The unusual, but growing reasons to use Video Conferencing

While researching video conferencing, I discovered that this market is growing by exponential numbers, but what’s more fascinating, is that more and more people are using video conferencing in unconventional ways.

By now, it’s a common practice to use video conferencing for work meetings, but what might not be so common is the increased use of virtual meetings for hiring new talent. PGI reports that 66% of candidates prefer using video conferencing during interview processes. Candidates can interview for jobs at their own comfort, especially if they are not local. HR is also benefiting from the virtual meeting trend. Video conferencing reduces recruiting costs and optimizes the hiring process because of the ability to select from a global pool of candidates. HR companies and departments are opting to use video meetings to maximize effectiveness and keep down costs of bringing in out-of-state candidates.

Another unconventional use for video conferencing is in court rooms. For example, in India hearing court cases through video conferencing between the highest court and its bench is becoming a norm. Current cases and proceedings benefit from the instant communication of video conferencing, offering rapid results without having to wait for court members to travel from one place to another. In fact, video conferencing in court cases is providing effective and timely results that high court officials in India plan on utilizing video conferencing for future cases.

Another surprising place where video conferencing is being used is in medical centers. In the Queen’s Medical Centerin New York, there is a high number of patients who don’t speak English. For this reason, providing accurate and fast communication can be a challenge for medical staff and its patients. Thanks to video conferencing, patients in Queens can have instant access to an interpreter, making the valuable exchange of information between the medical staff, the patient and their interpreter possible.

So, whether it be during a job interview, at a court case in India or while getting treated at a medical center in New York, video conferencing is facilitating the fast and instant communication between users regardless of their location or time zone. Significantly enhancing and optimizing the way we communicate.



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