- GDMS Related FAQ

Can I back up my UCM6300 series to GDMS if it’s connected via RemoteConnect?

Yes. Currently, UCM6300 series can back up configuration, voice prompt files, and Zero Config files to GDM

Can I use the GDMS-generated custom server address for endpoint and trunk registration?


1. For endpoints:

- SIP server address: GDMS-generated address

- SIP server port: Pubic TLS Port value in the Value-added Features->UCM RemoteConnect->Plan page.

- SIP transport: TLS

- NAT traversal: STUN

- STUN server:

- Reboot the endpoint

2. For UCM VoIP trunks:

- Type: Peer SIP Trunk

- Host Name: GDMS-generated address + Public TLS Port value in the Value-added Features->UCM RemoteConnect->Plan page.

- From Domain: UCM Public Address found in the Value-added Features->UCM RemoteConnect->Plan page of the peer UCM.

- Transport: TLS

- Enable Heartbeat Detection: Enabled

- ICE Support: Enabled

GDMS no longer detects the UCM6300 series as online after a period of time. How can I fix this?

Please check your firewall to make sure ports 3478 and 6514 are open. GDMS communicates to UCM6300 series through these ports.

How do I set up the UCM6300 series system for the UCM RemoteConnect service, and do I need to pay for it?

To set up your UCM6300 series system for the UCM RemoteConnect cloud service,

1. Go to and log into your account.

2. Make sure that you have selected the Organization you want the UCM to be under.

3. Navigate to Device->PBX Device page and click on the Add Device button. If you have multiple UCM6300s to add to GDMS, you can also import an .xls/xlsx file with the appropriate format.

4. Enter the UCM6300’s MAC address, serial number, and its site.

5. The UCM6300 should appear online in the PBX Device page after a few seconds.

The UCM Remote Connect cloud service is in Open Beta Free Trial until July 2021. Thus, there is no need to pay for this service during this Free Trial period. Official subscription plans will be published after the Open Beta period ends in July 2021.

The UCM6300 series PBX never appeared online after adding it in GDMS. What should I do?

Please check your UCM6300 series System Settings->TR-069 page and see if Enable TR-069 is toggled on and whether is configured in the ACS URL field.

What is the Remote Users Number statistics in the Dashboard page?

This is the number of currently ongoing calls made by RemoteConnect users.

What is UCM RemoteConnect?

RemoteConnect is a cloud service that allows administrators to remotely and securely access and manage their UCMs without needing elaborate firewall configurations. Additionally, it will offer end-users the ability to remotely access their UCM extensions to conduct voice/video calls or video conference/collaborations using their Web browsers (Mozilla Firefox/Google Chrome), mobile devices (iOS/Android), or other Grandstream endpoint devices (such as IP phones, video phones, etc) without worrying about NAT firewall traversal. UCM RemoteConnect is part of GDMS (Grandstream Device Management System) which runs on Amazon AWS with 99.999% reliability and virtually unlimited scalability.

Will disabled SIP accounts on the UCM6300 series be synced to GDMS?

No. However, if the disabled extension was synced to GDMS previously, it will still remain in GDMS even after it is disabled on the UCM. Further changes to the extension will not be synced to the corresponding account on GDMS.


- PBX Related FAQ

Can I restore a UCM6200 series/UCM6510 backup to a UCM6300 series device?

No, there is no native support and UCM6200 series/UCM6510 backup file cannot be directly restored on a UCM6300 series device. Please contact Grandstream support to assist you to convert UCM6200 series/UCM6510 backup files for compatible UCM6300 series models.

Can I use GVC/GXV/Wave Lite to join UCM6300 video conference?

Grandstream Device/App

Display Video

Display Presentation

Share Presentation


Moderator video only

To view presentation shared from Wave Web client, GVC/GXV devices must register to UCM using the public address provided by GDMS (RemoteConnect)

Select Presentation->PC to share presentation to Wave Web/Wave mobile app


Up to 9-way (conference control not fully supported and compatibility to be improved)


Moderator video only


Wave Lite

Moderator video only




Moderator video only




Can I use UCM6300 series as MCU for Grandstream GVC3200 series video conferencing device to support more than 9 video feeds (max for UCM6300) during UCM video conference?

