How to Make Your Desktop More Productive

Posted by Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist on Feb 25, 2021
Nicole Furnari, Marketing Specialist

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Distractions. Our workdays are filled with them regardless of where your office is. Noisy co-workers, slow Wi-Fi, constant chit-chat, loud neighbors, or working from home with disruptive family members, these workplace distractions can significantly hinder productivity and work throughout the week. While you can’t control every aspect of your work environment, you can at least control your desktop. In this blog post, we’ll cover three key steps that you can take to make your desktop more productive.

Step 1: Cleaning Your Physical and Virtual Workspace

There are some obvious steps you can take for desktop productivity, such as cleaning up any trash or clutter you have on your desk and wiping down any dust that accumulated. Once you’ve finished clearing off your space, next tackle your computer screen. Make sure you don’t have an unmanageable amount of browser tabs and programs open that overwhelm your screen, keep your windows specific to the project at hand.  Finally, clean up those files saved to your desktop because you weren’t sure how to categorize them or were in a rush. Clearing off these small distractions help clear your mind and reset your motivation. 

Step 2: Eliminate Outside Distractions

Cleaning up both your desktop and computer can help with productivity, but there are still other distractions that hinder your work. If there is a noisy co-worker in the cube next to you, or you’re working from home, it can be difficult to tune distractions out to focus on the task at hand. A good pair of headphones is a great step toward focus and productivity. Grandstream’s GUV series of personal collaboration devices have three different headset models to choose from: two wired USB models and one upcoming Bluetooth model. These devices cancel out your surrounding environment’s distractions, letting you focus on the work at hand, putting you back in control of your desktop. When you can give full attention to the task at hand, your productivity and work improve drastically.


Step 3: Professional Collaboration

Personal collaboration devices make your workday easier by tuning out distractions and improving communication with co-workers.  While traditional collaboration revolves around in-person meetings and events, travel is not always an option, especially in the current climate. Video conferencing has become a popular means of communication in the workplace for conference calls, team meetings, and even client visits. Most of the time, however, built-in webcams just don’t meet a professional standard. Grandstream’s GUV series USB webcam can help you present yourself professionally and collaborate with anyone from anywhere in the world. These webcams are compatible with all major third-party video conferencing platforms, making them the ideal solution for any workplace environment. When paired with the GUV series headsets, this webcam enables you to effectively communicate, collaborate, and remain productive in your job. GUV3100_1

The perfect desktop for productivity starts with a clear space, a clear mind, and the right tools to help you succeed in any work environment. Personal collaboration devices help take your desktop working environment to the next level by eliminating outside distractions and assisting in making virtual meetings more productive. Grandstream’s GUV series of personal collaboration devices is the perfect addition to your desktop to keep you focused, free of distractions, and feeling productive.

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