Nava Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. UC and Networking Solution

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Nava Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is widely regarded as one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in the Indian Generic Market Segment. Nava is well known for its high-quality products and services and is driven by professional pharmaceutical employees with decades of experience in pharmaceutical marketing, sales, research and development, quality control, manufacturing, market research, supply chain, and distribution management.

Nava Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is associated with India’s giant World Health Organization (WHO) certified manufacturers that develop high-quality products at very affordable prices that help reduce the treatment costs for their patients and improve their quality of life.


The Problem

Before installing Grandstream products, Nava Healthcare used some low-range Wi-Fi routers that did not serve their needs. Nava used D-Link Routers and TP-Link’s Deco Series Wi-Fi solution in all their offices which did not have a great coverage range and could not support many concurrent users. Additionally, these routers could not be controlled using any centralized controller which made management of these solutions challenging for the IT team. There was a dire need to replace these outdated Wi-Fi solutions as the internet connection became increasingly unreliable which affected the productivity of employees at the workplace. Moreover, Nava Healthcare was searching for a provider who could even provide UC solutions to enhance their existing VoIP setup which the existing brands could not do.

The Need

Nava Healthcare’s office space had a lot of IoT devices and there were a lot of people that worked at the company. This resulted in many devices connecting to the network at the same time which caused a lot of congestion and the previous networking infrastructure in place was not equipped to handle this level of traffic which hindered the productivity of employees at the workplace. The following points below highlight the need for the previous solution to be replaced:

Support for IoT Devices: The pharmaceutical industry increasingly relies on Internet of Things (IoT) devices for a multitude of purposes such as monitoring equipment, temperature control for storage, and automated processes. The previous deployment was not well equipped to handle the diverse needs and complexities of these IoT devices and that is why Nava opted to use Grandstream Access Points.

WP820_front_color-1Wireless IP Phones: The previous VoIP deployment was outdated and did not have a proper roaming system. Furthermore, Nava deployed only wired phones. After deploying Grandstream access points, the IT team was able to use Grandstream’s Wireless Wi-Fi IP phone WP820 and the GRP2602W very smoothly. By deploying the wireless IP phone, employees would be able to freely move around and make calls and were not limited to their desk.

Device Overload: The previous networking deployment was not able to handle more than 100 concurrent users simultaneously which proved to be a huge problem as there were often more than 100 people at the office and employees would end up getting disconnected from the network. This prompted Nava to deploy access points that were more reliable and could handle a higher number of concurrent users.

Remote Access and Monitoring: Nava’s research facilities are spread across different locations making remote access and monitoring of these networks even more crucial. The previous deployment did not have centralized management, which proved to be a hindrance when it came to managing all the access points.

Performance and Scalability: Pharmaceutical companies often deal with large amounts of data that stem from research findings to production processes. To deal with such amounts of data it is necessary to have access points that have increased data throughput and the ability to support many devices simultaneously, which the previous deployment could not do.

Reliable Connectivity: Pharmaceutical companies often have large facilities or multiple locations that require seamless and reliable network connectivity. Enterprise-level access points can provide robust and scalable Wi-Fi coverage to ensure connectivity across various departments, laboratories, and production areas.

The previous networking deployment of TP-Link and D-Link routers has only 200Mbps bandwidth. This was not enough to perform data-intensive tasks which were often required to be performed in the office. This resulted in a lot of dissatisfaction amongst the employees. Nava Healthcare’s main goal was to fulfill all the requirements and provide the employees and customers with a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection to perform all the required tasks.

Why Grandstream


Nava Healthcare deployed both Networking and UC solutions. For networking, Nava deployed Grandstream’s Wi-Fi 6 Indoor access point GWN7664, In-wall access point GWN7624, and Grandstream’s Wi-Fi 6 Long Range Outdoor access point GWN7664LR. A total of 80 access points were deployed for the networking setup of the entire building. For UC, Nava deployed Grandstream’s Wi-Fi cordless phone WP820, IP PBX UCM6304, Essential IP Phone GRP2602W, and Hotel Phone GHP621.

