Yeah 1 Case Study

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Dec 13, 2021 12:22:19 PM

Yeah1 is a popular multimedia platform for youths in Vietnam. Founded in 2008, it began as the first TV station in the country dedicated to youth-oriented content. Since its launch, Yeah1 has grown into a multimedia platform that provides a wide variety of content through websites, magazines, and television stations. The company’s website,, has become one of the most popular websites for young people in Vietnam.


Requirement: Upgrade In-Office WiFi Network to Empower Employees to be More Productive and Connected

Yeah1’s office in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam was running an outdated WiFi network using TPLink WiFi Access Points. They were unable to access the network in many spots within the office due to the poor range of the APs. When they were able to connect, the connection was slow. Even then, many employees would often lose their WiFi connection because the network of APs could not handle the 400-plus concurrent users Yeah1 had within their offices.

Yeah1 was not only looking to upgrade the quality of their WiFi network but to also make it easier to manage and track. With their TP-Link Access Points, whenever any AP went down or required updating, their IT team had to connect to that specific access point by using a separate controller device that they had to purchase separately. To make changes to the entire network they had to make each change on each AP individually. They also did not have a central location to monitor the number of users or access any data about connections to their WiFi network.

Yeah1 turned to local technology installer and integrator, Time True Life Technology (TTL), to begin exploring options to upgrade their WiFi network.


Solution: Grandstream’s GWN series WiFi Access Points

TTL thoroughly tested many of the leading WiFi APs on the market from all major manufacturers, including Unifi and MicroTik. After testing, they recommended that Yeah1 install Grandstream’s GWN7610 WiFi APs throughout their office to upgrade the quality of their network while allowing for centralized management and tracking. TTL installed a full suite of GWN7610s in Yeah1’s office in Ho Chi Minh.

Comprehensive Range, Speeds, and Concurrent Client Support

yeah 1 imageGrandstream’s GWN series of WiFi APs offers Yeah1 the high-end wireless network they need within their office to provide timely and relevant content through their media programming. The GWN7610 offers a range of 175 meters in any direction from the AP to ensure that there is always a robust connection available in every corner of the office. This WiFi AP supports enterprise-grade speeds up to 1.75GBps to ensure the fastest possible connections. Each GWN7610 also supports up to 250 clients. By building a network of many different GWN7610s, Yeah1 can support thousands of users at enterprise-grade speeds that are accessible throughout their entire office. Their goal was to support up to 400 users but their suite of APs ensures not only that they can support many more users if needed, but that each user will be guaranteed lightning-fast connections.

Centralized Network Management Saves Time and Provides Easy Monitoring

yeah 1 case study image 2Grandstream’s GWN series of Networking Solutions offers one of the easiest setup and management processes on the WiFi market thanks to its innovative embedded controller. Grandstream’s embedded controller allows entire networks of APs to be set up, managed and tracked from the web user interface of any GWN series device. The traditional setup and management model used by most major manufacturers require the purchase of separate controller hardware or software. This also requires the user to integrate that controller with each AP individually in order to manage it and the controller usually can only manage one AP at a time. This traditional process makes the setup and management of most other WiFi networks complicated, expensive, and inefficient.

yeah 1 case study image 3 Every GWN device, including all APs, includes full controller functionality at no extra cost, built-in to each device’s web user interface. This allows any GWN series device to set up and manage entire networks of other GWN series devices.

From one, centralized web user interface, TTL was able to set up, manage, and track every single GWN AP on that network. If they want to set up other GWN series APs, all they have to do is connect them to the network then go back to the master GWN device to set up and manage their network. There is nothing extra to purchase and their entire network can be set up, managed, and monitored from one place. Yeah1 wanted every AP to offer 1 common SSID (WiFi network) so that employees could roam around the office without having to switch networks, and the GWN series allowed them to create this network once and apply it to every AP on their network with a few clicks.

The Results and Next Steps

Thanks to Time True Life Technology and Grandstream, Yeah1 now has a high-end WiFi network that covers their entire office, offers blazing fast speeds, and supports thousands of users. Their entire network can be managed and tracked from one central location - the web user interface of the designated GWN series master AP. The Grandstream solution has worked so well for Yeah1 that they are already planning to rebuild WiFi networks in their other offices using Grandstream’s GWN series devices.


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