Wipro UC & Wi-Fi Networking Solution

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Wipro is an Indian multinational corporation that was established in 1945 in Amalner, India by Mohamed Premji. Wipro is a leading big tech company focusing on information technology, consulting, and business process services. Wipro specializes in cloud computing, computer security, digital transformation, artificial intelligence, robotics, data analytics, and technology consulting services to customers in over 165 countries. Wipro shifted its focus during the 1970s and 1980s to new opportunities in the IT and computing industry, which was non-existent in India at the time.


The Problem

The previous networking deployment in place had many issues that decreased productivity at Wipro:

Slow Internet Speeds: The previous deployment had reasonable bandwidth; however, the internet speeds were very slow for an MNC setup which hindered the productivity of employees thereby not allowing them to perform tasks that required high internet speeds.

Low Concurrent Users: The previous access points deployed could not handle many concurrent users at one time, which proved to be a limitation especially when employees were in the office, the Wi-Fi connection would often fail because of this.

Lack of Security: The previous solution did not have the captive portal feature, the system administrators could not set up a separate guest Wi-Fi portal resulting in unauthorized users accessing the primary Wi-Fi connection which made the network insecure.

Provided By Tata Communications

Tata Communications is a leading digital ecosystem enabler that powers today’s fastest-growing digital economy. With its solutions-orientated approach, proven managed service capabilities, and cutting-edge infrastructure, Tata Communications drives the next level of intelligence powered by cloud, mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), collaboration, security, and network services. Tata Communications carries around 30% of the world’s internet routes and connects businesses to 80% of the world’s cloud giants and 4 out of 5 mobile subscribers.

The Need

The following points highlight why Grandstream’s access points were needed and why there was a need to revamp Wipro’s prior networking deployment:

Productivity and Teamwork: For employees to access key documentation and software libraries and communicate with remote teams across different geographical locations, the Wipro engineering team extensively relies on a stable internet connection to perform these tasks seamlessly. Strong Wi-Fi connection enables seamless connection via video conferencing, instant messaging, and teamwork platforms including project management software and version control systems.

Downloading and Uploading Large Files: Performing tasks with large file sizes such as code repositories, software builds, and multimedia assets is a common project for large software firms. Reliable and strong Wi-Fi makes it possible to upload and download these files efficiently thereby increasing productivity.

gdms-grp-gxpCloud Services: The utilization of cloud-based services and tools is becoming more prevalent in software development. Accessing cloud platforms, deploying applications, and effectively managing resources requires reliable and fast Wi-Fi speeds. Testing and Debugging: Developers at Wipro frequently test their software across a range of hardware and operating systems. This is regularly done by establishing remote connections to lab equipment or by utilizing emulators and simulators. Low latency and efficient testing procedures are guaranteed with a robust internet connection.

Security: Security is of the utmost importance, however, this is even more important for a software company to safeguard sensitive information and provide secure communication both inside and outside the company. Maintenance and Updates: Wipro needs to constantly upgrade its frameworks, libraries, and development tools. Quick and dependable updates are made possible with a powerful and reliable internet connection giving developers the ability to be up to date with the latest technologies. '

Client Help: Wipro often deals with support tickets and needs to regularly communicate with clients. Wipro offers customer support and web-based services, a strong internet connection is essential to provide continuous service and responsiveness to client queries and problems.

Backup and Disaster Recovery: It’s critical to regularly backup databases, code repositories, and other important data. A stable internet connection is crucial for effective disaster recovery strategies and easy backup procedures. One of the most important elements for a software firm is a reliable and stable internet connection. This promotes efficiency in software development processes and supports productivity, teamwork, security, and a host of other factors that help the firm succeed.

Competitors Considered

The IT team at Wipro considered multiple brands for this deployment including Ubiquiti and Altai but ultimately decided to go ahead with Grandstream due to the provided free-of-cost management platforms giving the IT team the flexibility to manage all the access points from anywhere. Additionally, Grandstream was the only provider who could provide an all-in-one communications solution for all networking, unified communication, security, and video conferencing needs.

Networking Product Deployed


A total of 40 GWN Grandstream Access Points were used for this deployment which included Grandstream’s Wi- Fi Indoor Access Point, the GWN7660, and Grandstream’s Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor Access Point GWN7660LR.

3-Year Warranty Period: All Grandstream GWN access points have a 3-year warranty period, which is well above the industry standard as most companies offer only a 1-year warranty on their networking products. This was an enticing factor for the Wipro executives to choose Grandstream for this deployment.

Cost Effective: Grandstream provides a wide variety of access points at affordable rates whilst at the same time offering industry-standard features. This shows that Grandstream offers the best value for money and is advantageous for organizations like Wipro to meet their networking requirements and not go over the allocated budget.