When GVC3200 video conferencing devices are used with IPVideoTalk cloud service, up to 49 video feeds can be supported. However, when used with UCM6300 series, the max video feeds supported from UCM is 9. This is because UCM6300 series video conference is different from IPVideoTalk cloud service for mixing/forwarding the video feeds. The video feeds displayed on GVC3200 series also rely on GVC3200 series model's capability of SFU/MCU support.

- UCM6300 series uses SFU (Selective Forwarding Unit) to receive and forward video streams for each video participant. The video participant device receives multiple video streams from UCM for each video feed, and needs to support SFU to decode all video streams before displaying them.

- IPVideoTalk uses MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) which mixes all video feeds into one video stream so the participants only decode one video to see all parties' video.

For GVC3200/3202, it currently only supports MCU and can only display one video feed from the UCM which is the video conference moderator. Other participants' video feed currently cannot be seen. For GVC3210, SFU is supported and up to 9-way video can be displayed (conference control not fully supported on GVC3210 and compatibility to be improved).

For video conference, will the number of video feeds and voice codec affect the number of attendees allowed in the conference?

Yes. Please see examples to illustrate the relationship below.


By default, UCM6300 series has “Full Band HD Voice” enabled which allows Opus 48KHz sampling rate to be used. If the users prefer more than 4 video feeds or more attendees in the conference, please log in UCM6300 series web UI as admin, navigate to PBX Settings->General Settings and configure the "Conference Voice Quality" option to “Broad Band HD Voice” instead.

Model Video feeds/screen sharing Voice codec Max attendees
UCM6301  4 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (48KHz sampling rate)


Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)

9 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)

UCM6302 4 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (48KHz sampling rate)


Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)

9 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)


4 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (48KHz sampling rate)


Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)

9 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)

UCM6308 4 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (48KHz sampling rate)


Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)


9 video feeds + 1 screen sharing

Opus (8KHz sampling rate)


G.722 (16KHz sampling rate)


G.711 (8KHz sampling rate)



For video conferencing on UCM6300 series, how can we calculate the bandwidth required for each participant?

- For conference with 4 or less video feeds:

The required bandwidth for each participant (in Mbps) = (A*1+B*0.172)*1.2+0.1

A is the number of 1080p video feeds (A = 0 or 1);

B is the number of participants excluding A. (B= Total number of participants - A);

1.2 represents the consideration of extra video bandwidth cost such as packet headers;

0.1 represents the bandwidth for audio.

- For conference with more than 4 video feeds:

The required bandwidth for each participant (in Mbps) = X*0.172*1.2+0.1

X is the number of total participants;

1.2 represents the consideration of extra video bandwidth cost such as packet headers.

0.1 represents the bandwidth for audio.

- For conference with screen sharing on:

The required bandwidth for each participant (in Mbps) = (X*0.172+0.512)*1.2+0.1

X is the number of total participants,

1.2 represents the consideration of extra video bandwidth cost such as packet headers.

0.1 represents the bandwidth for audio.


The above calculation applies to bandwidth required for each participant. To estimate the bandwidth required for UCM6300 series, please consider the number of participants and add them together.

For video conferencing on UCM6300 series, is 1080p used for all the video feeds?

No, only one video feed can be 1080p or 720p. Also, if there are more than 4 video feeds during video conference, or if there is screen sharing, the video bitrate for the 1080p/720p video feed will be reduced.

For video conferencing on UCM6300 series, what’s the default video bitrate and frame rate?

For 1080p video: 1Mbps/15fps.

For 720p video: 512kbps/15fps.

For 360p video, 172kbps/15fps.

For screen sharing, 512kbps/5fps.

The above configurations can be modified per user’s preferences and it may impact the overall max number of allowed conference attendees depending on the trade-offs between video quality and max number of attendees.

How can I use UCM6300 series behind NAT?

- If you are using UCM RemoteConnect service, the UCM6300 series behind NAT can already work with your Grandstream end devices, Wave Web and Wave mobile apps without additional NAT settings in your network routers. However, if the end user is experiencing audio issues, please navigate to UCM6300 series web UI->Value-Added Features->RemoteConnect->Plan Settings and ensure Media NAT Traversal Service is enabled. By default, this is already enabled.

