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The World Health Organization (WHO), first established in 1948, is a global organization dedicated to ensuring the best quality healthcare for everyone worldwide. WHO is part of the United Nations Development Group and has on-the-ground presence in more than 150 countries. This presence allows them to work alongside local governments and partners to establish a local strategy to improve all health-related issues. WHO focuses specifically on disease, sexual and reproductive health, development, aging, food security and healthy eating, occupational health, and substance abuse.

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Requirement: A New, Redundant UC Solution

As part of a partnership with Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population the WHO planned to build an office in the Egyptian city of Cairo. Since so many depend on the important work of WHO it was imperative to have a reliable, redundant unified communications solution. Due to their prominent reputation in Egypt, FiberMe was contacted to provide a proposal that would suit all of the office’s needs and they paired with WHO’s IT team to outline their various requirements and preferences. In addition to building a complete communication system from the ground up for this brand new office, WHO also required a highly-available IP PBX solution with CDR, call monitoring, call recording, call spy, and extended mobility options including a fax-to-email server. All of these features would allow the local WHO office to provide efficient, accessible service to their clients.

Since this is a government-funded operation, the cost had to be reasonable, but they could not sacrifice the required features. Post-sale services were also important to ensure the continued success of the phone system. To make sure that WHO was comfortable with their proposal, FiberMe paired their IT Team with a designated engineer who answered any questions and fully explained the implementation process. They also designed dedicated, support and post-sale services to ensure that all needs were met and the new office had the support required to hit the ground running. To fulfill all requirements, FiberMe proposed a complete, Grandstream Unified Communications Solution paired with their 24/7 service guarantee.

The anchor of WHO Cairo’s unified communications solution was the UCM6510. This IP PBX offers enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility to offer WHO a future-proof UC platform with the capacity to grow with them and incorporate other offices and remote workers. This unified communications manager also met WHO Cairo’s main requirement of high-availability and redundancy as Grandstream offers the HA100 to link two UCM6510s together. This ensures that if the primary device goes down for any reason, all activity will be immediately switched to the secondary UCM6510.

In terms of features, the UCM6510 provided WHO Cairo with every advanced feature they needed, and more. It offers them a full Call Detail Records (CDR) interface to track their efforts and generate call reports, an integrated call recording server accessible through the web, and a variety of mobility features including fax and voicemails to email forwarding. The UCM6510 also offers access to a suite of call center features, including call monitoring, spying, call queues and more. Additional Grandstream products deployed by FiberME for WHO Cairo include:

GXP1628 Basic IP Phones
Deployed for most staff members as it offers a simple, easy-to-use desktop phone with BLF keys
GXP2170 High-End IP Phone
Deployed for managers to allow them to handle high call capacity while also accessing BLF keys
GAC2500 Enterprise Conference Phone for Android
This device was used for audio conferences as it supports 6 SIP accounts, use of any Android app, can
be paired with any Bluetooth device, and offers WiFi for mobility.

The Result

A solution built entirely of one brand was ideal for WHO to allow them to simplify the deployment, installation and management process. Additionally, the price point was economical, yet there was no compromise on important features. Thanks to Grandstream’s feature-packed yet budget-friendly solution and FiberMe’s quality support services, Grandstream products won the bid over three other competitors. Thanks to FiberMe, WHO was able to open their brand new office with a fully intact unified communications system and spend their time working on what really matters to their organization - furthering people’s health.

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