Products included in the project:

Wi-Fi6_high-resStrong Wi-Fi Signal and Stability: Grandstream access points provide a strong and reliable Wi-Fi connection with high network throughput, which was one of the key requirements of the Nava Healthcare team. The GWN7624 has a wireless throughput of 2.03Gbps and the GWN7664 and GWN7664LR have a wireless throughput of 3.55Gbps ensuring fast Wi-Fi speeds. Nava Healthcare employees wanted to use wireless solutions for their IoT devices, laptops, mobile phones, and IP phones. With a reliable networking setup, they can connect IoT devices as well as Grandstream’s UC solutions GRP2602W, WP820, and GHP621 to communicate very smoothly.

Coverage Range: Grandstream access points have a wide coverage range ensuring that anyone can get Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere within the Nava Healthcare vicinity. Employees can walk from one place to another whilst still being able to place calls on WhatsApp or WP820. Calls are no longer getting disconnected like they did previously and there is no more voice drop issues. The GWN7624 has a coverage range of 100 meters ensuring stable connectivity in all of the rooms, the GWN7664 has a coverage range of 175 meters providing reliable connectivity in common areas such as corridors, meeting rooms, dining areas, etc. and the GWN7664LR has a coverage range of 300 meters ensuring great coverage in the outdoor areas of the vicinity.

Large Number of Concurrent Users: The previous solution could not handle more than 100 users at a time, which was a hindrance for the employees and customers at Nava Healthcare as there were often more than 100 users present at any given time. This problem was solved with Grandstream’s access points as they are equipped to handle more than 100 users. The GWN7624 can manage more than 200 clients and the GWN7664 and GWN7664LR are equipped with Wi-Fi 6 to manage more than 750 clients ensuring that if the Nava Healthcare office gets crowded everybody can connect to the Wi-Fi without connectivity issues.

captive portal_no whiteCaptive Portal: Nava Healthcare made use of Grandstream’s captive portal authentication system which allowed them to create a separate SSID with a voucher authentication and customized splash page for guests visiting Nava Healthcare ensuring that the network of the guests is different from that of the employees which is critical to protecting sensitive information.

Cost Effective: Grandstream provides a wide variety of access points and UC solutions at affordable rates and offers industry-standard features. This proved that Grandstream was able to offer the best value for money, and is advantageous for organizations like Wipro to meet their networking requirements and not go over the allocated budget. Free-of-cost

Network Management: A major justification for purchasing Grandstream access points was the free management platform, GWN.Cloud. All Grandstream controllers are unlimited in validity and do not require any licenses, which reduces costs.

A One-Stop-Shop Solution: A pivotal reason why Nava Healthcare went ahead with Grandstream was its ability to solve the company’s requirements with one provider. Nava was able to replace its outdated networking infrastructure with Grandstream’s In-Wall and Wi-Fi 6 access points and solve its outdated analog setup with Grandstream’s IP PBX, voice, and Wi-Fi IP phones.

Competitors Considered

Before choosing Grandstream access points, Nava Healthcare also considered access points from Unifi and Cambium. However, Nava Healthcare ultimately decided to go ahead with Grandstream’s solutions as they were cost-effective, had free centralized management and all the latest features. Furthermore, Nava Healthcare wanted to revamp their outdated VoIP setup as well and Grandstream was the only vendor who could provide a one-stop-shop solution for all their needs.

The Result

With the installation of the new robust Wi-Fi solution consisting of indoor Wi-Fi 6 access point GWN7664, In-wall access point GWN7624, and Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 access point GWN7664LR, the administration team is thoroughly satisfied with the new deployment. The GWN7624 was set up inside all rooms, GWN7664’s was set up in all the free space areas such as corridors, meeting rooms, dining areas, etc. The outside areas of the office such as the parking lot, entrance, and more were covered by the GWN7664LR.

Nava Healthcare was happy that Grandstream was a one-stop-shop solution for all their communication needs and was able to revamp their outdated UC setup which consisted of all wired phones. With the new networking setup, the employees at Nava could easily use the WP820 wireless IP phone, GWP2602W essential IP phone, GHP621 hotel phone, and UCM6304 IP PBX. Employees could now communicate and report to their management from any location within the Nava Healthcare campus more easily and efficiently.

Nava Healthcare is now able to provide its employees and customers with a robust and reliable Wi-Fi setup that has a great coverage range and connectivity from anywhere in the vicinity. Employees can perform online tasks that require high data usage which they were previously unable to do. Additionally, setting up the Grandstream access point solution was simple and easy to manage using Grandstream’s free-ofcost management platform, GWN.Cloud.

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