Quest Case Study

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Dec 16, 2021 2:25:42 PM

Quest properties aspire to deliver the highest level of customer service where guests can enjoy and experience their accommodations at ease. In order for their hotels to operate at maximum efficiency, Quest began to look for a powerful communication solution that is both simple to use and reliable. Quest for its Quest on Manchester property wanted delivery of the latest technology and emphasized a solution that would make it easy for their staff members and guests to communicate with HD voice and video delivered on robust endpoints. Their goal was to implement a completely digital, open-source SIP unified communication solution that gave them access to thousands of customizable voice, video, data, and mobility features that would improve operations and customer service. Quest has multiple locations across Australasia, so the ability to communicate with each other was also critical.


The Solution - GXP1615

Grandstream was chosen for its device reliability and for its compatibility with the Netfone CDX platform. For Quest on Manchester, they chose the GXP1615 for its compact design, essential features, and affordability. With its sleek black design and handset, the GXP1615 IP phone looked the part for the new hotel rooms and was the best choice to offer guests an easy-to-use experience. It was also the ideal IP phone as the GXP1615 does not light up the room in the dark like other IP phones, which can draw complaints from guests who are trying to sleep.

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The Solution - GDS3710

quest case study image 2To improve security and access for guests during-and-after business hours, the GDS3710 HD IP video door system was installed at the front door as part of Quest’s facility management solution. The GDS3710 allowed Quest on Manchester to easily track, manage, restrict, allow and record access to their building during-and-after business hours. It is within their security protocol that they are required to have doors lock but must be able to grant access to their guests. The GDS3710 has built-in speakers and a mic, which provided a convenient intercom connection. After-hours services and late-arrival guests can use the GDS3710, which connects guests to the on-call manager who can provide directions and remotely release the door to allow entry into the building.


The Solution - GXP2170

For the reception team, they use Grandstream’s most powerful high-end IP phone, the GXP2170 coupled with the GXP2200 extension module with rooms programmed on speed dial. GXP2170s were deployed at the front desk and concierge where staff experiences high volume calls and require transferring to different departments. These are handled quickly thanks to the GXP2200 extension module and its’ shortcut extensions for efficient call handling. Additionally, the GXP2170 shows the information on the weather forecast, which is a common question asked by guests at the reception desk.

The Solution - WP820

Quest’s cleaning and maintenance team use the WP820 Wi-Fi cordless handsets to seamlessly roam the building while being on the same internal phone system. This helps reduce cost as they do not need any additional devices or support as they can make/receive SIP calls through the hotel’s existing Wi-Fi network.


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