Customizing IP Voice Solutions Based on Industry

Customizing IP Voice Solutions Based on Industry
Not all industries are equal, that’s why knowing how to customize the right IP voice solution is essential. With all the features that come in unified communications, options for solutions can be endless. If you don’t know which direction to go, having too many options can prove to be a headache. To help you get started, I’ve compiled the skeleton of ideal deployments based on industry aimed at helping you customize your own IP voice solutions.

Customer Service Industry
You my friend need a powerful and reliable network. Communication is essential at all hours of the day because your audience is dependent on it. That’s why having a backup server, and automated greetings is a must.

Server Redundancy Solution
To ensure the reliability of your IP voice endpoints, businesses should implement a secondary server to prevent the loss of valuable communication. Customer service reps can then keep making and receiving calls when the main server is unavailable, service is down, or when administrators need to perform maintenance tasks.
Server Redundancy works with any GXP or GXV phone from Grandstream. All you need are two SIP servers that have the same extensions credentials. Configuration is fast and easy. Just head over to your phone’s web interface. Got to Accounts > Accounts X > General Settings. Enter your primary SIP server’s IP address or FQDN in the SIP Server field, then do the same for your secondary SIP server in the field below. That’s it— truly fast configuration.

Interactive Voice Response (Digital Receptionist)
When you have a flood of calls coming in, particularly in instances where different field reps handle different call types, having an IVR in place is crucial for directing communication without disrupting the caller’s experience. All of Grandstream’s UCM IP PBX models offer IVR.
Set up is easy, first open the UCM web UI and locate the IVR settings under Call Features. Here, you will be able to manage up to 5 layers. You can configure a pre-recorded prompt (mp3 or wav format; or raw/ulaw/alaw/gsm format) or record a new custom message from the interface. You can then designate commands (keys) that redirects users to an extension/department or to hang up, and even schedule a call back. Get the full rundown here.

Hospitality Industry
In this sector, having a communication system that focuses on guest services is key. Lucky for you, the UCM series help enhance guest’s experience through integrated PMS features and multi-tasking tools that promote productivity.

PMS (Property Management System)
To provide outstanding guest services, hotels need to be equipped with an interactive communications system that keep up with essential tasks. The UCM series integrates with the third-party application, H-mobile and can check in/out, move and updates statuses, perform wake up calls, manage room service, and even manage mini bar orders. This all communications with the UCM, allowing you to manage tasks and procedures through one powerful solution.

CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
Every job description requires multi-tasking nowadays, and the hospitality industry is no difference. Thanks to Grandstream Affinity, this sough-after skill is possible. This CTI application enables the interaction between the high-end/mid-range IP phones from Grandstream and a desktop. Users have complete control over their calls, incoming calls to the GXP phones are displayed on the desktop, outbound calls can be initiated directly from a desktop through either the built-in contact book or virtual keypad, as well as communication with the UCM series for fast discovery and configuration. You can get started here.

Sales Industry
For you folks, having a robust communication solution comes with the territory. The exchange of communication between you and your consumers is the core of your business. For this reason, having a fully unified communications system is very important. Let’s explore key features.

Connecting your CRM to an IP PBX
You can’t talk about customer relations management and not think about the sales industry. That’s why the UCM series supports integration with SugarCRM and Salesforce. This allows users to get full information on their contacts, save caller information to a specific table, perform queries, add CDR records and even click-to-dial from your CRM.

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