Scalability:  Grandstream access points are very scalable which is crucial for MNCs like Wipro that need to increase their network infrastructure as they expand. A scalable network solution is crucial for software firms to provide flexibility when it comes to expansion requirements.

State-of-the-Art Features: Grandstream access points are equipped with the latest features including the most recent Wi-Fi standards, security features, and management platforms. Security features are crucial to Wipro to effectively manage their networks and development environments.

Compatibility: Grandstream devices can integrate easily with other hardware and software devices. This is a pivotal feature for a software company like Wipro that frequently aims to integrate its network infrastructure smoothly.

GDMSFree-of-Cost Cloud Management via Grandstream Device Management System: Grandstream offers Free-of-Cost cloud management via Grandstream Device Management System. This centralized network management platform allows the network administration team at Wipro to easily manage all the access points with no additional cost and minimal technical support. Grandstream Device Management System provides streamlined monitoring and maintenance which makes managing your network as easy as possible. In addition to that, the administrator can keep an eye on the network’s performance with real-time monitoring, alerts, statistics, and reports that can be viewed using a web browser or a mobile application.

Industry Reputation: Grandstream has made huge strides in the networking sector in India and Asia in general and has now become a trusted brand based on the great features that Grandstream’s products offer, a trustworthy track record, and a 3-year warranty.

Grandstream’s Helpdesk and Support Documentation: Grandstream’s helpdesk is another reason why Wipro chose Grandstream access points. This feature allowed the administration team the ability to submit support tickets easily online and receive efficient support. Additionally, Grandstream provides a host of support and documentation resources making it easy for the administration team to easily learn about the products and solve problems if any very quickly.

UC Products Deployed


In addition to deploying access points, Wipro also deployed a multitude of Grandstream’s UC solutions. Wipro deployed a UCM6308 IP PBX, over 100 GRP2602Ws, WP810s, WP820s, and GXV3380s. Additionally, they installed 20 GSC3570s for video intercom operations, 10 GSC3510s for PA system announcement, and 2 GVC3220s as SIP-based video conferencing systems in meeting rooms.

UCM6308 IP PBX: Wipro previously had an outdated analog IP PBX which had no advanced features and resulted in very low voice quality and call drop issues. To tackle this issue Wipro deployed the UCM6308 IP PBX as Grandstream is widely reputed as one of the best IP PBX brands in Asia and can handle 3000 SIP extensions which was within the requirements of what Wipro was looking for.

WP810 and WP820: Wipro was in search of wireless Wi-Fi IP phones to replace their previously outdated solution. The WP810 and WP820 were chosen and provided to the office staff for internal communication. This allowed the employees to have uninterrupted internal communication with great voice quality and the ability to communicate from anywhere in the office.

GRP2602W and GXV3380: These phones were installed on the directors’ and executives’ desks. The GRP2602W is an essential 2-line IP phone model with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management. The GRP2602W is also supported by Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS). The GXV3380 is a powerful High-End Smart Video Phone for Android that combines a 16-line IP phone with a multi-platform video collaboration solution and the functionality of an Android tablet to offer an all-in-one communication solution. It is the ideal desktop device for busy professionals and executives and offers a powerful yet cost-effective device for any conference room. This gave the executives a voice IP phone as well as a video IP phone to meet their communication needs.

Grandstream provides an all-in-one solution: A pivotal reason why Wipro went ahead with Grandstream was their ability to solve all of the company’s requirements with one provider. Wipro was able to replace its outdated networking infrastructure with Grandstream’s Wi-Fi 6 access points and solve its outdated analog setup with Grandstream’s IP PBX, voice, video, and Wi-Fi IP phones. Additionally, Wipro also used Grandstream’s video conferencing and SIP intercom products to further revamp their video conferencing and SIP speaker systems. Grandstream’s quality, reliable, and innovative solutions have enabled Wipro to completely revamp all its communication and networking needs.

The Result

Strong Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire office area has ensured that everyone can stay connected from anywhere on the premises and can carry out all their daily tasks and operations without any network disruption, leading to enhanced productivity and satisfaction amongst employees. An internal survey conducted by Wipro employees showed that both big and small data uploads done over the internet were very successful without any failures or disruptions. Another big advantage that the administration team had was the ability to manage all the Wi-Fi access points from one place using Grandstream’s free-of-cost management platform, Grandstream Device Management System. GDMS can manage any number of access points providing that flexibility to the administration team in case they decide to expand the number of access points deployed at the office.

The Wipro team is also extremely satisfied with the newly installed IP PBX setup along with the IP phones deployed and various video conferencing and SIP speaker solutions. This has resulted in uninterrupted internal communication with great voice quality and no call interruptions. The IP PBX, GRP2602W, and GXV3380 can also be managed from anywhere using GDMS.

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