evolved from the pursuit of connectivity and coverage to the goal of supporting high-capacity access to as many wireless clients as possible, without network interruption. Designing a warehouse Wi-Fi network is determined by a several important factors, let’s take a look below at what should be considered when building a warehouse Wi-Fi solution.

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Topics: WiFi Acess Points, Wi-Fi Networking, warehouse, GWN Series