Keeping Remote Workers Connected

Working Remotely and Staying Connected

Remote workers all over struggle with building strong working relationships with their teams. Although technology has evolved and working remotely is more popular, face-to-face interactions are still crucial in building trust and fostering strong connections. That’s why more and more workers are relying on communication technology to create and help strengthen effective working relations between remote and onsite teams.

Communication technology has changed over the years to cater to different versions of workers, like virtual employees who are not physically interacting with the rest of their team. Thanks to this technology, remote workers can stay connected even when distance gets in the way.

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Video phones

Teleconferencing is becoming increasingly available in business environments as demand is on the rise. Video chat services like Skype and Google Hangouts have also made video calling convenient and accessible. It’s no surprise that IP video phoneslike Grandstream’s GXV3240 and GXV3275 are up to the task of keeping remote workers connected. This Android-based video conferencing solution increases productivity and enhances communication. Thanks to its Android platform, remote workers can have popular mobile applications at their fingertips— but more importantly, they can upgrade from ordinary voice calling to an interactive video calling experience that enhances their daily interactions.

Video conferencing system

This may come as no surprise, but video conferencing is also popular among business communication. IDG Enterprise reports that video conferencing is growing at an accelerated rate of 19.49% every year. That’s because it transcends distance to make collaborating more personable and productive all at once. You can host meetings with workers in different locations and still achieve intimate interactions that help cultivate working relationships. No longer are meetings action-less and boring, but are rather proactive and engaging. With Grandstream’s video conferencing solution, remote workers can enjoy a productive and engaging experience.   

IP PBX systems

IP PBX systems are great for unifying communications because they create one powerful network that streamlines communications. Grandstream’s UCM series allows businesses with remote workers to be peered together regardless of their physical location. Integrate voice, video and data so that all devices are synced with one another and extend the office environment to remote workers.

Remember, the happiness of employees contributes to the quality of their work, this also includes remote workers. Help remote workers feel like part of the team and increase their collaboration by implementing any of these solutions in your business.


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