- If you are not using UCM RemoteConnect service:

Method 1: Configure port forwarding for your UCM. This will be limited by the NAT type of the network that UCM and end devices are located.

Method 2: Use self-deployed or available STUN/TURN server. On UCM6300 series web UI, admin can navigate to PBX Settings->RTP Settings, manually enable ICE Support and configure STUN/TURN server settings properly.

How do I configure the audio quality of conferences?

Navigate to PBX Settings->General Settings and configure the "Conference Voice Quality" option. If set to “Full Band HD Voice”, 48KHz sampling rate will be used for Opus codec and the audio quality using Opus will be notably better.


When "Full Band HD Voice" is selected, "Max Number of Video Feeds" in the Call Features->Video Conference->Conference Settings page is currently limited to 4. Pending enhancements in future firmware releases may possibly lift this performance limit.

How many LDAP entries can the UCM6300 have in its internal memory? How many contacts can the UCM6300 return to the endpoint device per query?

UCM6300 has no hard limit on how many LDAP contacts it can store. It's recommended to limit within 20,000 so it doesn't affect the performance of UCM web page. When an endpoint device queries contacts from UCM LDAP server, the number of returned contacts will be limited by the number of contacts supported by the endpoint device.

I cannot use my deskphone, Wave web and Wave mobile app with the same SIP extension at the same time. Why?

In order to use the same SIP extension on deskphone, Wave web and Wave mobile app at the same time, the SIP extension must have 3 or more concurrent registrations allowed. By default, the number of concurrent registrations is set to 3. To confirm or change this setting, please log in UCM6300 series web UI as admin, navigate to Extension/Trunk->Extensions, edit the extension option “Concurrent Registrations” to be 3 or more.


To register SIP extension on deskphone or log in with the extension on Wave web / Wave mobile app, the same SIP registration password is used (which is the “SIP/IAX Password” on UCM6300 series web UI extension settings).

The UCM6200 series/UCM6510 cannot retrieve phonebooks from UCM6300 series from LDAP sync. Why?

UCM6300 series use rsync and port 873 for LDAP syncing. There is currently no way to modify this port number. Regardless of this, UCM6300 series can still retrieve LDAP phonebooks from the UCM6200 series/UCM6510 without needing to modify the LDAP sync port on the UCM6200 series/UCM6510. However, the UCM6200 series/UCM6510 are currently unable to retrieve phonebooks from UCM6300 series. This will be addressed in a later UCM6200 series/UCM6510 firmware.

What are the Audio FEC and Video FEC options?

These are new options to minimize the effects of audio/video packet loss and allow the UCM6300 series to handle up to 50% packet loss for audio/video. They use the proprietary GS-FEC algorithm.

What are the Packet Loss Retransmission options?


By enabling negative-acknowledgement (NACK), the UCM6300 series will retransmit packets that have been lost in the initial transmission to repair the media stream.


It’s a mechanism based on NACK, which means it relies on RTCP packets to find out which packets are lost first. For NACK, it will retransmit based on the original packet. With RTX, a special payload is used to retransmit the packets that a NACK request indicated as lost. Retransmitted packets are sent in a different stream from the original media stream. The payload of the retransmission packet contains the payload header of the retransmission followed by the payload of the original packet. RTX retransmits using an extra ssrc, which will be marked in SDP during negotiation.

NACK+RTX can have more accurate statistics and it’s recommended for RemoteConnect users if there is packet loss during usage.

What is the ICE Support option in the UCM6300 series PBX trunk settings for?

ICE is a NAT traversal method for the UCM6300 series’ Wave WebRTC functionality and UCM6300 series SIP trunk has supported it. When using UCM6300 series SIP trunk service for Wave, if ICE Support is not enabled on UCM6300 series, you may experience audio, video and screen sharing issues.


Besides enabling ICE support on the trunk of UCM6300 series, the remote side (UCM or other trunk provider service) of the trunk needs to support ICE as well.

What is the NetEQ jitter buffer option?

Enabling NetEQ on the UCM6300 series helps reduce the effects of packet loss on audio received by the UCM.

