How can I upgrade to a new firmware version?

There are several ways to do firmware upgrade on GXP2200.

1. From Grandstream firmware server.
Users could directly upgrade the GXP2200 to the official firmware version using Grandstream firmware server via HTTP. Please point your GXP2200 to and select upgrade via HTTP and reboot the phone.
2. Upgrade GXP2200 via HTTP/TFTP/HTTPS.
Put the firmware file downloaded from our resources library in a HTTP/TFTP/HTTPS server. Then point the GXP2200 to the corresponding server address to get upgraded.

3. Upload manually via GXP2200 web GUI.
From GXP2200 web GUI->Maintenance->Upgrade, users could select manually upgrading the firmware. Select the firmware file from local directory of the PC and then start uploading.

4. Upgrade via SD card.
- Download the firmware file from our resources library and save it in SD card;
- Insert the SD card to GXP2200 and power cycle the GXP2200;
- When the GXP2200 starts booting up, press and hold both * and # keys at the same time for about 5 seconds;
- The GXP2200 will display the upgrading process in the screen. Wait till the upgrading is done.
- The GXP2200 will reboot itself. Check the firmware status and remove the SD card.

Besides SIP audio call, does GXP2200 support video call via external camera?

Video call via external camera will be supported soon. The compatible USB cameras will be supported in video call and Camera.apk (in GS Market) only. GXP2200 doesn't support video call using 3rd party apps.

Can I change the Account widget size on the GXP2200 default idle screen?

Yes. By default, the Account widget on the GXP2200 idle screen can accommodate 6 accounts. Users can select the widegt size for 4 accounts or 2 accounts as well. Please see steps below:

- In the GXP2200 default idle screen, remove the default Account widget first by tapping and holding it into the Recycle Bin on the bottom of the screen.
- Tap and hold on an empty spot of the screen to activate the "Add to Home screen" dialog.
- Select "Widgets" in the "Add to Home screen" dialog.
- In the widget list, choose "Account" for 6 accounts; chosse "Account2X1" for 2 accounts; or choose "Acount4X1" for 4 accounts.

Can I pair my iPhone with GXP2200 via BlueTooth?

No, Apple products have specific protection for their BlueTooth, thus, iPhone can NOT pair with any Android products including GXP2200.

Can I place the same widget on the idle screen multiple times?


Can I use MPK on the GXP2200 without the GXP2200EXT?

Yes, virtual MPK can be used on GXP2200 without GXP2200EXT. Firstly, download and install the MPK app from GS Market. Then users can configure the MPK settings in the MPK app or via Web GUI->Advanced settings->MPK LCD Settings. Open the MPK app on the GXP2200 to monitor or dial the configured MPKs.

Can I use the GXP2200 to answer paging/intercom call?

Yes, the GXP2200 can be configured to auto-answer the paging/intercom call. To do this, go to web GUI->Account->Call Settings and select "Enable Intercom/Paging" for option "Auto Answer".

Does GXP2200 support PC-based Android debugger for SDK/API development? How can I do debug for my SDK/API development on GXP2200?

PC-based Android debugger is currently not supported. To obtain debug information, users could use the following ways:
1. Use the GXP2200 ADB command with your ADB tool. Please refer to the GXP2200 ADB Command section in the GXP2200 SDK Framework Service Guide that you can find in our resource library
2. Go to GXP2200 web GUI->Maintenance->Logcat to get log information there.
3. Go to GXP2200 web GUI->Maintenance->Debug to capture and download the packets there.

How can I capture a screenshot on the GXP2200 and where is it saved?

To capture a screenshot on GXP2200, press the MENU and SEARCH button at the same time. The screenshot will be saved under FileManager->user_data->screenshot folder. Then users can send the image files via Bluetooth, or copy the image files to USB Flash drive/SD card connected to the GXP2200..

How can I check my GXP2200 internal storage and memory usage?

On GXP2200, go to Settings->Applications->Manage applications. Click on the tabs "Downloaded", "All", "Storage Space" and "Running" to check internal storage and memory usage information. Also, users could go to Settings->Storage to check internal storage status.

How can I check my GXP2200 system information(firmware version, android version, etc. )?

GXP2200's system information can be viewed via Settings->About phone.

How can I connect my GXP2200 to WiFi?

