Payra Port Authority Wi-Fi Solution

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Jan 27, 2023 6:51:57 PM

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Payra Port Authority is an autonomous port authority in charge of the third port in the Port of Payra, Bangladesh, and is situated in Patuakhali, Bangladesh. The Port Authority and the port were established on 19th November 2013 through the Payra Sea Port Act 2013. The port started commercial operations in August 2016 and the Payra Port Authority is regarded as a highly specialized government institution in Bangladesh with very high economical value.


The Problem

The Payra Port Authority being a highly specialized government institution needed a secure way of managing all its Wi-Fi access points as it was a high-security project. Payra Port Authority also needed to use Wi-Fi with multiple authentication systems, especially Active Directory Authentication. Moreover, the people at Payra Port Authority wanted to use a simple password, voucher, and active directory authentication at the same time within multiple SSIDs, which can be easily done using Grandstream’s networking solutions.

Considering the Payra Port is set up over 16 acres of land there was a huge necessity for Wi-Fi APs to have reach within the warehouses as well as in the outdoor areas. This was something that Grandstream Access Points could offer.

The Solution


GWN Manager

GWN Manager was chosen over GWN.Cloud since it is a highly secured government project and the people at Payra Port Authority wanted to use Active Directory as the authentication method. GWN Manager is an on-premise, enterprise-grade, management platform for Grandstream’s GWN series of Access Points. Managing networks across multiple locations are made easy with GWN Manager thanks to streamlined monitoring and maintenance. Another added advantage is the ease of use of GWN Manager and the fact that it is a free-of-cost management platform.

GWN7630 And GWN7630LR

The service provider BTCL recommended the GWN7630 (indoor Wi-Fi Access Point) and GWN7630LR (Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Point) which has proven to be a great choice as the Payra Port consists of several indoor spaces and a large area of outdoor space to cover the 16-acre area. The installer of the Access Points found the user experience of the Access Points and the Wi-Fi Management Platform to be very simple to use and secure which was an important factor in selecting this solution.

The competitive price point offered by Grandstream was another selling point over competitors that persuaded the people of Port Authority to go with the GWN7630 and GWN7630LR, and over 100 devices were deployed to build the network.

The Results

Thanks to Grandstream, Payra Port Authority officials can conduct highly secured government projects because of the active directory as an authentication method offered by GWN Manager. Initially, there was a small configuration problem with the Access Points, however, this was quickly resolved with the assistance of Grandstream’s Helpdesk. Helpdesk is Grandstream’s support platform that provides support from Grandstream’s team of engineers, the entire solution was up and running smoothly once the teams were able to connect and go over their configuration issues. Overall, the installer and Payra Port Authority officials are highly satisfied with the GWN7630 and GWN7630LR evidenced by their deploying over 100 devices across the 16-acre radius.

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