Get more from the GDS3710 by integrating it with your Grandstream Solution

Posted by Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing on May 9, 2017
Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing


Integration has become a popular buzzword within a lot of industries, especially technology. Webster’s dictionary defines the term “integrate” as “to combine one thing with another so that they become a whole,” but I think there is a better definition when it comes to technology. Integration is “to combine one thing with another so that they each become better.” The real benefit of technology integration is giving each piece the ability to do something it could not do before thanks to its ability to work with other products, services, apps, and more. Within the SIP and UC world, we are well-versed in integration. However, while we are often looking for ways to integrate our SIP communication products together, the market has overlooked the fact that SIP communication can be leveraged to offer powerful security and facility access tools. One simple product, a SIP Video Door Station like our GDS3710, allows you to easily accomplish this.

Our GDS3710 allows you to easily track, manage and record access to any building or home by integrating with your existing Grandstream solution. On its own, the device offers live monitoring and recording of facility entrances while also controlling access to the building through use of RFID cards or PIN codes. Integration of the GDS3710 with your Grandstream solution is simple. Register your GDS3710 as an extension on your IP PBX or hosted PBX, and then using GDS3710’s web user interface to tell the device what to and who to contact when an event occurs.

Since the GDS is SIP-based, it is compatible with any other SIP device or service, however integrating the GDS3710 using on an all-Grandstream offers added functionality and control. Let’s look at the many ways you can integrate our GDS3710 with other Grandstream solutions and what you can achieve:

GXV, GXP and DP IP phones

GXV, GXP and DP IP phones: View Visitors, speak with them and let them in the building

  • Receive either a video and voice call (GXV phones), a voice call with an image screenshot (GXP 21xx phones), or a voice call (DP and GXP16xx & GXP17xx) ) to the IP phone(s) you designate when a visitor requests entry from the GDS3710
  • Press a button or key on your Grandstream IP phone to open the door for the visitor(s)
  • Call the GDS3710 at any time simply by dialing its extension from an IP phone on the network to view the live video feed, hear the audio feed, have a conversation with a possible visitor, and/or open the door

GVR3500 and GSurf Pro - Record and Monitor Everything Centrally or Remotely

  • All video and audio feeds can be recorded using an NVR or NAS device, such as our GVR3500 for security purposes. This offers a central point for all recording and monitoring that does not tie up other ends of your network or require dedicated PCs
  • All video and audio feeds can also be recorded and monitored using GSurf Pro, our free video management software
  • Video feeds can be viewed onsite or remotely from the GDS3710 or GVR3550’s web user interface, as well as GSurf Pro (running as a client for remote use).

Grandstream Wave - Receive live alerts, view visitors and let them in from your mobile device

  • Use your Android or iOS mobile device to make and receive voice/video calls to and from the GDS3710
  • Allows you to track access, receive alerts and view live feeds from anywhere you are

GDS Manager: A complete office and HR Management Platform: GDS Manager

  • GDS Manager, the free software available for use with the GDS3710, offers a complete office and human resources management platform
  • Track employee check-in and check-out times and view video and data from multiple GDS’ all from this free software
  • Supports large facilities and campuses by allowing you to control who can access each building, door, facility, etc.
  • Supports tracking of activity from multiple physical locations

Integrate with Existing or Future Security Devices

  • Door openers – integrate with existing or future third party door openers to allow the GDS3710 to control external door openers
  • Sirens and alarms – integrate with existing or future third party sirens and alarms to allow these devices to activate when a security event occurs on the GDS3710
  • Motion sensors – integrate with existing or future third party motion sensors to allow events sensed by the external motion detector to recorded by the GDS3710 so alerts are sent to all integrated devices

We like to say that our UCM series of IP PBXs are the “anchor” of the Grandstream solution as it offers one central point that brings all of our products together under one umbrella that expands the functionality of each device. Think of the GDS3710 as another main anchor of the Grandstream solution. This Video Door System offers the ability to bring all Grandstream products together under one umbrella, increasing the functionality of each individual endpoint to create a powerful physical security and facility management solution.

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