WiFi is supported on GXP2200 with WiFi adaptor plugged in. Insert the USB WiFi adaptor to the USB port on the back of GXP2200. Then go to Settings->Networks to turn on WiFi. Once turned on, tap on the Scan button, select the WiFi network and enter password information to connect. Note: RT3070 chipset WiFi adaptors are compatible with GXP2200.

How can I customize the wall paper on the GXP2200?

On the idle screen, tap and hold on an empty spot to activate the "Add to Home screen" dialog. Tap on "Wallpapers" to select wall paper from Gallery, Live wallpapers or built-in Wallpapers in the GXP2200. Besides this, users could also open a picture file with Gallery and then in the Gallery, tap on softkey "Menu"->"More"->"Set as" to crop and set the picture as the wall paper.

How can I enable and disable the English/Chinese input method from GXP2200 onscreen keyboard?

On the GXP2200, when the keyboard is activated, tap and press on the input field for 2 to 4 seconds and a "Select input method" dialog will show. Users can then select English or Chinese keyboard.

How can I hide the on screen keyboard after I finish the input on GXP2200?

When touching an input filed on GXP2200, the on screen keyboard will show up. Press the Back button (the rightmost button under the LCD) to hide the on screen keyboard.

How can I install Google Play?

To install Google Play on GXP2200, go to GS Market and download "Google Play". Once installed, open "Play Store" and following the instructions to set up the account for Google Play.

How can I make direct IP call on GXP2200?

To make a direct IP call on GXP2200, please follow the steps below:

1. Off hook the phone or select account to bring up call screen on GXP2200;
2. You will see "Mode Select" on the call screen. Tap on it to select the mode as "IP Call";
3. Input the 12-digit target IP address. For example, if the target IP address is and the port number is 5062 (ie.,, input the following:
The * key represents the dot (.) and the # key represents the colon (:).
4. Press "SEND" button or tap on call icon soft key to dial.

1. The # will represent colon ":" in direct IP call rather than SEND key as in normal phone call;
2. If you have a SIP server configured, direct IP call still works. If you are using STUN, direct IP call will also use STUN;
3. Please configure the option "User Random Port" to "No" from GXP2200 web GUI when completing direct IP calls. By default, this option is set to Yes.

How can I perform a reset on the GXP2200 using keypad?

If users could not access web GUI for factory reset, or when the GXP2200 cannot bootup, pressing and holding 1 and 9 at the same time for about 5 seconds could reset the GXP2200 before it boots up. Follow the steps below to reset the GXP2200 via hard keys.
- Power cycle the GXP2200;
- When the phone starts booting up, press and hold both 1 and 9 keys at the same time for about 5 seconds;
- The GXP2200 will stay in the booting up screen with the Grandstream logo displayed;
- Wait for about 1 minute till the GXP2200 boots up again;
- The GXP2200 will boot up with factory default settings.

How can I run Android apps on GXP2200?

There are several ways to run Android apps on GXP2200:
1. Users could go to the GS Market and download the Grandstream certified apps there.
2. If Google Play is installed, apps can be downloaded or purchased there. Go to GXP2200 GS Market to download install Google Play. Then follow the instructions to set up the account for Google Play.
3. Apps can be installed from SD card or USB Flash drive as well.

Note: For non-GS Market apps, users need allow installation of non-Market applications first. The option is under Settings->Applications->Unknown sources. There is no guarantee that non-GS market apps could 100% work on GXP2200's screen resolution.

How can I set up call forwarding on GXP2200?

Call forwarding can be set up on GXP2200 Settings->Account Preference. Select the account and tap on Call Forwarding to configure different types of call forward features (unconditional, time based and others). It can also be configured via GXP2200 Web GUI->Account x->Call Settings.

How can I set up my music file as ring tone?

On GXP2200, open MediaPlayer->Music, tap and hold the music file you would like to set as ringtone then an "Options" list will show. Select "Set as Ringtone" in the option list.

How can I share my contacts from my Android phone to GXP2200 via Bluetooth?

To share contacts from Android phone to GXP2200 via Bluetooth:
1. Make sure your Android phone and GXP2200 are paired and connected successfully via Bluetooth.
2. On your Android phone, share the name cards via Bluetooth with GXP2200.
3. Accept the vcf file on GXP2200. The received file will be saved under FileManager->user_data->bluetooth.
4. Click on the vcf file to activate the import interface in Contacts. Tap on OK and the file will be automatically imported to the GXP2200 Contacts.

