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Posted by Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist on May 18, 2021
Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist

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In every business, no matter the size, there is a need for the communication infrastructure for its employees and visitors. Oftentimes, each element of this infrastructure comes from a different place or manufacturer resulting in sometimes spotty connectivity and a variety of different platforms to control it all. With Grandstream Networks, the solutions you need are all in one place. From video conferencing to security and facility access, the Grandstream total solution keeps each element of your communications infrastructure affordable and accessible. 

Grandstream’s Unified Communications (UC) solution provides a comprehensive combination of products designed for small to medium businesses. With a full range of IP endpoints and networking products designed specifically for these sizes of businesses, offering feature-rich functionality, the UC solution is customizable and can be tailored to your business needs. Grandstream’s IP PBXs offer a UC base for any size enterprise, allowing you to build out the perfect solution with a variety of IP endpoints including IP phones, video conferencing devices, facility access tools, and more.


In addition to these solutions listed above, setting up a networking solution with Grandstream products is a seamless process. Each of Grandstream’s GWN access points comes equipped with an embedded controller and some models are able to be remotely configured using GWN.Manager or GWN.Cloud. This solution boasts an immersive Wi-Fi environment that can easily scale to hundreds of access points per deployment that can all be easily managed and configured remotely. In the wireless environment, cordless Wi-Fi phones, as well as softphone applications, can be deployed as a fully mobile workspace. For remote workers, the GUV series of personal collaboration devices provides the perfect office solution for any environment.

Connecting geographically dispersed offices and remote workers, these devices all work together to build out a network of communication. With Grandstream’s user-friendly technology, remote offices can be ready to go within minutes. Video conferencing between offices and remote workers is increasingly important in business communications. The GVC series of video conferencing devices allows conference rooms to expand beyond the four walls of an office building. When combined with IPVideoTalk Meetings, the GVCs build out a seamless network for video conferencing both inside and outside any organization. 

A key component to a lot of deployments is security and facility access, which isn’t always readily available in a single manufacturer’s portfolio. Grandstream’s facility access devices combine elements from UC, networking, and conferencing to round out the total solution. The GDS series of door access endpoints allows for an office to have both audio and video security keypads with remote access and control. The endpoints allow for either passcode access or RFID access for designated personnel. When the doorbell is activated, a call is sent to an IP desktop phone, the softphone app, or the GDS Control Panel to alert that there is a visitor, allowing for facility access monitoring from virtually anywhere. 

Grandstream’s total solution connects geographically dispersed offices and remote workers, unites and manages off-site employees, and offers simple, user-friendly technologies to help you connect your world.

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