Building UC Solutions: Case Study Edition

Over the last few years, we’ve compiled a variety of case studies examining successful deployments from around the world. These case studies feature diverse verticals that use Grandstream products to build powerful UC solutions. Let’s consider the different ways Grandstream products were deployed and how they customized our solutions to fit their business size and needs.

school_district._image.jpgSchool District
In the state of Missouri (USA), 12 school districts deployed a powerful communications solution using Grandstream’s UCM IP PBX series and endpoints. Having had a dispersed and inconsistent communications system, the school district wanted a scalable and centralized solution that could provide a distributed communications system to all school locations.
The school district varies in size from 150 up to 1,500 phone users. That meant that a network design that could be scaled up by just adding additional IP PBXs and endpoints would be the best fit.

For this scenario, a central IP PBX like the UCM6510 was deployed in the main school district’s office. Then, additional UCM6200 series were placed in each school locations, followed by GXP series phones that fit varying needs. Some locations required less call volume then others— that’s when the GXP1600 series were put in place for basic needs. In the bigger locations with higher demands, the GXP2100 series were deployed. To finalize the solution, the school district also added a video door system solution to add facility access and surveillance to certain locations. By having all communication network under one roof, the school district could assure seamless function as well as design a customized solution for each school location.

Another great case study to explore is that of a small hospital in Lebanon that converted their old analog communication system into VoIP using Grandstream. Their main goal was to improve the communication and performance of their emergency response team and hospital. This was crucial as the livelihood of the hospital and their patients depends on a reliable and strong communications network.

For this solution, the hospital wanted a fail-proof UC system that could keep up with the hospital’s demanding schedule. Grandstream recommended our new IP PBX fail-over solution. The UCM6510 is the main IP PBX and the HA100 serves as its backup server to keep network connection functioning at all times. To keep costs low, the hospital opted to migrate the lines and analog phones to our VoIP gateways using the GXW4248. Once in place, the hospital could keep using their analog lines, but still take advantage of all the VoIP features thanks to the implementation of an IP PBX system to centralize the communication flow. The hospital also added new IP endpoints like our GXP2170 and GXP1625 to different areas of the hospital depending on their call volume and demand. In the end, the hospital improved their communication as well as performance by upgrading to a VoIP network.

No matter the need, Grandstream offers unparalleled UC solutions that can be tailored to any business size and whatever demand comes along the way. If you want to learn more about our featured case studies, follow the link below.

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