Can I capture the UCM6300 logs remotely using GDMS platform’s Diagnostics module?

Yes. To achieve this, the user needs to log in UCM’s Web UI and enable “Syslog” function first. Then the UCM logs can be captured on the GDMS platform remotely.

Currently, UCM syslog cannot be enabled directly from GDMS platform. If the user does not enable the function on the UCM6300 webUI, the UCM logs cannot be captured from the Diagnostics module in the GDMS platform. This will be improved in GDMS platform's future release.

My newly created extensions on the UCM6300 cannot be synchronized to the GDMS platform automatically, and the option “SIP Extension Sync” is gray and cannot be toggled. Why?

Please check the plan for your UCM6300. The SIP extension synchronization function does not work if the UCM6300 is on “Basic Plan”. The user needs to upgrade the UCM plan to “Open Beta” or higher level to use the SIP extension synchronization function.

I cannot see any statistics data in the GDMS “Call Quality” interface, why?

If the UCM6300’s plan is “Open Beta” or higher level, the “Call Quality” statistics module is supported. However, not all devices and all firmware versions support this function in the current GDMS platform. Here is the list of devices which support "Call Quality" function in the GDMS platform and the minimum supported firmware version:

HT813 Firmware

HT801/802/812/814 Firmware

GXV3350/3370/3380 Firmware

GRP2601/2602/2603/2604 Firmware

How can I get a more stable and secure service with UCMRC service?

To provide a more stable and secure service, we have updated the UCM RemoteConnect (UCMRC) service system. TLS port 5061 is now the designated port for UCMRC. If you are already registered to a UCMRC address and are experiencing instability, please change the registration port to 5061 or remove the port number entirely (5061 is used by default if no port is specified) on the registering end devices. This also applies to UCM with UCMRC address configured in peer trunk settings.

Note: The original UCMRC service port can still be used for a short period of time and will become inaccessible after transition period . It is highly recommended to modify the registration port to 5061 or remove it as soon as possible to avoid service disruptions.

My device is currently offline, but my SIP account status shows “Registered”. Why?

The registration status of the account is not related to the online status of the device. The device will report the account registration status and device online/offline status, respectively. If the device is offline, the GDMS will show the account registration status based on the last reported status from the device. 

Note: If the GDMS server receives the keep-alive packets from the device, the GDMS platform will update the device online status immediately. If the GDMS platform does not receive the keep-alive packets from the device for more than 5 minutes, the GDMS platform will update the device status to "Offline".

How can I change the main GDMS account for my enterprise?

This will require contacting Grandstream support. Firstly, you can go to the main GDMS account of your enterprise and update the associated email address to the new email address. Then, please contact Grandstream support and send the new GDMS account username to us. Our support will arrange to update the GDMS account to the new one from the GDMS server side.

I cannot access the UCM6300 web interface remotely from GDMS platform, why?

The user’s current UCM plan needs to be “Open Beta” or higher in order to access the UCM Web UI remotely from GDMS platform. Please note if the user switches the enterprise for the UCM on GDMS, the plan for the UCM will be downgraded to "Basic Plan". In this case, the user needs to recover to plan for this UCM under GDMS platform "Plan & Service” module or contact Grandstream support for assistance.

Can I diagnose the device remotely through GDMS?

Yes. If the device is online and the user has the permission to manage the device, the user can diagnose the device remotely with tools such as packet capture, pinging the device, and etc. The user can also download the captured trace files from GDMS.

Can I set a specific option back to default by GDMS platform?

No. If the user wants to set a specific option to default value, the user needs to push the default configuration back to the device. This means the user needs to make the change for the option in GDMS platform and push it back to the device. The ‘RESET SETTINGS’ button in GDMS will reset all options in the same page to default configuration, not a single option.

Can I synchronize the SIP account from Grandstream UCM IPPBX to GDMS?

Yes, this feature has been implemented on the latest UCM firmware version. The user needs to configure the GDMS platform account on the UCM IPPBX. For more details, please check the UCM user guide on the UCM product page.

Can I transfer my GDMS account between the US server and EU server?

Users cannot simply transfer the device/template information of a specific GDMS account between US regional server and EU regional server. Users need to export the devices and templates first, then import the exported information to the new GDMS account on the other regional server.

Can I upgrade my device to Beta firmware through GDMS platform?

No. If the user wants to upgrade the device to Beta firmware via GDMS platform, the user needs to download the firmware from Grandstream official website and upload it into GDMS platform manually. Currently, product Beta firmware is not available on GDMS platform, and we upload official firmware to GDMS for upgrading.

How can I adjust the alert email/message notification type?

Users can go to Alert module, click “Email Notification Settings” / ”Message Notification Settings”, and check the alert types in “Alert Details” menu. If the alert type is checked, the user will receive email/message notification once the device encounters such issue.

How can I test GDMS APIs?