It is a dynamic jitter buffer and error concealment algorithm used for hiding the negative effects of network jitter and packet loss. It helps keep latency as low as possible while maintaining the highest voice quality.


Enabling NetEQ will help with minimizing the effects of packet loss on audio received by the UCM6300 series. If there is packet loss in the audio sent from UCM to an endpoint, then the endpoint will need to handle it with its own packet loss mitigation implementation. NetEQ is used in WebRTC for audio QoS purposes. As such, UCM6300 series’ Grandstream Wave, which uses WebRTC, comes with NetEQ support.

What version of Asterisk does UCM6300 series run on?

The basic telephony software is based on Asterisk 16. However, a number of Grandstream’s proprietary voice/video algorithms, advanced video collaborations, device provisioning and remote management features are also integrated into the UCM6300 series.

When accessing UCM6300 series web UI via UCM’s IP address, the web browser shows the connection is not private and prevents the user from accessing it. What should I do?

This is because the UCM6300 series use self-signed certificate for web server by default. To avoid this issue, you could use UCM RemoteConnect plan for the UCM6300 series, which will provide domain name for the UCM. When users access Wave Web or admin accesses UCM Web portal, the web server will trust it and allow access.

You could also purchase domain name and certificate from other parties. Then upload the certificate to UCM6300 series web UI->System Settings->HTTP Server->Certificate Settings.

When I am calling another UCM extension, I hear a prompt "Please wait while I connect your call" followed by ringback tone a few seconds later. Why do I hear this prompt instead of ringback tone right away?

If the UCM extension has concurrent registration on Mobile device using Wave app, the caller will hear this prompt. This is introduced in UCM6300 series 1.0.3.x firmware for Wave app incoming call notification feature. Once your UCM account has been properly logged out from Wave app on mobile device, the caller will not hear the prompt again.

When my end devices are provisioned by UCM ZeroConfig, the config server path is not using the intended WAN/LAN IP of UCM. How can I fix this?

The UCM6300/6200/6510 series follow the rules below when providing the end devices Config server URL based on UCM WAN/LAN address.

1. UCM network interface method: Dual

1)If the end device is in the same subnet as UCM LAN 1, Zeroconfig provisioning URL will be based on UCM LAN 1 IP.

2)If the end device is in the same subnet as UCM LAN 2, Zeroconfig provisioning URL will be based on UCM LAN 2 IP.

3)If the end device IP does not appear to be in the same subnet as UCM, for example, UCM LAN1 IP:, UCM LAN2 IP:, end device IP:, Zeroconfig provisioning URL will be based on UCM LAN 1 IP.

2. UCM network interface method: Route

1) If the end device is in the same subnet as UCM LAN, for example, UCM LAN IP is, end device IP is, UCM WAN IP is

1a) If end device IP is in UCM Zeroconfig subnet whitelist, Zeroconfig provisioning IP will be based on UCM WAN IP.

1b) If end device IP is not in UCM Zeroconfig subnet whitelist, Zeroconfig provisioning IP will be based on UCM LAN IP.

2)If the end device is in the same subnet as UCM WAN, for example, end device IP:, UCM WAN IP: (they have the same gateway), Zeroconfig provisioning IP will be based on UCM WAN IP.

3)If the end device IP does not appear to be in the same subnet as UCM, for example, UCM WAN IP:, UCM LAN IP:, end device IP:

3a) If end device IP is in UCM Zeroconfig subnet whitelist, Zeroconfig provisioning URL will be based on UCM WAN IP.

3b) If end device IP is not in UCM Zeroconfig subnet whitelist, Zeroconfig provisioning URL will be based on UCM LAN IP.

3. UCM network interface method: Switch

The Zeroconfig provisioning URL will be based on the UCM network interface IP (only one).


If UCM network interface method is Dual and “Default Interface” is configured, Zeroconfig provisioning URL will not be based on the UCM default interface setting. It still follows the rule above.

When using GDS3710 and other Grandstream end devices such as GXV33xx with UCM63xx, upon incoming call from GDS3710 to the ring group which has the extensions registered on the end devices, I cannot see video preview even if the end device has already enabled Auto Preview (e.g., under GXV33xx web UI->Account Settings->Call Settings). What should I do?

