Video Conferencing is More Popular Than You Think

Posted by Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing on Mar 13, 2018
Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing

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For most people, video conferencing elicits a vision of sitting in a conference room and staring at people in another conference room— this is the traditional use of video conferencing. However, video collaboration tools are being used very creatively in a variety of ways by all types of businesses. For technology resellers, installers and system integrators, that opens up a huge opportunity to sell video conferencing outside the traditional small to medium business. In today’s day and age, video conferencing can be adopted by nearly any type of business to improve operations, customer service and its bottom-line. Let’s take a look at some unique industries where video conferencing and collaboration tools are present.

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Customer Service

For many brands, especially luxury brands, customer service is as important to their business as anything else. For these businesses, the customer experience is the core facet of the brand and one of the ways they connect with customers and enforce the perceived quality of the brand. Many brands are utilizing video collaboration to take their customer service to the next level. Rather than a vague and impersonal chat or phone call, video conferencing allows brands to connect face-to-face with customers to truly engage and show support to the customer through the web.


The medical industry is not only one of the largest consumers of video conferencing but they also utilize video in some very unique ways. Previously we told you about a hospital in New York City using video conferencing to provide interpreters for non-English speakers. In addition, hospitals all over the world are using video conferencing to stream and record live surgeries. This allows doctors to consult with other doctors during procedures, allows for recording of procedures for legal and training purposes, and also offers a powerful live-training tool for doctors and nurses.  

Education (school, college, university)

With limited time and resources, the educational sector needs to do everything it can to maximize those areas while also improving the quality of the learning experience. Elementary schools all the way up to colleges and universities are using video conferencing to incorporate remote guest speakers or teachers. They also combine classes in different physical locations for special sessions, projects and group learning, as well as numerous other ways to allow students access to opportunities outside the physical school. Video conferencing also offers schools a great way to record classes for future use and training purposes.

Personal Training

The theme of this article is that video conferencing allows businesses to be at different places at the same time while forming a connection with others in a way that voice communication does not offer. The personal training and fitness industry is benefiting from video conferencing in exactly those ways. Video tools allow a fitness class in a physical room to be extended to thousands of people in other gyms or at their homes, allowing trainers to expand their business by reaching and engaging with people all over the world. Video tools also allow trainers to record classes for future use and to increase efficiency. From the trainee standpoint, this allow you access to the best trainers and fitness classes, regardless of where you live.

Learning - Music Lessons, Tutoring, Cooking Classes, etc.

The e-learning industry is booming, and that is thanks to powerful video collaboration tools. Video conferencing allow tutors, music teachers and chefs to teach a class or consult with anyone from anywhere, offering them a global service reach, maximum efficiency, and huge savings on travel costs.  Simply set up a video conferencing device and hold the class through the web. For students, this allows them to access personalized and customized educational resources from the familiar surrounding of their own home.

Enterprise IT Help Desk

Large enterprises have technology tools and resources all over the place, and usually modest IT teams are responsible for not only making sure it all works but that employees understand how to use the technology as well. Many enterprises are offering “IT Help Desks” through the form of video conferencing to offer employees instant gratification and allow IT teams to troubleshoot issues remotely. This saves everyone time and increases efficiency and productivity.

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