Users need to enable API Developer Mode on GDMS platform before testing the GDMS APIs. Users can go to the link below to search for more details and examples about GDMS’ APIs:

How to use ERP system to import devices into GDMS platform in Channel Management menu?

If you are a Grandstream products distributor and purchase Grandstream products from Grandstream directly, you can contact our regional support teams to ask for the ERP code. Set the ERP code in GDMS administration portal in the order for these purchased devices. The devices will be imported into the corresponding GDMS account automatically.

I cannot find GDMS account activation email, how can I resolve this issue?

If you did not receive a GDMS account activation email, please check your spam first because your email may classify the activation email as a spam. If you still cannot find the activation email, please contact our support and we can send the activation URL to you for activation.

I cannot find my device settings in “Set Parameters” module, how can I provision the configuration?

If the configuration is missing in GDMS “Set Parameters” menu for the specific device, the user can provision the configuration by P value. Go to “By CFG” module (under template section) and set the P values to your preferred parameter in order to push the configuration change to the device. The user can also contact our support and report the missing configuration to us, we will update the default template as soon as possible.

If my device is already provisioned, will it be provisioned again after rebooting?

No. If your device is already provisioned, it will not be provisioned again when the device reboots unless you make any changes in GDMS for the device template.

If the device is not with me, how can I associate the device with GDMS?

If the device is at another location, you will need get the MAC address and Serial number of the device to associate it with GDMS. For security purposes, the user needs to input both MAC address and S/N to associate the device with GDMS platform. If the user only has the MAC address, the user can contact our regional support to prove the identity that the user has the permission to manage the device. We can help the user to check the device information and associate the device with GDMS.

In “Set Parameters” menu for each device, I cannot find account configuration page, why?

For the account configuration and SIP server configuration parameters of the device, users need to update the configuration in “Account” configuration page in GDMS platform. “Set Parameters” menu does not include the account/SIP server configuration parameters.

What are the supported device models and firmware requirements?

Please refer to the page HERE for a list of compatible devices.


What domains and ports are used by GDMS/UCM RemoteConnect/Proxy Server?

Please refer to the link HERE for domains and ports currently used by GDMS/UCM RemoteConnect/Proxy related servers.

What is the difference between Organization module and Site module in GDMS platform?

Please see the comparison table below:





One enterprise can create multiple independent organizations to manage different devices.

Site module is used to create an internal multi-level groups to manage different devices.


1 level

10 levels

Data Permission

Support assigning different permissions to different organizations. The data permission is managed separately.


For one organization, the devices, SIP accounts, and templates are managed by the current organization administrator. When the administrator tries to assign the SIP account to a certain device, the administrator can only select the SIP account which belongs to the current organization.

Assigning different permissions to different sites is not allowed.


If you have N customer companies, you can consider each customer company as an organization, and assign the management permissions of this organization to the administrator of this customer company.

1. If you would like to divide the devices into multiple groups (e.g., different departments or locations), you can create a site for the batch of devices for management for an operation such as upgrading firmware.

2. It is only used as a classification for devices and does not assign management permissions.


When I modify the SIP account or update the configuration manually in my device, will it be synchronized into GDMS?

No. If the user modifies the SIP account configuration or other settings on the device itself, the settings will not be synchronized to GDMS. GDMS does not support synchronization backwards (from device to GDMS).

When will the model template be pushed into the device?

When the device is associated with the GDMS platform for first time, the device will fetch the model template and account settings from GDMS. The device will also fetch the template and account settings after a factory reset.

Which GDMS server do I need to select? US or EU?

GDMS Platform US server and EU server are independent servers—data is not shared between the two. Users can still use US GDMS server even if the current location is EU. If users want to transfer all data from US server to EU server, users will need to export the important data such as SIP accounts, SIP servers, templates, and import them into EU server. Users can add the devices to EU server to manage the device as in US server afterwards.

We separated the GDMS server to US server and EU server due to GDPR policy (General Data Protection Regulation). There is no influence of usage if the user still selects to use US server, but the user needs to follow GDPR policy and take the responsibility of GDPR policy. It is recommended to transfer all data from US server to EU server if the current location is EU.

Why does my device keeps showing as “offline”?

Your device may be encountering one of the problems below:

1. TR-069 option is not enabled or the ACS URL is not correct on the device. If your device was upgraded from an incompatible firmware version, you may need to manually configure the ACS URL to For more information, please check the document “How to Configure GDMS Server Address of Devices” in GDMS product page.
2. Ensure your device is connected to Internet.
3. Ensure your device is powered on and running normally.

Why does my SIP account registration status in GDMS show as “Exception”?

You may be encountering one of the issues below:

1. SIP account is not registered on your device.
2. SIP account activation option is disabled.
3. Your SIP account configuration may have been modified manually on the device. If the SIP account configuration was modified manually on the device, the updated information will not be synchronized to GDMS.