Can I host a meeting on GVC3200/GVC3202 and bridge both SIP and H323 calls into the same conference?

Yes, GVC3200/GVC3202 support local mixing between SIP and H.323 as well as other supported 3rd party Android applications.

Can I upgrade the Android version on GVC3200/GVC3202?

No. Upgrading Android version on GVC3200/GVC3202 is not supported.

Can I use 3rd party Android applications such as Zoom Cloud Meetings, Cisco Webex Meetings on GVC3200/3202?

As of May 2020, Zoom Cloud Meetings and Cisco WebEx Meetings applications from Google Play require Android version 5.0 and up, which are not supported on GVC3200/3202.

Does Grandstream allow HTTPS Provisioning with Grandstream Internal Certificate?

Yes. Grandstream allows HTTPS provisioning with Grandstream's very own certificate. If the server is configured to require a certificate for authentication, our devices can send an internal certificate that is flashed on all Grandstream devices. If you would like to use this feature, please get in contact with our Grandstream Support for the GS Certificate.

Note: This is not the same as the "HTTP/HTTPS" user/password, which in this case this option is for authentication only once the connection has been established.

How can I use recording feature during a conference?

During a conference call, user can start/end recording by pressing * on the remote control or by clicking the record icon on the bottom menu bar on the call screen.

Where are the recording files stored?

Recording files can be stored in three different ways: Local (using available internal storage), SD card and USB storage device (If plugged into the GVC320x). Users can change the default recording path from GVC320x LCD->Applications->Recording->Settings.

Can I download recording files remotely?

Yes. The users can download recording files from the GVC3200/GVC3202 web UI->Maintenance->Recording.

How can I create and save a backup configuration from GVC3200/GVC3202?

On the GVC3200/GVC3202 LCD menu, please go to Applications->Backup, and press Red button to create a new backup.

Note: backup file location can be changed from internal to SD card or USB by accessing Backup settings.

Can I backup 3rd Applications when creating a backup?

Yes, when creating a backup, user will be asked if he wants to backup 3rd party applications as well in a customizable/selective way.

How can I enable/disable the DND option on GVC3200/GVC3202?

DND can be enabled by pressing Mute button from the remote control, or by clicking “DND” on the top right corner of web UI.

How can I Factory Reset my GVC3200/GVC3202?

Users can factory reset GVC3200/GVC3202 either from Web interface or LCD menu:

· From Web interface: Maintenance -> Upgrade, and scroll down and click on Reset Button.

· From LCD Menu: Settings -> Maintenance-> Factory Reset.

How can I check the current firmware version on GVC3200/GVC3202?

Firmware version can be checked from Status Page either from Web interface or LCD menu using remote control:

· From Web interface: Status-> System Info -> System Version.

· From LCD menu: Settings -> Status -> System -> System Version.

How can I upgrade the firmware on my GVC3200/GVC3202?

GVC3200/GVC3202 supports software upgrade via the following methods:

· Manually upload firmware file to upgrade (for applicable firmware versions only).
· Upgrade via TFTP firmware server.
· Upgrade via HTTP/HTTPS firmware server.
Please refer to Firmware Update Chapter on the Administration guide for detailed steps

How many accounts does the GVC3200/GVC3202 support?

The GVC3200/GVC3202 support 4 different accounts:

(1) SIP account: Can be registered with any SIP Server/IPPBX, or use IP calls with another SIP end device.

(2) H.323 account: Can be registered with any Gatekeeper/H.323 Platform, or use IP calls with another H.323 end device.

(3) IPVideoTalk account: Can be registered with IPVideoTalk cloud service, please refer to

(4) BlueJeans account: Can be used to join Bluejeans meetings without the necessity of installing Bluejeans application.

The remote control failed to upgrade because the upgrade process was interrupted. Now the remote control does not work. How can I recover it?

(1) Go to GVC LCD menu->Settings->Network->Bluetooth, unpair the remote control.

(2) Go to GVC LCD menu->Status->Remote control, check update and then search for the device.

(3) Select the remote control from that screen. If it cannot be discovered, press and hold "OK" button (the round button in the center of UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT) and "5" button on the remote control at the same time for 5 seconds. This should trigger the remote control to upgrade.

