The GVR35XX would reboot automatically or crashes frequently in a few minutes after startup

ANS: Please measure the voltage of the power source to check wither it is in required working range. Open the case to check SATA HDD power and data cable connection..

The GVR355X is unable to start properly after normal startup

ANS: Please check the power adapter, the cable connection. Check whether the green LED light up at the front panel. This might be caused by failed power adapter. Otherwise please contact Grandtream support.

GVR reduces the Local View Channel automatically

ANS: The GVR355X is designed to recording video with highest priority. When the CPU usage is high, the GVR3550 will reduce the channels of local view automatically to guarantee the recording performance. Advised that no more than 16 channels of simultaneously recording when using RAID 1. For 24 channel recording, because of the very high CPU usage, advised to reduce to use 2nd stream local view (VGA or HDMI), or close the local view to save resource. .

How to get the GVR355X RTSP video streaming from 3rd party RTSP Player?

Currently mixed stream can NOT be obtained from the GVR355X. However, user can get per channel/camera live stream via 3rd party RTSP Player like the open source VLC Media Player, also 3rd party re-development can be achieved from this. Because VLC is open source, this can be used in platforms like iOS, OS-X, Linux and Windows.

Here is the sample used in VLC Media Player. Please make sure to uncheck “RTP over RTSP(TCP)” in the “Input/Codecs” setting of VLC Preferences:

rtsp://GVR355X_IP_Address:RTSP_Port/monitor/Channel_Num+1st or 2ndstream_of_camera


A: Camera at Channel 5, Primary Stream:
B: Camera at Chanel 5, 2nd stream:


1) GVR355X IP Address: (FQDN can be used here)

2) RTSP Port: 554 (default, could be other port number if configured)

3) Channel Number of Camera: 05 (channel number has two digits)

4) Primary/2nd stream: 0 or 1 (0: 1st stream; 1: 2nd stream)

Insufficient record time

ANS: Please make sure the HDDs with correct size to store the video recording.

Mismatch display screen

ANS: Check the resolution the LCD supports. If the GVR resolution is 1920*1080, the LCD should support 1920*1080 resolution.

Mosaic or no images when preview or playback record

ANS: This might be caused by poor network connection or computer lacking processing power. Or the recorded video has lots of packets lost due to bad network the camera located. Gigabit Ethernet network recommended.

Multi-camera monitoring record lag

ANS: Please check the network bandwidth. Due to the huge data, Gigabit network is recommended. If computer used for multi-camera monitoring, suggested at least Intel i3 CPU, discrete graphics, 1GB memory or higher.

No image, black screen

ANS: The GVR355X is not recording properly. Please check the setting of the channels with related IP camera connected. Also make sure the IP camera is working as expected.

No LCD HDMI output

ANS: Please check the HDMI cable and whether LCD works in correct HDMI port if multiple HDMI exist.

No single camera/ Multi-camera/ video output

ANS: Please check the connection of HDMI or VGA connection, make sure the display device (like TV) using correct input source. Also factory reset the GVR3550 (by using a pin pressing and holding the reset button for 20 seconds) to see whether issue resolved.

The alarm doesn't work or unable to close alarm signal

ANS: Please check the alarm setting parameters; check the cable connection of the Alarm_In and Alarm_out of the GVR3550. Make sure the Alarm_In and Alarm_Out ports with related circuit satisfied the parameter requirement:

Alarm_In Vin≤15V, PINs
Alarm_Out 125VAC/0.5A, 30VDC/2A, Normal Open, PINs

The GVR355X can’t monitor PTZ

ANS: Unless the camera itself supporting Pelco C/D PTZ, the GXV355X itself does not support PTZ.

The limitation of creating HDD

ANS: GVR35XX now only support RAID 0 or RAID1, recommend RAID0. Hybrid or mixing RAID0 and RAID1 is now allowed. Recommend using HDDs of 7200rpm or above for reliable and fast recording if multiple HD/FHD cameras involved in the system.

Unable to control the GVR355X via remote control

ANS: Please check the battery of the Remote Control, and make sure it is facing the GVR3550 and not too far away from it.

Unable to login the Web page

ANS: Make sure Windows XP above (Windows 7 and 8) version of Windows OS used. Make sure the correct IP address of GVR3550 is input at URL field of the browser used. Make sure the correct credentials (ID/Password) used.

Unable to play downloaded file

ANS: The file could be corrupted if unplug the external storage device improperly, otherwise VLC Player or Windows Medial Player should be able to play the files.

Unable to search record when local playback

ANS: Make sure there are HDDs inside the GVR3550. The date selected to search the video recording might be incorrect. Or the GVR3550 has no video recording at all. Click REC button recording a few minutes then search again.

Undetected HDD after startup, it might be caused by the following reasons.

ANS: Please open the cover to check the power and data cable connections of the SATA HDD. Also make sure the sockets at mainboard not damaged. Also connect the HDDs to other device like PC to make sure it is a bad HDD.

USB backup error

ANS: This might be caused by high CPU usage, or USB device not compatible, or the backup video file size bigger than the USB device’s size. Please check the correctness of the USB device, and reduce the CPU usage (like pause recording during the backup period).