Riversong Cottages Case Study

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Dec 13, 2021 5:05:36 PM

Riversong Cottages is a “modern, cozy, and boutique” accommodation in Murchison, South Island, New Zealand. Nestled in the countryside amongst the Buller River and mountain views, Riversong features 2 two-bedroom cottages, a studio unit, and the main building.

As WiFi access is expected from most travelers, Riversong needed to offer its guests strong, reliable wireless internet access. As the cottages and main building are spread throughout the property, long-range WiFi AP was needed, yet all the options they had tried failed to meet the signal strength and throughput needs of Riversong’s customers.

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The solution

Bounce NZ Case StudyRiversong’s technology manager, Murchison Computers, worked with their distribution partner, GoWiFi, and recommended that the cottages implement Grandstream’s GWN7600LR. The device easily solved all signal strength, range, and throughput problems and allows Riversong to now offer a long-range and powerful signal to cover the entire property. The Grandstream solution also offers a very simple management interface, ideal for quickly changing passwords.


                               The result

“After changing to a Grandstream GWN7600LR, all of our problems were solved in one go. It was really easy to install and set up and happy customers mean our TripAdvisor score is rising steadily.”

- Robert King-Tenison, Murchison Computers


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