(4) If the remote control still cannot be discovered, please use the following steps:
a.Remove the battery for 30 seconds then put it back.
b.Go to GVC LCD menu -> Status -> Remote control -> check updates, select the remote control named "GS OTA Upgrade" to upgrade.
c. After successfully upgrading, please unpair the remote control, and then press "OK" + "5" to establish the connection again to make it work.

What are the format and maximum capacity of the external USB storage device supported by GVC320x?

NTFS, FAT, EXFAT, FAT32 and FAT12 format are supported. For the maximum capacity, depending on the format, up to 4T (NTFS and EXFAT format can support up to 4T) external HDD is supported.

Please note:

1. The maximum current on the GVC320x USB port is 500mA. If the external USB storage device requires higher current, GVC320x USB port alone will not be able to provide enough power supply for the USB external device.

2. USB storage device that has more than one partition is currently not supported.

What are the security standard and mechanisms supported on GVC3200/GVC3202?

User and administrator level passwords, MD5 and MD5-sess based authentication, 256-bit AES encrypted configuration file, TLS, 128/256-bit SRTP, HTTPS, 802.1x media access control.

What Audio/Video codecs does the GVC3200/GVC3202 support?

Video: H264 (Baseline, Main, and High Profiles).

Audio: PCMU/PCMA, G.722, G.722.1 and Opus.

Please note Opus is supported on SIP and BlueJeans accounts only.

What format of SD cards are compatible with the GVC3200 series and what is maximum capacity supported?

SD/SDHC/SDXC formats are supported. Regarding the maximum capacity supported, it depends on the format (see below), but up to 128GB SD/MMC card is supported. 

Please note: SD format supports up to 2GB, SDHC format supports up to 32G, SDXC format supports up to 2TB. Due to SD card capacity limitation, 2TB SDXC cards could be supported through the GVC3200's USB port (which can support up to 4TB) with a SD card reader/adapter.

What is the MCU capability of GVC3200/GVC3202?

The GVC3200 supports up to 9-way video conferencing:

- 4-way if using Full-HD resolution
- 5-way is using HD resolution
- 9-way if using VGA resolution

The GVC3202 supports 3-way video conferencing.

What is the minimum bandwidth needed for video call in high definition?

For HD resolution, the minimum bandwidth required is 1 Mbps (p2p), and 2Mbps if sharing content. 

For Full HD Resolution, the minimum bandwidth required is 2 Mbps (p2p), and 4Mbps if sharing content.

What is the maximum video resolution supported by GVC320x?

Up to 1080p resolution, 30fps frame rate and 4096Kbps video bit rate.

What USB stereo audio adapters are compatible with the GVC320x?

The following USB stereo audio adapters are compatible with GVC320x's USB speaker port (listed as SPKR on the GVC320x device):

Syba SD-CM-UAUD USB Stereo Audio Adapter
Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound Adapter: AU-MMSA
Sabrent Aluminum USB External Stereo Sound Adapter: AU-EMAC
Plugable USB Audio Adapter with 3.5mm Speaker/Headphone and Microphone Jacks
HandAcc Aluminum USB External 3.5mm Stereo Audio Adapter
IT-CEO Y2AV-4 USB Stereo Audio Adapter
Vention VAB-S09 USB 2.0 External Sound Card Adapter

What video resolutions does the GVC3200/GVC3202 support?

1080p, 720p, VGA, 4SIF and 4CIF, up to 30fps. Variable Frame Rate is also supported.

Which external USB speaker/microphone units are compatible with the GVC3200?

The following USB speaker/microphone units have been tested by Grandstream and are compatible via the GVC3200's USB speaker port (listed as SPKR on the device).

1. InFocus INA-TH150
2. Jabra 410/510
3. Plantronics p420
4. Evoko Minto
6. YAMAHA YVC-1000
7. Logitech p710e
8. ClearOne Chat 50/150
9. Polycom CX100

Will GMD1208 work with GVC320x?

GMD1208 does not work with GVC320x. It only works with GVC3220.