Keeping Remote Workers Connected

Working Remotely and Staying Connected

Remote workers all over struggle with building strong working relationships with their teams. Although technology has evolved and working remotely is more popular, face-to-face interactions are still crucial in building trust and fostering strong connections. That’s why more and more workers are relying on communication technology to create and help strengthen effective working relations between remote and onsite teams.

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Mobility in the Workplace

In recent years, there’s been lot of talk about bringing mobility to the workplace. Employers are focusing on increasing performance and productivity while supporting more flexible work environments. You may wonder, how exactly can that be achieved? At Grandstream, we use our own IP products to increase employee productivity, like our DECT Cordless IP solution. Implementing this product has led to increased efficiency and improved business practices all around.

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Preparing your Online Meetings for Success

It wasn’t until I had to host my own online meeting that I realized it takes several working components to make a meeting successful. Panic set in as the audio cut out 2 minutes before the start time and attendees’ questions were already flooding the chat. There were too many moving parts; I was overwhelmed. The disaster that was quickly unveiling made me realize I wasn’t prepared.

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Let’s talk about video conferencing

Ever been in a really long and (dare I say it) boring phone conference? Sitting at your desk with multiple browser windows open, phone on mute while you “listen” in? If you answered yes, then you’ve probably experienced one of the most detached and unproductive ways to participate in conferences. The time has come to ditch your outdated phone system and upgrade to a new way to collaborate: video conferencing.

When it comes to collaboration, video performs better than just audio. The face-to-face interaction from video conferencing allows users to become more engaged thanks to non-verbal communication. This attributes to a 22% increase in participation and a 26% increase in task performance. It’s no surprise the use of video conferencing has spread rapidly in the last few years.

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