How do you connect Alarm equipment to the Alarm-Out connection on the DVS?

 gxv350x Alarm-Out connection on the DVS

How do you connect different types of detectors (such as infrared & smoke detectors) to the DVS?

Sample connection diagrams are shown below:

Figure 1: Sample Alarm-in Connection Diagram 1

gxv350x alarm-in connection diagram

Figure 2: Sample Alarm-in Connection Diagram 2

gxv350x Sample Alarm-in Connection Diagram 2

How does PTZ work with the DVS?

Follow these steps to configure the PTZ function on the DVS:
1. Connect the PTZ device to the DVS. A sample connection diagram is shown below.

Figure: Sample PTZ Device Connection Diagram

gxv350x sample connection diagram 4

2. Configure the PTZ related parameters. Log in to the web GUI of the DVS, go to the PTZ page and configure the PTZ protocol and Baud rate according to the specs of the PTZ device.

3. Reboot the DVS.


1. The FOCUS function may not work as many dome cameras support auto focus.
2. Press and hold the corresponding control button to adjust the pan, tilt, zoom and speed.

Port forwarding

Two ports must be forwarded on your router to watch video from a DVS that is located on a private network from a PC in a public network. The web port (HTTP) and the RTSP port. Please make note that the RTSP port number is changes according to the web port. If the web port is 80, then the RTSP port is 554. If the web port is not 80, then the RTSP port equals the web port +2000. For example, if the web port is 88, then the RTSP port will be 2088.

Some notes when using SD cards / USB drives.


1. The DVS only supports FAT32 formatted USB drives
2. The DVS supports SD and SDHC
3. It takes 10-15 seconds to read SDHC and USB drives with large memory capacities. Please wait 15 seconds to unplug the SD/USB drive after you plug them into the device.
4. If there are many files (ie. 1800 or more image batch files) on the SD/USB drive, it can take up to 5 minutes to read them. Please do not refresh the web interface at this time as the DVS will restart reading the SD/USB drive. Grandstream is currently working on a fix for this issue..

What is the “Pin Out” for the 3.5mm AV cable used in GXV3500?

The “Pin Out” layout for the supplied 3.5mm AV cable used in GXV3500 is the 1stone (highlight in Blue) in below table.

Basically: 1: Ground; 2: Video (Yellow); 3: Audio Right (Red); 4: Audio Left (White).  Same as the AV cable used in Apple iBook.

3.2mm 4-Pole to RCA

Why can’t I access the GXV 3501/3504 web configuration interface?

Trouble Shooting 1: Is your internet service down?
How to solve: Connect a PC to the internet to test the connection

Trouble Shooting 2: Are the PC and the encoder on different subnets?
How to solve: Check the subnet mask and default gateway of the encoder and PC

Trouble Shooting 3: Is there conflict with another IP address?
How to solve: Try to change the IP address of the device

Trouble Shooting 4: Has the HTTP port been changed?
How to solve: Contact the administrator of the device for more information

Why can’t users watch the live video stream using a mobile phone or GSurf after changing the HTTP Port of the device?

Make sure that the RTSP port of the device is set to 2000 plus the HTTP Port number. For example, if the HTTP port is 88, then the RTSP port of the device that you configure on GSurf / mobile phone should be 2088.

Why doesn’t the IP address of the device reset when I click the “Restore” button on the Maintenance page?

The DVS could be installed in areas that are not easy to access. For example, it could be installed on the roof of a building or the ceiling of an office. This makes it difficult to reinstall the device, therefore the “Restore” function will not clear the IP address. Press the RESET button on the device for at least 6 seconds until you hear a beep to perform a factory reset of all parameters (including the IP address).

Why is the plug-in not displayed in Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Trouble Shooting 1: Is the Plug-in properly installed?

How to solve: You must install the plug-in when you access the web GUI of the GXV3501/3504 for the first time. here are two ways to install it:
A: Install the certified ActiveX control
B: Download the program or copy it from a disk, unzip the files to a temporary directory, go into the directory, close Internet Explorer, double click on install.bat to install the Active X control

Why is there a black / flashing bar at the bottom of the video feed?

This can occur if the DVS does not recognize the standard of the connected camera. If you experience this issue, please restart the DVS. The DVS will detect the standard of the connected camera and use that standard when the DVS boots up. To avoid this make sure to connect analog cameras before the DVS boots up.

Why is video playback not working in the web interface?

Trouble shooting 1: The plug-in is not installed or is not installed properly
How to solve: Install the plug-in again

How can I use a cell phone to watch the video stream on the DVS?

You must set the video resolution to QCIF if you want to watch the DVS video stream from a cell phone. Make sure to set the bit rate to 64kbps to ensure the best video quality.