How can I share my contacts on GXP2200 with other devices?

There are several ways to share GXP2200's contacts:
1. In Contacts->Options, select "Export" to export contact information in different file type (XML/VCF/VCard). Then you could save the file in SD card or USB flash drive. Or the file can be shared via GXP2200 Email app.
2. In Contacts->Options, select "Send contact", then check the contacts you would like to share in the list. Users could select CheckAll to send all the contacts information. When done, tap on "Send" to share the vcf file via Bluetooth to another Bluetooth connected device.
3. In Contacts, if you touch and hold one contact entry for about 3 seconds, you could send this specific vcf file via Bluetooth to another Bluetooth connected device.

How can I switch audio channel among speaker, headset and handset during the call?

During the call, users could press the Speaker button, Headset button, or off hook the handset to switch the audio among speaker, headset and handset. If Bluetooth headset is used, users could click on the Bluetooth soft key on the screen to enable/disable audio on it. Note: For Bluetooth headset, please make sure it's paired and connected first.

How can I turn on DND(Do Not Disturb) and why do I still get DND reminder with DND on?

To turn on DND, tap on the GXP2200 top status bar->System Settings. Touch the DND icon to turn it on/off. When DND is on, the incoming calls to the GXP2200 will be blocked for all registered accounts. By default, a reminder ring will be produced when there is an incoming call. To disable the reminder ring, configure the options under GXP2200 web GUI->Advanced Settings->Call Features: Disable DND Reminder Ring.

How can I uninstall apps from GXP2200?

There are several ways to uninstall apps from GXP2200.
1. Apps on GXP2200 can be uninstalled from GS Market or other sources where they are downloaded and installed. .
2. Users can go to Settings->Applications->Manage applications, select "Downloaded" tab, select the application to uninstall then press the uninstall option..
3. Users can go to Settings->Storage->Apps, then tap on the "Uninstall" button for the app to be uninstalled.

How can I use the SDK/API to customize my GXP2200?

Users can use the SDK API to control calls, contacts, accounts, message, call log, audio channel and etc on the GXP2200. The apps are using the original Google API, which can be directly controlled via the GXP2200 API. Please refer to the GXP2200 SDK Framework Service Package from our resources library for detailed information.

How come I can't delete one of the idles screens?

Before deleting one idle screen on GXP2200, please make sure all the widgets on this idle screen are already removed.

How come the apps downloaded from non-GS Market displays in portrait mode?

For non-GS Market apps that are not developed for GXP2200, there is no guarantee that it will perfectly fit GXP2200 screen display mode, size and resolution. To force the GXP2200 to display the apps in landscape mode, please enable landscape mode under Menu->Settings->Display->Landscape Screen.

How do I use Distinctive Ringtone by ALERT INFO method on the GXP2200?

The GXP2200 supports Bellcore ring tones from dr1 to dr 5 when the corresponding Alert Info is received. Besides that, 3 customized ring tones can be selected and mapped to the Alert-Info text. For example, if you configure the Matching Incoming Caller ID to "priority" and select Ring1_Ding as the distinctive ring tone, the ring tone will be used if the GXP2200 receives INVITE with Alert-Info header in the following format:Alert-Info:;info=priorityThe Matching Incoming Caller ID and Distinctive Ring Tone settings can be accessed via Web GUI->Account->Call Settings.

How does the GXP2200 Message Waiting Indicator display status?

The GXP2200 message waiting indicator LED is on the top right corner of the device. It notifies users with different status of the phone. Please see the status list below, with priority from high to low.
Fast Flashing Green: Incoming call
Solid Green: Calling, Talking
Slow Flashing Green: Call on hold
Flashing Red: Missed calls (s), New voicemail (s), New SIP Message (s)
Solid Red: High memory usage, Maximum message number
Solid Light Green: The phone is up and running with the screen off

How many Call log entries, messages and contacts supported on GXP2200?

GXP2200 could store up to 1000 contacts and 1000 messages. In call history, GXP2200 could save 500 records for incoming, outgoing and missed calls respectively.

How many cities does the Weather widget support? Can I have multiple Weather widgets with different cities set up?

The Weather widget supports up to 10 cities to be added. However, multiple Weather widgets placed on the screen cannot have different cities set up. They take the same cities for the weather information.

How many idle screens can I have in GXP2200 desktop? Can I set up different background pictures for each idle screen?

