How can I upgrade the firmware for GVC3220?

GVC3220 supports firmware upgrade via the following methods:

1. Manually upload firmware files to upgrade from web UI (for applicable firmware versions only).
2. Upgrade via TFTP firmware server.
3. Upgrade via HTTP/HTTPS firmware server.
4. Upgrade via USB flash drive or SD card. Users could plug in a USB flash drive or an SD card with the firmware file named as gvc3220fw.bin to GVC3220. The GVC3220 will detect the firmware file automatically. Users could execute firmware upgrade following the screen prompts.

How can I check the current firmware version for GVC3220?

The current firmware version of device can be found on web UI and LCD menu:

- Web UI: Status->System Info->System Version
- LCD: Settings->Status->System->System Version.

How can I record a meeting and access the recording file?

During a meeting, user can start/end recording by pressing * on the remote control or by entering Menu->Video Record.

Recording files can be saved to:

1. An external SD card or USB flash drive. The default path for recording file can be configured in LCD->Applications->Recorder->More->Settings->Save Path.
2. FTP server. FTP server can be configured in LCD->Applications->Recorder->More->Settings->FTP Settings.
3. NAS extended storage, which can be configured in LCD->Applications->Recorder->More->Settings->NAS extended storage.

Also, users can download and manage recording files remotely from web UI->App->Recording Management.

How can I create and save backup file on GVC3220?

On the GVC3220 LCD menu, go to Applications->File Manager->Backups.

- Users can create a new backup by pressing the yellow key on the GVC3220 remote control.

- Users can restore a backup by selecting the icon of the backup.

- Users can delete a backup by pressing the red key on the GVC3220 remote control.

Please note that users can change the destination of saved backup files from internal storage to SD card or USB flash drive by pressing blue key on the GVC3220 remote control to enter Settings.

How can I enable/disable DND on GVC3220?

DND can be enabled/disabled by pressing the mute button on the GVC3220 remote control. Users can also enable/disable DND from GVC3220 web UI and the setting is on the upper right corner of the web UI.

How can I reset GVC3220 to factory default settings?

Factory reset could be executed from web UI or LCD menu.

- Web UI: Maintenance ->Upgrade->Advanced settings->Factory Reset.
- LCD: Settings->Advanced->Factory Reset.

Which account types are supported by GVC3220?

- SIP Account: GVC3220 can be registered to a SIP server or IP PBX. It also supports IP calls with another SIP endpoint.
- H.323 Account: GVC3220 can be registered to a Gatekeeper/H.323 platform. It also supports IP calls with another H.323 endpoints.
- IPVideoTalk Account: GVC3220 can be registered to IPVideoTalk cloud server. Please see for more details.
- BlueJeans: Users can attend BlueJeans meeting without installing the BlueJeans app.
- Zoom: Users can attend Zoom meeting without installing the Zoom app.

How can I set or update screen lock password?

Password can be configured from LCD menu and web UI:

- LCD: Settings->Advanced->Security->Screen Lock Password.
- Web UI: System Settings->Security Settings->Screen Lock Password.

How can I access the GVC3220 web UI configuration interface?

The device configuration interface can be accessed following the steps below:

1. Make sure that GVC3220 boots up and is connected to the network.
2. The IP address will be displayed on the top left corner on the screen of the HDMI output display device.
3. Enter the IP address of the device in the browser.
4. The default administrator username is "admin", and the password can be found on the label at the bottom of the device.

What audio/video codecs does GVC3220 support?

- Video: H.265 BP/MP/HP, H264 BP/MP/HP.
- Audio: PCMU, PCMA, G.722, G.722.1, G.722.1C, G.729AB, iLBC, Opus.

What is the minimum bandwidth requirement for HD video calls using GVC3220?

- For 1080P Full HD resolution and 4K Ultra HD resolution, the minimum bandwidth requirement is 1 Mbps.
- For 720P HD resolution, the minimum bandwidth requirement is 512 Kbps.

What is the multipoint control unit (MCU) function capability of GVC3220?

GVC3220 could bridge 5-way conferencing when using 1080P resolution and 9-way when using 720P resolution.

