At what temperature will the heater or fan trigger on the GXV3662?

- Temp <= 0°C : Fan & Heater start - Temp >= 50°C : Fan start - 0°C < Temp < 50°C: Fan & Heater stop

How do I adjust the focus on my GXV3601/3601_LL/3601HD/3651FHD?

Grandstream GXV3601/GXV3601_LL/GXV3601_HD/GXV3651FHD cameras are shipped with lens and camera body dissembled. The user must install and tune the focus of the lens themselves
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How do I connect a PTZ device to work with my GXV3504?

After connecting the PTZ controller to the GXV3504(See User Manual for RS485 connection setup) and configuriring the correct PTZ protocol, you can then set the address code. Most PTZ devices have ON/OFF switches that allow address code configuration. To allow the PTZ control of the GXV3504, it must match the address code of the GXV3504. For example, the address code of the GXV3054 is 1-2-3-4. The user will also set the PTZ address code to 1-2-3-4 using the ON/OFF switches. (Please refer to the PTZ user manual to see how to setup the ON/OFF switch to match address codes.)

How do I disable audio from the camera during a SIP call?

You cannot disable the audio during a SIP call between IP phone and camera. By current design, the IP camera will always have microphone enabled (if supported) during a SIP call. However, you can enable "Disable audio in SIP call" to prevent the camera from outputting your voice to speaker or audio line out. If you wish to view the camera without hearing the audio from the camera's microphone, you can use the live stream interface of the camera's web gui or use the RTSP url to stream the camera.

How do I install multiple cameras behind a single router?

Click here to see our guide on how to setup multiple cameras on a single router.

How do you discover Grandstream Cameras (GXV3610_HD/FHD, GXV3672_HD/FHD_36, GXV3674_HD/FHD_VF) on a local area network?


1) Open Safari browser, select “Preference” => “Advanced”
2) Select two fields: “Include Bonjour in Bookmarks Menu” and “Include Bonjour in the Favorite Bar”.
3) Return to Safari, next to your bookmarks you will see the “Bonjour” tab, select and there should be a drop down menu.
4) In the drop down menu, click “Webpages”, and you will see Grandstream IP Cameras listed as webpage. Select one to access the camera’s Web interface.

For Bonjour Browser application in iPhone/iPad, you will scan and find the device with an IP address, but you cannot directly launch the Safari browser from inside the application, you must copy the IP address and paste it into Safari address bar to see the video.
1) Navigate to “Network” in windows explorer. Click the network icon from the desktop, run a search for “Network”, or use the Run command “::{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}”.
2) Find the device and click the icon. This will open the default windows based browser (like Firefox, or Chrome, or IE) to see the video of the camera.

How does the Alarm_Input & Alarm_Output work?

The Alarm_In port needs DC voltage less than 15V. Users are able to connect 3rd party sensors such as infrared sensor, smoke sensor or light sensor to this port.

The Alarm_Out port can be connected to either AC or DC circuits with 125VAC/0.5A or 30VDC/2A. Users can connect 3rd party devices such as alarm siren or alert light to this port. Under normal circumstances, the circuit is open. When there is an alarm event, the device will close the circuit to trigger the alarm.

Note: This info can be used for all of Grandstream devices with Alarm_In/Alarm_out ports, e.g. GXV3500, GXV3504, GXV3601_HD, GXV3611_HD, GXV3651_FHD and GXV3662HD/FHD.

What is the allowable voltage input range for my GXV3501/3504?

The safe range of input voltage is 10V~13V, anything higher would damage the unit.

What is the default ONVIF listening port for Grandstream devices?

The default ONVIF listening port for Grandstream devices is port 8080.

What is the impedance INPUT/OUTPUT of the audio port on Grandstream surveillance products?

Surveillance Product LINE-IN Specifications LINE-OUT Specifications
GXV3501 Input Impedance: 1.5k ohms
Minimum Input Level: 0.1Vrms
Maximum Input Level: 0.707 Vrms
Output Impedance: 600 ohms
Nominal Output Level: 0.707 Vrms

Which 3rd party WiFi adapter is supported on the GXV3601/GXV3651?

All Ralink/MediaTek RT3070 chipset based should be supported. In additon, we have certified the following models:

B-Link BL-LW05-A
SK RT3070 X8
Edimax EW7711HPn
ToToLink N200UP

Why are my captures and video recordings saving to the "C:\" drive and not saving to the specified path when using the web interface?

This is a known issue for Window's users. The way to correct this is by performing the following:

Go to the Windows Control Panel-->System Security-->Action Center-->Change User Account Control Settings
Another window will pop-up which will allow the user to choose when to be notified about changes to the computer.
Drag the lever down to "Never Notify"

Another way to allow saving to the specified directory is to right-click on the Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox icon and select "Run As Administrator.

Note: When performing the "Change User Account Control Settings" you will be required to reboot for changes to take effect.

Why does the Grandstream web plugin for surveillance products not work properly in new versions of Chrome?

New versions of Chrome deprecate the NPAPI for plugins. It is now the default setting to be disabled, however users can do the following to re-enable it:

1. In the Chrome browser address bar, enter chrome://flags
2. Search for NPAPI
3. Enable NPAPI and restart Chrome

Why is motion detection not triggered when primary and secondary preferred video codec is set to MJPEG?

If one stream, primary or secondary, is set to H264, then motion detection will take effect. Only when both primary and secondary are set to MJPEG will the motion detection not work. Motion detection is based on H264. MJPEG is not support for this feature.

Note: This only applies to the following models; GXVGXV3610/3662/3651/3500/3615WPH_HD/3672/3674.

Why is my GXV3610 video stream displaying a whited out picture on bright days?

If the GXV3610 is on firmware, then by default the camera comes with the light condition set to Indoor. This can be corrected by navigating to Basic Settings-->Video & Audio Settings and changing the Power Frequency to Outdoor

Note: The default Light Condition (Power Frequency) has been changed to Outdoor after firmware

Why when using Internet Explorer 11, I am unable to view my camera stream via web UI?

Due to the current WebControl Plugin v1.0.0.7, users browsing with IE11 are required to add the camera IP to the Compatibility List. Here are the steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Navigate to Settings
3. Select Compatibility View Settings
4. Input the IP address of the camera where it asks you to "Add this website"
5. Click the Add button
Next Disable ActiveX filtering by going to IE Settings--> Safety-->Uncheck ActiveX filtering

Will the GXV3500 Decoder/Encoder be compatible with third party cameras?

Encode Mode: (Analogue Camera)

Generally, most 3rd party analogue cameras will be digitized to IP Camera when connecting to GXV3500 BNC port at Encode Mode.

Decode Mode: (IP Camera)

Whether GXV3500 can decode the data stream from a 3rd party IP camera is dependent on how the stream was encoded. GXV3500 utilizes the RTSP stream and is capable ONLY H.264 formats decoding (so MJPEG is out of luck). General rule of thumb is if the RTSP stream of 3rd party IP Camera can be viewed by VLC Player (free open source media player software), the GXV3500 will very likely be able to decode the stream, but no guarantee due to the variety of H.264 encoding implementation by different IP Camera vendors.