GXP2200 has 4 idle screens by default. Users could add up to 9 screens. To add new idle screen, press the Settings button and then tap on "Add" option when the phone is in idle screen. For the background picture, users could only select one for all the idle screen. Different background pictures for each idle screen is currently not supported.

How many parties does GXP2200 support in Conference call?

GXP2200 supports up to 5-way conference.

I am currently talking on the GXP2200 but the LCD doesn't show the call screen. How can I enter the call screen again?

During the call, users could press HOME button or Back button to have the GXP2200 display Home screen. To enter the call screen again, there are two different ways.
1. Slide down the GXP2200 top status bar and tap on the "Call status" to activate the call screen.
2. Go to GXP2200 main menu and tap on "Call" app. Select the corresponding talking line on the right hand side.

I can hear the incoming call ringing but there is no audio when I pick up the handset. Why?

Please check the handset cord to see if it's correctly connected from the GXP2200 Handset port (not the Headset port) to the handset. Make sure there is no loose connection in either end. Re-connect the handset cord if necessary.

I can't find the downloaded/installed apps from "Downloads". Why?

The files such as PDF documents and pictures downloaded from GXP2200 browser will be stored in GXP2200's internal storage. To manage downloaded/installed apps, please go to Settings->Applications->Manage applications.

I have enabled Bluetooth on GXP2200, but other Bluetooth devices cannot find GXP2200 in the scan list. Why?

The Bluetooth is enabled on the GXP2200 but it might not be discoverable. Please go to Settings->Networks->Bluetooth settings and check "Discoverable" option to turn it on.

Is there a way to synch up or share files including phone book between iPhone and GXP2200?

There are some third party applications that may allow iPhone users to share their files/phone book via internet with Android products including GXP2200. For more information, please refer to the following link: Please be advised Grandstream Networks is not liable for such applications and the action user may take.

It looks like there is still space on the idle screen. How come I can't place a widget on the empty space?

Different widgets might take different size of space on the screen. For example, the idle screen might have space of 1x5 size but the widget takes 4x4 size space.

My GXP2200 has Ethernet cable connected. Why does it show disconnected in status bar?

On GXP2200, please make sure "Ethernet" is selected in Settings->Networks.

My GXP2200 has network connected in status bar. Why does it show "NO IP" on the screen?

If GXP2200's network connection is switched between different environment, it might take some time for the phone to obtain the IP address. Also, there might be IP conflict in the LAN. In this case, please check with your system/network administrator for the phone get correct IP address.

My touchscreen calibration is inaccurate? How do I correct it?

In the GXP2200 MENU->Factory Functions, select Touch Screen Diagnosis to confirm the touch screen issue. If it happens in Touch Screen Diagnosis, please check if you are using the power adaptor shipped with the GXP2200 original package. For EU and UK, the GXP2200 power adaptor must be the one with Y capacitor. Please do not use a different power adaptor with the GXP2200 as it may cause damage to the products and void the manufacturer warranty.

What are the Bluetooth capabilities of the GXP2200?

Users can use GXP2200 for the following applications via Bluetooth:

- Bluetooth headset for communication, wireless control including answering call, hanging up call and adjusting volume, music streaming and control;
- Pairing and connection with Android devices (mobile phone and tablet);
- Import and export contacts;
- Exchange photo and video content.

What Bluetooth Class does GXP2200 support?

GXP2200 supports Bluetooth Class 2, i.e,:
- Maximum permitted power: 2.5 mW, 4 dBm:
- Range: ~10 m

What Bluetooth headsets are compatible with GXP2200?

The following Bluetooth headsets are tested compatible with GXP2200:

Plantronics - M25, M55, M100, M155, M165, M1100, BackBeat Go, Calisto 620
Motorola - H681, H720, HX550, HX730, HK200
Samsung: HM1000, HM1200, HM1700, WEP490
Jabra: EasyGo, PRO 9470
Sony Ericsson - MW600
LG - HBM235
Emerson - Over the Head EM237C
Nokia: BH-214
Powerblue - 712
VXI - Blueparrott B250XT+
VXI - Blueparrott Xpressway II

Note: There are other more models or Bluetooth headsets working with GXP2200. Please contact us should you have questions or information.

What codec does GXP2200 support for audio calls?

GXP2200 supports PCMA, PCMU, G722, G729A/B.

What text format does GXP2200 support?

GXP2200 supports text format in html, txt and others with 3rd party plug-in.

