Can I display any custom text along with my extension number on the phone LCD?

Yes, any text entered on the ‘Name’ field along with the ‘User ID’ will be displayed on the LCD in Bold (for Account 1 only). Under Basic Settings, field ‘Display Clock instead of Date’ should be set to No.

Can I enable/disable recording of missed calls?

Yes, on each Account Page, there is a field for ‘Disabling Missed Calls’. If set to Yes, ‘Missed Calls’ for that Account will not be recorded anymore.

Does the GXP2000 have ‘intuitive dialing’ and call log for previously dialed and received calls?

The GXP2000 has a call log with only last 20 records stored and will be reset once the phone reboots. Just off hook and press the left and right arrow key you should see that. There is no intuitive dialing yet but we hope to implement address book function in the new firmware release.

Does the GXP2000 support PoE?

Yes, the GXP2000 supports Power over Ethernet It can accept either pins 7/8(+), 4/5(-) or 7/8(-), 4/5(+). The injector voltage must above 48VDC. When you use PoE power you must take away 5V power adaptor.

How can I configure BLF (Busy Lamp Field) on the 7 speed dial buttons of the GXP2000?

The Speed Dial buttons can also be configured for Asterisk™ BLF feature which allows you to realize if a particular extension is busy with a call or idle. To configure this on the GXP2000, select Asterisk™ BLF from the drop down box next to Key Mode for a configured Speed Dial contact on the Basic Settings page. Now, on the Phone, if the LED next to the respective button lights up Red, it means the extension is Busy; if it flashes Red it indicates an incoming call on that extension.

How do I configure my GXP2000 for Daylight Savings?

The "Automatic Daylight Saving Time Rule" shall have the following syntax:

Both start-time and end-time have the same syntax:


month: 1,2,3,..,12 (for Jan, Feb, .., Dec)

day: [+|-]1,2,3,..,31

weekday: 1, 2, 3, .., 7 (for Mon, Tue, .., Sun), or 0 which means the daylight saving rule is not based on week days but based on the day of the month.

hour: hour (0-23),

minute: minute (0-59)

If "weekday" is 0, it means the date to start or end daylight saving is at exactly the given date. In that case, the "day" value must not be negative.

If "weekday" is not zero and "day" is positive, then the daylight saving starts on the first "day"th iteration of the weekday (1st Sunday, 3rd Tuesday etc).

If "weekday" is not zero and "day" is negative, then the daylight saving starts on the last "day"th iteration of the weekday (last Sunday, 3rd last Tuesday etc).

The ‘savings time’ is in the unit of minutes. The saving time may also be preceded by a negative (-) sign if subtraction is desired instead of addition.

The default value for "Automatic Daylight Saving Time Rule" shall be set to "03,02,7,02,00;11,1,7,02,00;60" which is the rule for US.

How do I ignore an incoming call?

Yes, if you press the MUTE/DEL key whilst receiving an incoming call, it will be rejected and forwarded to your Voice Mail (if configured).

How do I make a call using the IP Address only?

This phone has the ability to dial an IP address under the same LAN segment by simply pressing the last octet in the IP address.

In the Advanced Settings page there is an option "Use Quick IP-call mode", by default it is set to No. When this option is set to YES, and #XXX is dialed, where X is 0-9 and XXX <=255, phone will make direct IP call to aaa.bbb.ccc.XXX where aaa.bbb.ccc comes from the local IP address REGARDLESS of subnet mask.

#XX or #X are also valid so leading 0 is not required (but OK).

For Example: calling just dial #3 follow by SEND or # calling just dial #23 follow by SEND or # calling just dial #123 follow by SEND or # dial #3 and #03 and #003 has same effect --> call

Note: If you have a SIP Server configured, Direct IP-IP call will still work. However, if you are using STUN, Direct IP-IP call will also use STUN.

How do I use the paging or intercom feature on the GXP2000?

On the Client side, the following two fields (Account Page) need to be set to Yes.
Allow Auto Answer by Call-Info

Turn Off speaker on Remote disconnect

Note: The PBX Server has to support this feature to make it work.

How do you configure "event list BLF" on the GXP Series?

You will need to configure a "event list BLF" URI on your server side if the server supports it. (i.e.: On the GXP, under account page, fill in the ""event list BLF" field with the URI without the domain. (i.e.: BLF1006). Under Basic Settings, please select "event list BLF", choose account number, monitored number, etc.

How many VoIP accounts can I have on the GXP2000?

The GXP2000 IP phone is capable of having a maximum of 4 different SIP (VoIP) Accounts. These accounts may be different extensions on the same Server or different Servers from different Service Providers. The 7 functional buttons on the right side of the phone are speed dial buttons.
Note: When Line1 to Line4 are busy with calls, next incoming call will light up on the first function key (Speed Dial-1). You can pick the call up by pressing the function key like a Line button. For outgoing calls, press the button under the cradle (i.e. on-hook and off-hook) to get a new dialtone.

Is the GXP2000 extension module compatible with the other GXP series phones?

No, the GXP2000 extension module is only compatible with the GXP2000. Extension modules for other GXP phones will be available in 2008.

What are the differences between the BudgeTone Series and the GXP2000?

The GXP2000 SIP Enterprise phone has more feature functionality than the BT Series. Functionally, the GXP2000 has multiple accounts, GUI Interface, Busy Lamp Field (BLF), speed dial, dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports, POE, etc. Please reference the GXP2000 User Manual for more information.

What Codecs are supported by the GXP2000?

The GXP2000 supports a wide range of Codecs:
PCMU or G.711(a/µ law)
G.729 A/B

Which headset models do you recommended to work with your GXP Series Phone?

Most “noise canceling” enabled headsets are compatible with the GXP series. We recommend VXI, Jabra, HelloDirect and Plantronics headsets. We have tested with Jabra GN9350, Plantronics CS70N, Plantronics M12, M10, M22 and VXI10V Tuffset, etc.