The Rise of Telehealth: Shifting Communication in Healthcare

Posted by Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist on May 28, 2019
Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist

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In healthcare, technology is evolving. Telehealth is becoming increasingly evident across the healthcare space, allowing for connectivity at any time from anywhere between care teams and their patients. Online portals, remote monitoring, and other health applications and devices are all aspects of telehealth that are making healthcare more accessible. In a hospital or small practice, reliable mobile communication between departments, care teams, and patients is crucial for a functional organization. With Grandstream’s wide range of solutions, any healthcare practice or facility can communicate between departments with ease.

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Grandstream’s GSC3510 SIP speaker and microphone when paired with the GSC3505 SIP speaker create an efficient intercom system for quick and easy communication throughout any facility. This new intercom system allows for seamless communication from room to room for facility-wide notifications and alerts. These speakers can be mounted in patient rooms, hallways, and medical staff offices for a unified announcement system. Select rooms, such as a medical professional’s office or break room, can be equipped with the intercom speaker and microphone so that they can quickly and easily respond to any alert they receive through the intercom system.

In addition, wireless mobility within a medical center can also allow for healthcare staff to be reached by their coworkers in a timely manner. The WP820 allows for movement within the facility and fast, reliable, and secure communication. The cordless WiFi phone allows for mobile connectivity and its push-to-talk function allows for speed and efficiency when medical staff is communicating so that they can focus on caring for patients and not on tracking down their teams for in-person conferencing.

Every great organization needs a reliable and comprehensive network. WiFi access points in patients’ rooms and around your campus allow for connectivity with ease. Our WP820 WiFi phones can connect to each access point and users can remain mobile throughout the campus. Medical professionals need reliable wireless connectivity throughout their entire organization to perform their job functions efficiently. Grandstream’s GWN Series of WiFi access points allow for high-performance networking in any environment. The GWN7600 or GWN7610 can create a comprehensive wireless solution for your organization, while the GWN7600LR is a perfect outdoor WiFi solution on campuses that require it.

With just these three unified solutions, any healthcare facility can be equipped with efficient tools for communication in a technology-driven environment. Medical professionals and patients are better able to communicate their needs and concerns effectively. Whether it’s inside the facility with Grandstream’s solutions, or at home with mobile health applications, the healthcare dynamic is changing with the evolution of technology and the rise of telehealth.

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