What video, audio, image formats does GXP2200 support?

Video: MP4 (up to 720P), H.264, RV, VP6, VP8, H.263.
Image: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.
Audio: AAC, MP3, OGG, M4A, AMR, WAVE, MIDI, Vorbis.

What VPN protocols does GXP2200 support?


What's the Android version on GXP2200?

GXP2200 is currently using Android version 2.3.5.

What's the capacity of SD Card/USB Flash Drive supported on GXP2200?

32G SD card and 32G USB Flash Drive are supported/tested compatible on GXP2200.

What's the memory/flash on GXP2200?

GXP2200 uses 512MB DDR2 RAM. The memory available for Android system is less than that due to Linux kernel and driver memory usage, etc. GXP2200 uses 4GB eMMC NAND Flash for internal storage. The internal storage available for users is about 3GB.

What's the purpose of GS Market? Why is it still needed?

GS Market is for users to download and install apps which are developed by Grandstream or 3rd party developers and certified to work on GXP2200 by Grandstream. The apps specifically for GXP2200 are maintained and updated in GS Market.

When establishing VPN connection using PPTP, why does my GXP2200 show connection failed?

When establishing VPN connection using PPTP, please make sure "Enable encryption" is selected. If not, peer negotiation might fail.

When I use Skype, Pandora, Youtube or other 3rd party apps, the default dialer always pops up with dial tone if I pick up the handset. How can I disable the default dialer when those 3rd party apps are being used?

On the GXP2200 top status bar, go to System Settings and tap on the "Disable Handset" icon (the first icon to the right side) to turn it on. Once turned on, when users pick up handset or puts the handset back while running the 3rd party apps, the audio channel will be toggled between handset and speakerphone.

Where are the apps from GS Market and Google Play installed on GXP2200?

The apps from GS Market and Google Play are installed on GXP2200 system under /data/app.

Where is Google Play on my GXP2200?

Google Play is not bundled with the GXP2200 firmware by default. End users can choose to download and install Google Play from our GS Market. After Google Play is installed, users can download or purchase apps from Google Play as you would normally on any Android device. However, there is no guarantee that the apps from Google Play will work on GXP2200 if the application is not developed for GXP2200's screen resolution.

Which 3rd party WiFi adapters are supported on the GXP2200?

All Ralink/MediaTek RT3070 chipset based should be supported. In additon, we have certified the following models:

B-Link BL-LW05-A
SK RT3070 X8
Edimax EW7711HPn
ToToLink N200UP
TP-LINK TL-WN727N (Note: This WiFi adapter has different versions. Only version 1 is supported on the GXP2200)

Which Bluetooth version does GXP2200 support?

GXP2200 supports Bluetooth version 2.0, i.e:
- Date rate: 3 Mbit/s:
- Maximum application throughput: 2.1 Mbit/s

Which external web cam works with the GXP2200?

Tested and Recommended
These USB web cameras are recommended by Grandstream for use with the GXP2200.

Logitech C100
Logitech C110
Logitech C170
Logitech C310
Logitech C920
Logitech HD Webcam C270
Microsoft LifeCam VX5000
Philips SPC630NC
Creative LIVE! CAM Optia AF
Gear Head Quick 5.0MP HD Video WebCam
Aoni HD 1080P
Tested and Approved
These USB web cams have been tested with the GXP2200. Though Grandstream recommends use of a USB web cam from the “Tested and Recommended” list above, users should also be able to implement the following cameras with the GXP2200.

Logitech HD Webcam C610
Logitech QuickCam Pro 5000
HP Universal Magic Webcam
10moons D801
10moons D805HD
10moons s602
Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000
Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000
Unifly X-Men 3900+
Dell SP2309W

Why does my GXP2200 LCD screen turn black after sitting idle for a certain amount of time?

By default the GXP2200 has Screen Timeout set as 5 minutes, which turns the LCD screen off after the timeout. Users can manually configure the timeout interval from Settings->Display->Screen Timeout. When the screen turns black after the timeout, the MWI LED on the top right of the GXP2200 will be in light green if there is no other MWI LED indication..

Why is it that I can make Direct IP calls, but I cannot recieve incoming Direct IP calls?

There could be different causes.

1. The GXP2200 has "Use Random Port" set to "Yes". Please set it to "No" under web GUI->Advanced Settings->General Settings.
2. The 2 phones are not in the same LAN.