Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf Wi-Fi Solution

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Nov 8, 2023 7:37:04 PM

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Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf, is the one & only five-star resort in the Sylhet region of Bangladesh. It is equipped with all modern state-of-the-art amenities and facilities and is located in Srimongal (the tea capital of Bangladesh). This resort offers 135 hotel rooms and suites, five restaurants, three pools, a spa, and a gym on the premises. The Grand Resort Sultan offers a 9-hole recreational golf course, a basketball court, a tennis court, a badminton court, children’s play courts, and an indoor gaming center.

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The Problem

In Sylhet, the Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf is a well-known five-star resort. However, their prior Wi-Fi network had a very weak signal in the majority of its coverage areas. The connection would drop and had a spotty unstable signal throughout the property. Guests would access the network through a normal password, resulting in many unauthorized users being connected to the Wi-Fi network. The resort wanted to provide an uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection with proper roaming capabilities that met the performance expectations of their guests. They also need secure Wi-Fi authentication so that authorized guests could access the Internet while preventing unauthorized users from causing bandwidth loss. Having an enterprise solution in place was crucial to the resort to provide a robust wireless network to meet their clients' everyday needs during their stay.

Provided By BTCL

Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited is the largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh. BTCL provides land-line telephone services in Bangladesh’s urban areas, including domestic long distance calling and international services as well as internet services.

The Need

Due to the outdated Altai access points being utilized by Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf, the resort required a complete network overhaul that included new APs and a network management solution. They wanted a well-known Wi-Fi brand on the market that had Wi-Fi APs with long-range coverage, anti-hacking security, high bandwidth performance, and that could handle over 150+ users. A high-performance network was a necessity to compete in the ever-growing hospitality industry, where having a reliable internet connection is vital to ensure both smooth resort operations and a positive guest experience throughout the property. The resort’s requirement for secure and reliable connection throughout the property led them to contact BTCL, the largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh, to help fulfill their networking solutions needs.

Competitors Considered

The installer, BTCL, considered Altai Technology Solutions along with Grandstream’s Solutions, however, decided to go ahead with Grandstream’s solutions as they could provide updated Wi-Fi 6 AP’s with the coverage that the resort was looking for and included a free management option. Additionally, Grandstream’s Access Points portfolio offered better prices and performance compared to the Altai Access Points.

Why Grandstream


After comparing different access points, The Grand Sultan Tea Resort and Golf decided to move forward with having the installer, BTCL install (6) GWN7630’s (dual-band 4×4:4 MU-MIMO) and (20) GWN7602’s (dual band 2x2:2 MIMO). The resort found that after analyzing other competitors, Grandstream satisfied every technical and financial demand. Strong Wi-Fi security with radius authentication was a top demand. They additionally needed to integrate Wi-Fi authentication with their radius server and found Grandstream supports radius authentication. Grandstream AP’s assisted them in facilitating smooth communication by providing an easy-to-use solution with GWN Cloud Controller. Lastly, the resort employed two distinct SSIDs; a strong password is used for administration on one SSID, and radius authentication is used for all hotel guests on the other.

Cost Effective: A contributing factor to why the installer opted for the GWN7630 and GWN7602 over any Altai access point was the affordability of the product and how great the performance of these products were in relation to the price point.

Strong Wi-Fi Signal: The GWN7602 and GWN7630 both have an aggregate 1.17Gbps wireless throughput thereby ensuring that there are increased Wi-Fi speeds for customers to use. In addition to this, the GWN7602 has a 100-meter coverage range and the GWN7630 has a 175-meter coverage guaranteeing internet connection no matter where you are on the property. The GWN7602 also supports up to 80 clients while the GWN7630 supports up to 200+ clients giving the resort more than enough coverage needed by guests and employees for rapid internet connection.

Network Management: GWN7602 and the GWN7630 are both supported by GWN.Cloud, Grandstream’s free Wi-Fi cloud management platform. This centralized cloud-based software allowed the resort's IT department to easily manage all the Access Points at the resort with no additional cost and minimal technical support.

The Result

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The resort now has strong Wi-Fi signal coverage and guests along with the staff are now receiving stable and strong signals around the entire hotel premises. Grand Sultan Tea Resort & Golf is overjoyed with the installation of their new robust, long-range inside Wi-Fi network solution consisting of the GWN7630 and GWN7602. The team is now able to monitor and manage the AP’s from anywhere using any device at any time, making life a lot easier for them. Due to the successful installation, other hotels are interested in using it on their own.

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