If the LCD is locked and I have forgotten the password, how can I unlock it?

By default, the LCD does not have a lock configured. If you have configured the LCD lock and forgotten the user name and password, you will have to perform a factory reset to clear the lock. Log into the web interface, select [Maintenance]→[Upgrade and Provisioning]→[Factory Reset] →[Reset]. After the factory reset, you can also reconfigure the LCD lock password by selecting [MENU]→[Personalize]→[My Profile]. It is recommended not to lock the LCD screen unless necessary.

If you cannot log into the web configuration interface because you do not know the phone’s IP address, then you will need to connect the phone and a PC to the same hub. You can then use a network sniffer tool such as Wireshark/Ethereal on your PC to capture traffic on the network. You can now obtain the phone’s IP address by searching for the corresponding MAC address (found on the back of the phone) in your sniffer (found on the back of the phone).

How do I change the displayed language?

The displayed language can be selected through the LCD menu, by selecting [MENU]→[Personalize]→[Language] and choose the language to display. Currently, the GXV3140 comes with 11 languages; you can also download other languages. The default display language is configured according to your location.

In the web interface, the display language can also be selected. Currently, only English and Chinese are supported.

How do I configure the desktop background?

You can personalize the desktop background by selecting [MENU]→[Personalize]→[Screen Saver] →[Desktop Background]. You can choose from Pattern 1, Pattern 2 or Pattern 3 or selecting a picture. If you select a picture file from an external device, if the device is removed, the desktop background cannot be displayed. In this case, please remember to copy the file to the phone memory first before configuring the desktop background.

How do I configure the GXV3140 to display holidays on the calendar?

The holiday displayed on the LCD is determined by your location. If you need to configure the phone to show holidays from other countries, please select [MENU]→[Office Tools]→[Calendar] →[Options] →[Settings]. You can select holidays to display for up to three countries. Currently, there are seven countries/locations available for selection.

How do I configure the screensaver?

The screensaver can be configured on the phone by selecting [MENU]→[Personalize]→[Screen Saver] and configuring the picture folder used for the screensaver slideshow. You can choose to use the default folder or you can select one from an external device. If an external picture folder is used, the screensaver cannot be displayed when the device is removed.

The Interval configured in this setting controls the time between each consecutive picture in the picture slideshow screensaver. The default Interval time is 10 seconds. The “Time out” configured in this setting determines the idle time needed to trigger the screensaver. The default “Time out” time is 5 minutes and can be modified from 0~1440. If the “Time out” time is set to 0, the screensaver is disabled.

How do I configure the settings for weather update?

The phone will display weather updates according to your location. You can also configure the phone to display weather updates from other locations. Select [MENU]→[Office Tools]→[Weather Update] and enter the city code in City(Zip Code). Every city has its corresponding international city code; the phone will provide the local weather update based on this code. The “Refresh interval” parameter allows you to set the time duration to refresh and the “Units” to the display unit preferred.

Note: For cities outside of the United States, please locate the corresponding international city code on Yahoo Weather ( Search for the city where you are located, and use the 8 digit city code (located in the web browser address bar as part of the web URL) to configure the phone.

How do I configure the softkeys (F1-F4) for my personal needs?

You can customize the functionality of the softkeys on the idle screen and call screen by selecting [MENU]→[Personalize]→[Softkey].

The 10 softkey functions defined for the idle screen includes: Menu, Switch Screen, More News, Headset, Enable DND, Call History, Phone Book, Volume Up, Volume Down and Camera Off.

The 11 softkey functions defined for the call screen includes: Mute, Camera Off, Hold, End, Transfer, Conference, Enable DND, Reject, Volume Up, Volume Down, Start Video, Headset and Snapshot.

How do I turn off the LCD?

The LCD can be turned off by selecting [MENU]→[Settings]→[Maintenance] →[Factory Functions] →[Turn Off LCD]. By turning off the LCD, the device will enter standby mode to save power.

Why does the LCD switch off automatically after a period of time?

When the phone is idle for a period of time, the GXV3140 turns off the LCD screen by default. If the screensaver is configured, the screensaver will activate before the LCD is powered off. Powering off the LCD enables standby mode on the phone and saves power.

You can also configure the idle time needed to the LCD to power off by select [MENU]→[Personalize]→[Screen Saver] →[LCD Auto Power Off Time]. The default value is 15 minutes, the user can select a value from 0~1440 and save. If the configured LCD auto power off time is 0, the LCD will not power off.