Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager

Johanna Brito, Marketing Communications Manager

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5 Benefits of Unified Communications

On my last post I briefly talked about Unified Communications. Specifically, how a business can unify and streamline all of its communication into one powerful solution. If you are thinking about implementing Unified Communication Management in your business, it’s worth taking a deeper look into the many benefits. Here are my top 5 reasons why Unified Communications is a must in any business.

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What’s so great about VoIP?

I was surprised to learn that not many people outside of this industry know what VoIP is. Every time someone new asks me what I do for work and I answer with “marketing for VoIP technology” almost immediately there is look of confusion followed by a “what is VoIP?” question. I’m left wondering, how can anyone STILL use analog technology when they could be using VoIP? If you are wondering the same—or even what VoIP is—you’ve come to the right place.

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Let’s talk about video conferencing

Ever been in a really long and (dare I say it) boring phone conference? Sitting at your desk with multiple browser windows open, phone on mute while you “listen” in? If you answered yes, then you’ve probably experienced one of the most detached and unproductive ways to participate in conferences. The time has come to ditch your outdated phone system and upgrade to a new way to collaborate: video conferencing.

When it comes to collaboration, video performs better than just audio. The face-to-face interaction from video conferencing allows users to become more engaged thanks to non-verbal communication. This attributes to a 22% increase in participation and a 26% increase in task performance. It’s no surprise the use of video conferencing has spread rapidly in the last few years.

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