Improvements and New Features: GXP2100 series

Posted by Kate Clavet, Content Marketing Specialist on Mar 24, 2017
Kate Clavet, Content Marketing Specialist

The GXP2100 series is getting some exciting additions. In order to give users more flexibility and options in their IP Communications we are releasing a firmware that provides upgrades to our devices. Here at Grandstream we always strive to design accessible, intuitive technology without compromising on quality. It’s that mentality that pushes us to constantly improve our devices and introduce additional options, providing the user with more control and flexibility. These added features will enhance your experience and make daily operations more streamlined.

Improvements and New Features: GXP2100 series

Streamlining Operations
We’re making a lot of changes that are going to streamline operations and make your GXP phone more intuitive. Here is a brief outline of what’s coming:

  • More Intuitive Web UI- we’ve made changes that make the Web UI easier to navigate and more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Simplified call transfer options-now you can attend or send a blind transfer
  • Caller ID on transferred calls
  • Ability to switch between accounts and see the screen while in a call
  • Allow callers to permeate DND by whitelisting them
  • Option to send an instant message via the Web UI or the phone
  • Streamlined Bluetooth pairing
  • Additional options for soft key configuration
  • Manage call history through the phone and the Web UI
  • Option to add picture images to your contacts

More Flexibility for a Truly Unified Solution 
There’s nothing more convenient than being able to fulfill all your business needs using a single brand. Grandstream prides itself on offering a total, all-encompassing solution. We have options for voice, video conferencing, and surveillance needs. In a time where the need for security, both physical and virtual is increasingly important, having your IP communications working together is critical. Video streams from our new video door system, the GDS3710, will be viewable on all GXP2100 series phones. You will be able to see 1:1 frame video from the GDS before deciding to unlock the door and allow the visitor in.

For a complete list of enhancements, read the release notes here. Please note, these changes are currently in Beta.

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