Getting Started with WiFi Voice

Posted by Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on Nov 1, 2018

One of the most buzzworthy topics within the unified communications industry in 2018 has been the rise of WiFi voice solutions. Whether you call it WiFi voice, Voice-over-WiFi, VoWiFi, VoIP-over-WiFi, Voice-over-WLAN or VoWLAN, this technology is here to stay and is poised to become a main UC deployment option for businesses all over the world. This blog will explain what WIFi voice is, why it’s so powerful and how you can build a WiFi voice and video solution. 

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The Internet-of-things is Driving the Future of SIP Endpoints

Posted by Phil Bowers, Senior Marketing Manager on May 15, 2018

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Like any technology, VoIP requires constant innovation and adaptation in order to keep up with the always-changing way we live and work. Over the past decade, VoIP has shifted from being a voice protocol to the powerful unified communications engine that is today. The future of VoIP, and more specifically VoIP endpoints, will require continued evolution and adaptation. With the ability to communicate from almost any device, how do manufacturers ensure VoIP endpoints continue to be relevant?

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