Semper Altius International School Network Case Study

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Nov 30, 2021 1:56:36 PM

Red de Colegios Semper Altius is an international network of schools with more than 60 years of experience in 18 countries throughout Latin America, North America, Europe, and Asia. They operate over 100 schools around the world, including 65 schools in Mexico. Semper Altius provides continuity from preschool through high school and offers undergraduate and graduate programs through the Anahuac University Network, which has 13 campuses in Mexico and presence in the United States, Spain, Chile, and Italy.

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The Requirement: A New Communications and Networking Solution

A network of three schools and a central office operated by Semper Altius in Mexico City was in need of a new communications platform and endpoints. They were using an outdated Avaya analog PBX that supported mostly analog trunks, along with outdated analog phones. They wanted a solution that could integrate various platforms (analog or SIP; E1, T1, and J1 ports) and technologies (voice, video, data, mobility). Semper Altius needed the ability to frequently, manage, customize and update their voice platform, specifically IVR and auto-attendant messages. Lastly, they wanted to avoid licensing and other ongoing fees.

Semper Altius was also interested in building a WiFi network in one of the three schools. They needed a solution that would offer fast WiFi speeds, support hundreds of users, offer high-end security protection, and a centralized installation and management platform. Semper Altius reached out to a local technology installer, Emer Communications, to request a bid for the project. After consulting with their distribution partner, SYSCOM, Emer Communication submitted a bid for all Grandstream solutions for the Semper Altius deployment, including multiple UCM series IP PBXs, multiple IP Phone models, and GWN series WiFi Access Points. After considering a number of other bids, Semper Altius selected the Grandstream solution submitted by Emer Communications.

The Solution - Building the Communications Network

The anchor of Semper Altius’ new solution is the UCM series of IP PBXs. This powerful on-premise IP PBX allows the school’s network to integrate both analog and digital services and devices. The UCM series provides a fully comprehensive unified communication platform, including video, data, mobility, and security support, with all features included and no licensing fees, ever required. A total of three UCM6510’s were installed, with one at each school, and a UCM6202 was installed in the central office. All IP PBXs are peered together on the same network to create a redundant network that allows in-network calls from school to school while still enabling each school to manage its own IVRs, auto-attendants, and more. Additionally, the UCM series offers a number of mobility options important to the school, including voicemail forwarding to email, the ability to register an extension on multiple devices, customized call forwarding, and more.

Because they chose the UCM series of IP PBXs, Grandstream IP phones were the ideal choice for Semper Altius. Though they will support any third-party endpoint, the UCM series offers a variety of extra features and functionalities to Grandstream IP phones. This is highlighted by the Zero Config provisioning process it offers to Grandstream phones, which allows any UCM series device to instantly detect and automatically configure any Grandstream endpoint.

The Solution - Telephony Endpoints

To take advantage of the features offered by the UCM series and to support a quick and easy deployment with seamless ongoing management, Emer Communications installed a variety of Grandstream IP phones for Semper Altius.

Each school featured 100-plus GXP1630s in classrooms and administrative areas. They were chosen because they offer Gigabit speeds as the schools were planning to utilize the PC port for computer connections while using 3 lines on each device.
Deployed for receptionists at the three schools, the GXP2160 offers a total of 30 built-on speed-dial/BLF keys for quick and easy dispatching of calls.
This well-designed, sleek IP phone was deployed for managers and directors because of its high-end look and feature set, including Bluetooth support.
Close to 75 GXP1615s were installed for staff at the central office. This Basic IP phone is incredibly easy-to-use and has a small desktop footprint while still offering advanced VoIP features.
This innovative Android-based Conference Phone was deployed in conference rooms throughout the central office. The GAC2500 offers full access to the Google Play Store to support calling through any Android app, WiFi support for mobility, Bluetooth support, and a built-in 6-way conference bridge.

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