How can I connect multiple USB devices if the phone only has 1 USB port?

If you wish to connect multiple USB devices to your GXV3140 then you will need a USB HUB that will provide several USB ports. This way, you are able to connect the USB mouse, keyboard, and other devices such as USB flash drives simultaneously.

When an external USB device is connected, the icon would appear on the upper right-hand corner of the LCD screen. Users can connect multiple USB devices such as USB keyboard and mouse for easier operation of the GXV3140. The USB keyboard makes entering web URLs, Instant Messanging, and sending text messages more efficient. The USB mouse makes navigation easier. You can also use an external USB drive for file transferring, playback of audio files in media player or browsing pictures using file manager. Note: When connecting both the USB keyboard and mouse, the user would need to connect the mouse before the keyboard.

How can I use an external display to view the GXV3140 screen?

You can use a TV for the display of the GXV3140 by connecting the audio and video jacks on the right side of the GXV3140 to your external display. Select the aspect ratio of your TV and press the submit button. The display will be switched over to the TV.

Note: TV out is disabled in the default factory settings. If TV out is configured, the LCD display will be switched to the external display and nothing will be displayed on the GXV3140’s LCD screen. Therefore, if you have configured TV out and wish to switch back to the LCD screen, you should reboot the phone or login to the web configuration interface and disable TV out.

How do I configure the camera?

The camera can be configured on the phone by selecting [MENU]→[Settings]→[Camera]. You can configure the color mode, white balance, flicker control and lens correction on this screen. For color mode configuration, both color mode and monochrome mode are supported. For White Balance, you can configure it to Auto or Fixed. It is recommended to set the White Balance to “Auto” so that the GXV3140 will adjust dynamically to the environment changes. For Flicker Control, you can configure it to Auto, 60hz or 50hz. If you are unsure of the setting, it is recommended to use Auto mode. The Lens Correction configuration determines whether or not the GXV3140 will adjust the lens automatically with changes in the distance of the object.

How do I copy or move files on the GXV3140?

Users can copy files from the GXV3140 to external device, and vice versa.

To copy the file from an external device to the phone, make sure the external device is connected. On the phone, select [MENU] →[Office Tools]→[File Manager] →[sda1] and choose the file that you wish to copy. Press [Options] →[Copy] →[Up Level] →[ringtone] →[Options] →[Paste] to copy the file from the external device to the ringtone folder on the phone.

To copy the file from the phone to the external device, make sure that the external device is connected. On the phone, select [MENU] →[Office Tools]→[File Manager] →[ringtone]/[screenshot] and choose the file you wish to copy. Navigate to the folder you wish to copy to and select [Options] →[Paste] to copy the file to the external device.

Note: The file copy process must be done completely under File Manager. If you have copied the file and exit the file manager application, you will not be able to paste the copied file the next time you return to File Manager.

How do I take a screenshot of the LCD screen?

A screenshot of the LCD screen can be taken by connecting a USB keyboard to the GXV3140. Navigate to the screen you wish to take a screenshot of and press Ctrl+Alt+Enter. The phone will save the LCD screenshot to the [screenshot] folder under File Manager. This can be accessed by selecting [MENU] →[Office Tools]→[File Manager] →[screenshot], and the users can choose to view or copy the screenshots to an external device. The size of the screenshot is the same size as the LCD screen (480 x 272 pixels).

How do I use an SD card with the GXV3140?

The GXV3140 supports most SD card types. Facing the phone, insert the SD card with the chip facing up into the slot on the right side of the phone. Slowly push in the SD card until you hear a clicking noise. On the upper left-hand side of the LCD, you will see a small SD card icon.

How do I use the PC port on the GXV3140 for switching purposes?

The GXV3140 PC port allows the device to be used as a switch. After installing the GXV3140, connect a PC or another phone to the GXV3140 PC port to connect to the Internet. This way you can connect the PC and other devices to the network without a router or a switch.

How does the headset work on the GXV3140?

When the headset is connected to the phone there is a small headset icon displayed on the upper left-hand corner of the LCD screen. When the headset is being used for audio out, the icon will become green . The headset output for calls, media player and internet radio is independent and uses different channels. You will need to manually switch to the headset in each application. For example, when there is an incoming call when you are listening to the Internet radio using the headset, the ringtone will be played using the speaker. When the call is answered off-hook, the audio will use the speaker channel. You can switch to the headset after establishing the call, if the headset is disconnected, the call will end.

What headsets are supported by the GXV3140?

The GXV3140 supports 3.5mm headsets and supports most 3.5mm headset outputs. It is recommended to use headsets that are tested to be interoperable by Grandstream, for example the iphone headset.

Which 3G USB Adapters are supported on the GXV3140?

List of supported 3G modems:

- Huawei E1750
- Huawei E180
- Sierra Wireless 306

For CDMA2000:
- ZTE AC581
- Huawei EC1260

- Novatel Ovation MC760

Which 3rd party WiFi adapter is supported on the GXV3140?

All Ralink/MediaTek RT3070 chipset based should be supported. In addition, we have certified the following models:

- B-Link BL-LW05-A
- SK RT3070 X8
- LG PWDN427
- Edimax EW7711HPn
- ToToLink N200UP
- TENDA W311U+

Why is there no audio coming out from the speaker?

This may be because the volume is adjusted to the lowest level. You can adjust the speaker volume level by using the up and down keys.

Note: There are three types of volume levels.
1. The ring volume when the phone is idle.
2. The speaker volume when the speaker is used to make/receive calls.
3. The handset volume when the handset is used to make/receive calls.

Idle: Volume is set to level7
Speaker: Volume is set to level 8
Handset:Volume is set to level 9

Why is there no sound coming out from the handset?

Make sure that the phone has audio using the speakerphone. If there is no problem with the speaker, there could be a problem with the handset. Please check that the handset is connected to the Handset port on the back of the phone. Additionally, please check the volume level for the handset. You can press the up and down buttons on the phone to adjust the volume level.

Why is there no video?

First, please check if the video is disabled during the call on both parties. Secondly, please check the angle of the camera on the phone. If the camera lens is adjusted to the highest angle, the video will be disabled. Lastly, video calls may be disabled in the web interface. Log into the web configuration interface and check the configuration for [Account] →[Codec Settings]→[Enable Video]. If this is set to “Yes”, video is enabled when making calls. If it is set to “No”, video is disabled during calls.