If the call from GDS3710 is sending to a ring group, currently only one ringing member in the ring group can see video preview. This is a known issue on UCM63xx. In the ring group, if there is a Wave user, since Wave has Auto Preview enabled, Wave will take the preview and other members in the ring group will not be able to preview.

What's the maximum number of the External Contacts that can be added under Address Book Management on UCM6300?

For external contacts on UCM6300 address book , the maximum number is 5000.

Please note there is no limitation on external LDAP contacts.

My UCM6304A cannot be upgraded to 1.0.11.x, how can I fix it?

For UCM6304A on firmware lower than version, please upgrade to first, then upgrade to 1.0.11.x+. Firmware for UCM6304A can be downloaded here.

Note: This only applies to UCM6304A model.




- Wave Web/Wave PC/Wave Mobile App Related FAQ

Can a meeting continue without a moderator?

Yes, the meeting can continue without a moderator. When the moderator chooses to leave the meeting without ending the meeting, the moderator will be prompt to designate a new meeting moderator.

Can I change my video resolution during video conference using Wave Web or Wave mobile app?

Wave Web users can change video resolution during video conference. When the user joins conference from Wave Web and shares video, by default the video resolution is 360p. To change video resolution, the user can click on the Options Gear icon on the upper right, open “Resolution” setting and select 1080p, 720p or 360p. Please note only one 1080p or 720p video feed is allowed in the video conference. If there is already a 1080p or 720p video feed in the conference, the user will not be allowed to change to 1080p or 720p.

For Wave mobile app, changing video resolution during conference is currently not supported.

Can I view the existing chat history after joining a meeting from Wave Web?

No, pre-existing chat history will not be available when joining a meeting.

Does Wave iOS/Android mobile app support chat functionality?

This will be supported in a future update.

How can I become the meeting moderator when using Wave Web or Wave mobile app?

- When joining a meeting on Wave Web or mobile app, select the Moderator role and enter the room’s host code.

- If you are already in a meeting and there is no moderator in the meeting yet, you can click on the upper right Options Gear icon and select “Moderate meeting”. Then enter the host code to become moderator.

During meeting, the existing moderator can transfer moderator privileges to another meeting participant.

How can I obtain the login information for Wave Web?

- As UCM6300 series admin:

Log in UCM web UI, select extensions which has email configured and click on “More”->”Email Notification” to send account information to the configured email for the extensions. The email notification will include the UCM public URL, extension number and password for the users to log in Wave Web. (The UCM public URL address can also be viewed from UCM web UI->Value-added Features->UCM RemoteConnect->Plan. This is the URL for the admin to send to users.)

- As an end user:

Please contact your UCM admin to obtain the login URL, extension number and password. If you have received UCM account email notification, the email will include UCM public URL, extension number and password for you to log in.

If you have registered your UCM extension on GXV3350/3370/3380 on latest firmware and can log in the GXV3350/3370/3380 web UI, you can go to the phone’s web UI->Status->Account Status and click on “Enter” under “GS Wave” for the registered account. This will redirect you to the Wave Web URL for you to use on PC.

How can I use an external audio speaker or microphone instead of my computer’s built in options when joining the meeting via web browser?

Click on the Options gear icon on the top right of the page and select "Audio Settings". You will then be able to select the audio input and output devices you want to use for Wave Web.

How come the incoming call notification for my mobile Wave app doesn't work?

The incoming call notification feature is added on UCM6300 series 1.0.3.x, Wave Android app and Wave IOS app 1.1.9. There are currently a few limitations and will be improved in the future.

1. If the network condition is not ideal, the incoming call notification will be delayed up to 5 seconds. 

2. For iOS devices,  if the region is set to China, incoming call notification will not work unless the region is changed.

3. There exists known issue that the notification sent from UCM may be delayed or missed. This happens with probability and will be improved in future firmware.

How come the video or screen sharing is not clear during video conference?

If the participant is using Firefox web browser to share video or screen from GS Wave web and the participant’s PC currently has high CPU usage, Firefox will automatically reduce the resolution of the shared video or shared screen from this participant. Therefore, the other participants may see video resolution reduced or presentation become blurring during that period.

How do I get the login QR code for my extension?