How can I connect my GVC3220 device to an audio device?

GVC3220 comes with a GMD1208 wireless microphone in its package, which can be connected to the GVC3220 automatically after bootup from factory default settings. If user prefers to use a 3rd party audio device, it can be connected to GVC3220 via Line In/Out, Bluetooth and USB connection.

Does GVC3220 support external webcams?

No, GVC3220 does not support external webcam such as a USB webcam.

Does GVC3220 SIP call support mixed calling with Android VoIP apps (such as Skype)?

No, this is currently not supported.

Does GVC3220 support third-party applications?

Yes. Third-party applications can be installed from GVC3220 LCD: Applications->GS Market. Note: To use Google Play, please download and install the GMS package first.

Does GVC3220 support sharing screen?

Yes, GVC3220 supports screen sharing and it works during meeting or without meeting. There are several screen sharing methods:

1. Connect the display source such as a laptop to the GVC3220 via the HDMI IN port. Then press start presentation on GVC3220 remote control.
2. Enter the GVC3220 LCD->Settings->Network->Wireless Projection, turn on the display and wait for the device to connect and share the screen.
3. Enter the IP address of the GVC3220 device in the browser of the sharing device. The browser will show the GVC3220 web UI. Log in the web UI and click "Share Screen" at upper right to start sharing the content of this device to GVC3220.

What devices can work with GVC3220 wireless projection function?

GVC3220 supports wireless projection with devices on Android 4.4+, iOS 10.1+ and Windows 8.1+ OS.

What browsers can GVC3220 support for WebRTC screen sharing?

Chrome: version 72 and above
Firefox: version 60 and above
Opera: version 60 and above
Edge: version above 79
Safari: version 13.1.1 and above.

Does the GVC3220 have installation and deployment requirements?

Yes, to ensure a best audio and video experience, please follow the instructions and requirements in GVC3220 Deployment Guide.

Does GVC3220 support PoE?

No, GVC3220 does not support PoE for power supply. Please use the power adapter included in the package with GVC3220.

GVC3220 has 2 USB ports. Do they offer the same functionality?

The 2 USB ports on the GVC3220 have the same functionality. However, 1 port is USB2.0 and the other port is USB3.0, which differs in transfer speed.

Why is the GVC3220 remote control touchpad not working?

Although the GVC3220 remote control can be used with GVC3220 without Bluetooth connection, the touchpad on the GVC3220 remote control only works when the remote control is connected to the GVC3220 via Bluetooth. Please follow the instructions below to pair the remote control with the GVC3220 via Bluetooth:

1. Point the remote control towards the GVC3220. Press and hold “OK” and “5” button at the same time for a few seconds.

2. Release the buttons when the blue light on the top of the remote control starts flashing. The remote control will automatically pair and connect. Connection status will be displayed on screen.

When the remote control is working under Bluetooth mode, LED light will be blue. LED light is green when remote control is not paired via Bluetooth.

What USB storage device format is compatible with GVC3220, and what capacity does it support?

NTFS, FAT, FAT32 and FAT12 formats of USB storage device are supported. USB storage device with up to 128GB is tested working with GVC3220. USB storage devices with multiple partitions are also supported.

What SD card format is compatible with GVC3220, and what capacity does it support?

SD, SDHC and SDXC formats are supported. Up to 256GB capacity has been tested working with GVC3220.

Will GAC2500 work with GVC3220?

No, GAC2500 is not compatible with GVC3220. There may be audio issues if users connect GAC2500 to GVC3220 via Bluetooth.

How many GMD1208 devices does GVC3220 support at one time?

If using 2.4G wireless connection mode, GVC3220 supports up to two GMD1208 at the same time. If using Bluetooth mode, only one GMD1208 can be connected and supported by the GVC3220.

Will GMD1208 work with GVC320x/GVC3210?

GMD1208 does not work with GVC3200 and GVC3210 via either Bluetooth or wireless mode. It could only work with GVC3220.

Does GVC3220 have a built-in speaker?

Yes, but the built-in speaker is solely for ultrasound pairing with GMD1208. It could not serve as the audio output source in meetings and calls.