The Most Influential VoIP Trends of 2018


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VoIP is here to stay, and today more than ever, its growing trends are making a huge impact in the industry, paving the way for businesses to embrace VoIP— and grow with it, too. This year, VoIP is making a buzz in the tech world as certain trends and products have emerged, shinning a spotlight on its importance to business communications. These are the trends that make VoIP so influential this year.

Mobile in VoIP is a Hot Trend
This might not be news to some, but mobile in VoIP is set to boom in the coming years. With the smartphone market skyrocketing, it’s no surprise more and more manufacturers are engineering their IP products to integrate with mobile devices. In fact, Android OS is set to dominate the mobile VoIP industry by 2024 with a whopping USD 90 billion revenue. Not too surprising as Android runs on several widely used smartphone brands like Samsung, Google Pixel, Motorola, Sony, HTC, among others. Mobile features on VoIP enhance the user experience by providing more functionality, integration and flexibility in their communications, allowing users to get more out of their device.

5G is the New Kid in Town
Speaking of mobile in VoIP, 5G is also an emerging trend this year. Sure, when 4G was introduced, it got everyone talking, but now that 5G is in the picture, its already turning heads. Set to roll out early this year, 5G will be faster, more responsive and connect with more devices. This is great for mobile VoIP because it will drastically increase the VoIP functionality on mobile devices, revolutionizing their overall communications.

Everyone Loves Integrated VoIP
Who doesn’t want their VoIP devices to integrate with absolutely everything? This integration trend could be fueled by IoT or possibly the mobile market. Whatever the culprit might be, manufacturers have taken notice and started building IP solutions that integrate with other devices or third-party applications. Anything from CRM, CTI, PMS, ERP, Android OS, iOS, to integration with other IP devices that give users the power to do more. This makes everything bigger and better.

UC and VoIP are Now Identical Terms
No longer are UC and VoIP separate terms but are rather used interchangeably because of the advances of VoIP in the last few years. Unified Communications means that voice, video, data and mobility options can be packed in one unified, manageable network. This has allowed VoIP to transform itself into an industry offering integrated, centralized solutions to enhance business communications.

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