How do I determine if the account has successfully registered?

There are several ways to determine whether or not the account has successfully registered to the SIP server.

1. On the LCD display, if the account is registered successfully, the text will become green. If not, the text will remain gray. (see the left figure below)

2. Through the LCD menu, select [MENU]→[Info]→[Account] to check the account status. (see the right figure below)

GXV3140 screenshot account status

3. You can also log in to the web configuration interface, and check the account registration status on the Status page. (see the figure below)

GXV3140 configuration interface

How do I register the GXV3140 to a SIP server?

You can register the GXV3140 to a SIP server through the web interface or the LCD menu. Before registering, please make sure that you have valid login information with a valid SIP server. If this information is not valid, the phone cannot be registered.

Log into the web configuration interface and select the corresponding Account page. If the GXV3140 is on a LAN and needs to register to a SIP server on the Internet, NAT traversal is required. Please select the NAT traversal type according to the network environment you are in. If you are unsure, please select “Auto” for NAT Traversal. To register the account, enter the Account Name (optional), SIP server, SIP User ID, Authenticate ID, Authenticate Password, Voicemail User ID (optional) and Name (optional). Press Save and restart the phone.

Figure:GXV3140 registration (Please enter your corresponding login information) 

GXV3140 Screenshot registration

If the GXV3140 and the SIP server are on the same LAN, NAT traversal is not needed.

To register the phone through the phone LCD screen, select [MENU]→[Settings]→[Accounts] →[Account], and enter the required information (similar to the web interface).

Note: If the default primary IPVideoTalk account is changed and needs to be restored, please factory restore the unit. Normally an Outbound Proxy is not required. If it is needed, please enter the outbound proxy IP address or domain name.

Why does the GXV3140 fail to register to the SIP server?

You should make sure that the phone is connected to the network and the phone is able to obtain an IP address. Secondly, check if the account is set to active by setting the “Account is Active” configuration in the Account page of the web interface to “Yes”. Additionally, check if the login information and the SIP sever is correct. If the SIP server is wrong, the phone cannot contact the SIP sever for registration. If the login information is wrong, the SIP server will reject the registration request of the phone.

If all of these are correct, there may be a problem with NAT traversal. If the GXV3140 is on a LAN and needs to register to a SIP server on a public IP, NAT traversal must be enabled. If the NAT type is unknown, it is recommended to select “Auto”.