How do I access the voicemail box using the GXV3140?

If someone leaves a message in your message box, a notification message will appear on the GXV3140 LCD screen with the amount of new messages. Press the “OK” button to access the voicemail box.

There are two methods to access the voicemail box:

(1)Press the voicemail button on the GXV3140

(2) Dial ”*26” using the IPVideotalk account,

When you access the voicemail box, the system will prompt you for the authentication password. If you have not changed the password, please enter the extension number and press the button to submit. If you have entered the wrong number, please wait for the error message prompt and re-enter the password again. If the password is correct, you are able to access the voicemail box and follow the prompt to listen to or delete voice mail.

If I just wish to leave a voice-mail instead of a video-mail, how can this I achieve this?

When using the GXV3140 to leave a message, by default the message will contain both video and audio. If you wish to leave a voicemail message, please follow the steps below:

(1)Press the “Camera Off” softkey in the call screen during the call.

(2)Slide the wheel for the camera at the back of the phone, until you see the white icon for “Camera Disabled”.

If my phone is not connected to the server, will my voicemail messages be lost?

All the voice/video mail messages are saved on the IPVideoTalk server. It does not matter if the phone is registered to the server or not, the other party will be able to leave a message for you on the IPVideoTalk server. After the phone registers successfully, you will receive the notification that there is a new message waiting and no messages will be lost.

What is a Voice/Video Mail?

The users registered to the IPvideoTalk server will have a voice mailbox and a video mailbox. When the user is busy, rejects the call or when the user is not available to pick up the call, the system would forward the caller to the mail box. The user can retrieve the messages any time by connecting to the mail box. They will not miss any important messages this way.

When will I be forwarded to the voice mailbox and how do I leave a message for the callee?

The IPvideoTalk server will forward the caller to the voicemail box of the callee when the callee is in the following states:

(1)No answer. When the ring times out, the call will be forwarded to the voicemail.

(2)The callee is busy and rejects the call.

(3)The callee enables the DND (Do-Not-Disturb) feature on the phone.

(4)The other party is not registered on the IPVideTalk server.

The voicemail system prompt will ask you to leave a message after the beep tone.

After you hear the voicemail system prompt asking you to leave the message after the beep tone, you are able to leave the message for the other user. The message will be saved on the server and the user can retrieve it at a later time. The GXV3140 is also able to record the video with the audio, making it a video voice message.

Why can’t I access the voicemail after pressing the * button?

First, please check if the phone is able to connect to the IPVideoTalk server correctly. You are able to verify this by dialing”0” on the phone. If you are not able to connect to the IPVideoTalk server, please check the network connection. If the network is fully functional, this problem could arise from the changing of the * button voicemail code. Please recover the setting by the following steps:

(1)Log in to the GXV3140 web configuration browser.

(2)Click on the “Account” page and set the “Voicemail UserID” to *26. (For IPVideoTalk).

(3)Save and reboot the phone.