What are the differences between BudgeTone-101, 102 and 200 models?

The BT model 101 (also called BT100) and 102 have the same software functions and the only difference is that model 101 has one Ethernet interface and model 102 has two Ethernet interfaces i.e. the PC port (to be connected to your computer) and normal LAN port (to be connected to your Internet Source.). These 2 ports are bridged together similar to a HUB. BT-200 is higher end version with Router feature and capable of supporting 100Mbps connections.

BudgeTone Model




LAN Interface

1 x RJ45

2 x RJ45

2 x RJ45





Router Feature




Does the BudgeTone have the Off hook Auto-Dial and Auto-Answer feature?

BudgeTone 100 and BT200 models support both these features.

Does the BudgeTone support distinctive ringtone feature using ALERT-INFO Method?

Currently, BT phones support Distinctive Ringing for 3 specific Phone Numbers/Extensions/User IDs. You will find this setting on Advanced Settings Page. Basically you can configure 3 extensions with a Ringtone each and then whenever incoming call is from one of these numbers, that configured Ringtone will play. The BT200 model supports Distinctive Ringtones using SIP ALERT-INFO header.

BT200 supports the Alert-Info mapping to the 3 custom ring tone files. For example, if you configure the custom ring tone 1 user id to “priority” (instead of a real user ID), that ring tone will be used if we receive INVITE with Alert-Info header in the following format:


Does the BudgeTone support Syslog Server setting?

Yes, under Advanced Settings page, you will see Syslog Server and Syslog Level fields to setup Syslog message retrieval. Syslog messages are very helpful in debugging any errors with the device.

How do I configure a Public or Static IP address using the phone menu?

This is a very crucial configuration. Generally we recommend configuring via DHCP since it’s the easiest method of configuration. But nevertheless that is the reason configuring Public/Static IP on Grandstream Products is as easy as it gets.

Press the MENU button and go through options 1 to 5 carefully. For each option make the necessary change, for ex. option 1 should be dhcp off, option 2 should be the static IP address, option 3 is the subnet mask, 4 is the gateway/router IP address and lastly and most importantly 5 is the DNS Server IP address. All these IP addresses need to be entered in 12 digit format i.e. 192168001029 for

Absolutely! Here is a simple example of performing 3 way conferencing on BT phones:
A, B and C need to talk in a conference call. A will be performing the 3-way conference call using his new BudgeTone Phone.

1. A calls B
2. A presses CONFERENCE and gets a new dialtone while B is on Hold
3. A calls C
4. A presses CONFERENCE again to initiate the Conference Call
5. A, B and C are in conference!

How do I configure voice-mail on the BudgeTone?

There is a field called Voice Mail User ID on the ‘Advanced Settings’ page. You need to configure this field with your voice mail account number ex.8500. Now, if you need to access Voice Mail simply press the Message Button on the device and it will connect to the Voice Mail Inbox. In case of a new voice mail left in your inbox, the LED will start to blink RED.

How do I make a call using only the IP Address?

BT101 and BT102 models:

Off-hook the receiver or press speakerphone.
Press the MENU button
Now dial the IP Address in 12 digit format ex.192168001029
Press SEND.

This model has the ability to dial an IP address under the same LAN segment by simply pressing the last octet in the IP address.

In the Advanced Settings page there is an option "Use Quick IP-call mode", by default it is set to No. When this option is set to YES, and #XXX is dialed, where X is 0-9 and XXX <=255, phone will make direct IP call to aaa.bbb.ccc.XXX where aaa.bbb.ccc comes from the local IP address REGARDLESS of subnet mask.

#XX or #X are also valid so leading 0 is not required (but OK).

For example: calling just dial #3 follow by SEND or # calling just dial #23 follow by SEND or # calling just dial #123 follow by SEND or # dial #3 and #03 and #003 has same effect --> call

Note: If you have a SIP Server configured, Direct IP-IP call will still work. However, if you are using STUN, Direct IP-IP call will also use STUN.

How do I perform attend transfer and blind transfer using BudgeTone Phones?

Example: B needs to transfer a call from A to C.

Attend Transfer: .

A and B are in a call
B needs to transfer the call to C
B presses FLASH to get new dialtone
B calls C while A is on Hold
Now, B can transfer the call from A to C by pressing TRANSFER and then hanging up.
A and C are in a call now!
Blind Transfer:

1. A and B are in a call
2. B needs to Blind transfer the call to C
3. B presses TRANSFER and gets new dialtone; A is on Hold.
4. B dials number for C
5. Call is transferred to C

What Codecs are supported by BudgeTone Series Phones?

BudgeTone Phones support a wide range of Codecs:
BT101 and BT102 support:

PCMU or g711(a/µ law)
G.729 A/B
G.722 (wideband)
BT200 supports PCMU, PCMA, g729 A/B, g723.1 and GSM codecs.

Where do I view my Call History ex. Missed/Incoming/Outgoing Calls?

You can check Received/Missed Calls along with Outgoing calls made, on the Phone by unhooking the receiver and then pressing CALLERS and CALLED resp. For more detailed Call information you can log onto the web configuration pages, and check the Status page.