There are 2 ways:

1. Ask the UCM system administrator to send the SIP account information email to you.

2. If you have logged in Wave Web already, click on your extension number on the upper right corner and select "My QR Code" option to display your QR code. Then you can use your Wave mobile app to scan to QR code to log in.

How do I troubleshoot Wave Web/Mobile issues? Can I export log?

Since network traffic from Wave is encrypted, packet capturing tools will not be able to view the details of communication.

- For Wave web:

Logging is automatically enabled on Wave Web, and users can download logs at any time by click on the "Options" gear icon and selecting "Export Log".


As long as the user hasn’t cleared cache on the browser, the log from Wave Web is available for export, even the tab/browser has been closed or the PC has been restarted.

- For Wave Mobile app:

On Wave mobile app login screen, users can enable log collection on Wave Mobile by tapping on the "Options" gear icon at the top right of the screen and toggling on the "Collect Logs" option. Tapping on "Export Logs" will download them to the device.

If the user is already logged in, users can navigate to Me->About->Export Logs and toggle on the "Collect Logs" option. Tapping on "Export Logs" will download them to the device.

How many moderators are allowed in the video conference?

Only 1 moderator is allowed in the video conference. If there is already moderator in the conference, other participant cannot become moderator unless the moderator transfer the moderator to the participant.

I can see duplicate participants on the “Participant List”. Why does this happen?

This is caused by abnormal disconnections from the related party. For situations like these, if there is no RTP detected from the participant within 90 seconds, they will automatically be removed from the meeting.

I cannot see people’s video feeds in a video meeting. Why does this happen?

- Please check your network stability. Unstable or slow networks can cause a delay in the appearance of video feeds.

- If needed, please contact UCM admin to check whether the UCM’s ICE and STUN/TURN server settings are configured properly.

Is there a Wave Desktop client for UCM6300 series?

Wave Desktop client is not available at the moment. It will be launched soon.

My SIP account QR code no longer works. After scanning it with the Wave mobile app, it does not fill in the SIP server information and account credentials. How can I fix this?

This could be due to either the UCM6300 series PBX firmware or the Wave mobile app not being updated to the latest version. Please make sure both the UCM6300 series PBX and Wave app are up-to-date.

On Wave mobile app, if there are new chat messages when the user has mobile device screen off or the user is on other apps, will there be chat notifications sent to the mobile device?

Chat notification is currently not supported on Wave mobile app. Users need to open the chat screen on Wave app to view and check new messages.

On Wave Web, the video conference talking indicator is not appearing even though the participant is clearly talking. What should I do?

Please check with your UCM admin for the "Conference Voice Indicator Sensitivity" setting.

UCM admin can log in UCM web UI and navigate to PBX Settings->General Settings and configure the "Conference Voice Indicator Sensitivity" option. Setting the option to higher will make the talking indicator appear more easily for lower volumes of audio.


This does not adjust audio input sensitivity itself. Lower volumes of sounds may still be heard even if the talking indicator does not show the source.

What are the compatible web browsers to be used with GS Wave web?

Currently Google Chrome v75+ and Mozilla Firefox v70+ are supported.

What is the Wave mobile app version compatible with UCM6300 series 1.0.3.x+ release?

Wave IOS app 1.1.9+ and Wave Android app are required to be used with UCM6300 series 1.0.3.x+ firmware. Please download and update mobile apps from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

When I have Wave web and PC client logged in with UCM account, how come sometimes the UCM account is automatically logged out?

Only one login on Wave web and Wave PC client is allowed for the same UCM account. If the same account is logged in on another Wave web or Wave PC client, the previous logged in account will be logged out automatically.

When I try to join meeting from Firefox, it shows "You have left the meeting" and I cannot join the meeting successfully. What should I do?

If your Firefox is recently installed, it may have received automatic installation of OpenH264 video codec (provided by Cisco) yet. You can check whether OpenH264 is installed on Firefox by opening "Add-ons" in your Firefox menu. After OpenH264 is installed automatically, you should be able to join the meeting normally. 

When I use "Forgot Password" feature from Wave mobile app or Wave Web, is the SIP password or the User Portal password being reset?

The User Portal password for the extension will be reset. The SIP password remains unchanged. Please use User Portal password for logging in after password reset.