Support for Open-Source/Asterisk™ Community

Grandstream's product portfolio is compatible and interoperable with open-source telephony and Asterisk™ - based solutions. Grandstream actively participates in SIPit events, including open-source platforms. Our products are interoperable with softswitches, softphones, and open-source based platforms. We welcome the opportunity to test our interoperability with leading providers and players in the open-source and Asterisk™ communities.
contact us to inquire about testing an open-source application

What are our Interoperability programs?

Grandstream designs all of their products to be fully interoperable with IPPBXs, traditional PBXs, softswitches, SIP-based platforms and open-source based telephony platforms. Grandstream is actively involved and welcomes the opportunity to work with the leading players in the telecommunications industry, to ensure compatibility and interoperability with all SIP based platforms. To learn more please refer to our partnership programs page