GDMS is a Game-Changer for Enterprises, Service Providers and Partners Alike

Posted by Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing on May 23, 2019
Phil Bowers, Director of Marketing

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We recently announced the beta release of the Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS), a zero-touch cloud provisioning and management for our endpoints. It was designed specifically to support large deployments and high-volume opportunities. GDMS provides an easy-to-use, centralized interface for enterprises, service providers, channel partners and multi-site businesses to configure, provision, manage, monitor and troubleshoot large deployments of Grandstream endpoints in batches by site, group or model

Access to GDMS beta is free and open to anyone. Even after official launch, GDMS will remain free and have no limit on the number of devices that an account can support. To sign up for a free GDMS account to start utilizing the platform, go to

There has been a lot of buzz about cloud provisioning and management platforms over the past year. As is often the case with new technology, there is an understanding of what a cloud management platform is, but the impact it can have throughout the channel is less clear. This blog post will take a look at GDMS from the eyes of service providers, enterprises/multi-site businesses and channel partners/resellers to highlight why GDMS is game-changer.

Service Providers 

For service providers, the goal is to make deploying devices as easy as possible. They have tons of customers and handle so many endpoints that they need to be able to deploy and configure those devices in a true zero-touch method to scale their business. They need the devices to be pre-configured before they go out or allow them to be automatically provisioned as soon as they are plugged in. GDMS offers that true zero-touch deployment with automatic, zero touch provisioning.  It allows service providers to simply redirect their own management or configuration platforms to GDMS for all provisioning, configuration, management and monitoring – rather than having to integrate each device directly into their own management platform. GDMS offers an API and can even be directly integrated with other management platforms.

Once the units are deployed, service providers need to make sure they always work, as the endpoint is the face of their service for their customers. They need to be able to easily manage those devices, update firmware, monitor the devices in real-time, receive alerts when certain parameters are met, and troubleshoot issues if anything comes up. GDMS offers exactly this, either through redirection from their own platform, integration of GDMS API or by providing GDMS to the end user.

Enterprises/Multi-Site Businesses

GDMS offers a centralized IT Management platform where any enterprise’s entire communication network can be setup, provisioned, managed and monitored centrally. GDMS is completely free and has no limit as to the number of devices that can be added to any account, while also supporting the ability to create sites and sub-sites, allowing the platform to scale to any level. It makes managing separate offices, departments, and locations as easy as possible by combining it all into once account while allowing you to setup and manage each of those by site, sub-site, model, batch all from one centralized platform and account.  With different user roles and privileges, administrators can allow their staff at any site to utilize GDMS while allowing the admin to customize what those staff members can access.   

GDMS also offers enterprises a tool to manage and monitor their network, in real-time, while also being able to receive live alerts based on any configured activity and can even troubleshoot issues, in real-time. Like it does for service providers, this monitoring and management tool proactively protects networks and ensure they are always running at top speed.

Channel Partners (distributors, resellers, installers, integrators)

GDMS was designed to make large deployments as easy as possible for our partners. This centralized cloud provisioning and management platform offers channel partners a tool to take-on large volume opportunities from enterprises, multi-site businesses, service providers and more. It gives the channel a tool to make deployments for these large customers quick and easy through true zero-touch provisioning while also providing on-going monitoring and easy IT task scheduling. This allows channel partners to scale their sales and take on large opportunities while ensuring the technology always works for the customer. 


To sign up for GDMS, go to It is currently in beta but will be officially released in the next few months. Its free to use and has no limit on the number of devices you can integrate with any account. During the beta period, GDMS will be compatible with the GRP series, DP series, GXV series and WP820 WiFi Cordless IP Phone – though it will support all Grandstream endpoints upon launch.

 View the GDMS datasheet


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