Hotel Castle Salam Wi-Fi Solution

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Nov 9, 2023 12:00:26 AM

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Hotel Castle Salam is a luxurious 3-star hotel located in the Khulna Region of Bangladesh. The hotel was established in 1996 as a small business hotel. However, since the hotel’s inception, it has grown to become a 100-room luxurious business boutique hotel catering to leisure travelers as well as corporate clients. In 2018, the hotel underwent major renovation with the introduction of an infinity pool, BBQ restaurant, fitness center on the rooftop, and a grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 500 guests for a multitude of events. To stay true to the corporate theme, the hotel continues to offer generous corporate discounts on accommodation and corporate events.


The Problem

Prior to installing Grandstream’s Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, Hotel Castle Salam used Tenda’s Wi-Fi router in every room and corridor, which was a very outdated solution. The hotel staff did not have a centralized management platform to control all the Tenda routers, which was inconvenient for ongoing management and configuration. There was an urgent need to replace this outdated solution and Grandstream proved to be the best solution as it fell within the price point that the hotel administrative team was looking for with all the necessary technical features. The hotel staff also appreciated the GWN Cloud Controller’s centralized management system and the easy-to-use user interface that the platform possessed which made it very easy for the hotel staff to manage all the access points.

The Need

Hotel Castle Salam underwent major renovations. However, the hotel still did not possess an effective wireless networking setup and numerous tourists and corporate clients complained that there was weak Wi-Fi signal in various indoor and outdoor areas of the hotel. The previous networking infrastructure only supported a bandwidth of 200Mbps, and there were many instances where guests and hotel staff could not connect to the Wi-Fi network. This led to complaints and dissatisfaction amongst the guests who stayed at the hotel and the corporate clients who came to attend various functions. Hotel Castle Salam was in dire need of revamping their current Wi-Fi setup so that the guests and hotel staff had reliable Wi-Fi to fulfill all their operations.

The Solution


Hotel Castle Salam, with the help and recommendation from Olefins Limited, decided to install 70 of Grandstream’s Indoor Wi-Fi 6 Access Points, the GWN7660 and GWN7661. The GWN7661 was installed in the hotel rooms and the GWN7660 was installed in various spaces of the hotel such as the swimming pool, restaurants, bars, etc., as this access point has a higher coverage range. Additionally, 4 GWN7660LR Wi-Fi 6 Long Range Access Points were installed in various outdoor areas of the hotel including the parking lot to ensure that the guests and staff get Wi-Fi connectivity anywhere in the hotel.

Voucher Authentication/Captive Portal: A primary requirement of the team at Hotel Castle Salam was to have a strong Wi-Fi network with voucher authentication. Grandstream’s voucher authentication system allowed guests to connect to the Wi-Fi network easily, which was not the case with the previous network infrastructure that was being used.

Coverage Range: With the renovation of the hotel in 2018, coverage range was also a major requirement so that users could access Wi-Fi across the newly developed locations. The indoor access points, GWN7660 and GWN7661, support coverage ranges of 175 meters and 100 meters, respectively, ensuring that both staff and guests receive proper network coverage across the hotel. The outdoor long-range GWN7660LR Access Point has a coverage range of 250 meters, providing user network coverage in various outdoor areas of the hotel including the parking lot. 

Wi-Fi 6: All 3 Access Points that were deployed at the hotel are equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, which was another demand that the administrative team at Hotel Castle Salam had. Wi-Fi 6 has higher data rates, increased capacity, and provides improved performance in environments with many connected devices which is advantageous for a place like a hotel that can get crowded from time to time.

3 SSIDs Deployed: While installing the Access Points, the service provider set up 3 separate SSIDs for the hotel’s networking setup thereby making use of the multiple SSID feature that all Grandstream Access Points offer. This gives the hotel staff the ability to have a separate Wi-Fi network for the hotel staff and guests, which is a common practice.

GWN.Cloud Controller: Cloud configuration and management of Grandstream’s Wi-Fi access points throughout the hotel was a key feature that the hotel administrative team required. The Access Points were deployed using Grandstream’s free GWN.Cloud controller, a cloud-based management and configuration tool for all Grandstream’s GWN Networking Solutions. GWN.Cloud makes deployment and management of the Grandstream Access Points easy, which is vital to ensure that the hotel staff can easily manage the newly deployed network setup.

The Result

network_speed-1Hotel Castle Salam is thoroughly satisfied with the Grandstream solution that has been set up by Olefins Limited, which has resulted in a massive upgrade on the previous Wi-Fi solution that was in place. The GWN7661 Access Points were installed inside the hotel rooms, the GWN7660 Access Points in various free spaces of the hotel such as the infinity pool, hotel bar, restaurants, etc., and the GWN7660LR Outdoor Access Points in several outdoor areas of the hotel including the parking lot.

Hotel Castle Salam is now able to provide their staff, guests, and visitors with reliable and fast network speeds, allowing guests to easily access the networks and the staff to easily perform their day-to-day tasks. The overall setup and maintenance of the Grandstream access points is streamlined thanks to Grandstream’s free-of-cost GWN.Cloud controller. The successful deployment of Grandstream solutions at the Hotel Castle Salam has also raised interest from other hotels in the regions in deploying Grandstream Access Points as a part of their network infrastructure setup.

About The Service Provider

Olefins Limited is involved in deployments in different portfolios such as sound system, security system, IoT devices, compliance items, industrial safety, IT equipment, electronics equipment, and other equivalent sectors. Their goal is to build a long-term relationship with clients, based on commitment, pride, accountability, quality, and safety. Olefins regularly works with various international trading houses and deploys solutions all over Bangladesh.

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