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Fair Group Electronics is one Bangladesh’s largest corporate-certified Samsung online shops. The company, which began as Fair Trade International in 1998 and primarily engaged in import and trading, subsequently changed its name to Fair Group. They are an official manufacturer and national distributor of Samsung mobile phones and consumer electronics in Bangladesh. They have brought top-tier brands to customers’ doorsteps and have won the respect and love of people from all over Bangladesh.

FairGroup_Banner_Q3_2023The Problem

Manufacturing facilities require robust security measures with a strong network that can support surveillance systems, access control systems, and other security measures that help maintain a secure environment. Fair Electronics was looking for a solution that could provide a reliable network in their showrooms and outlets for customers to connect smartphones to. Customers are frequently using their smartphones to research various mobile gadgets, read reviews, and compare costs. Employees conduct interactive presentations and demos that their previous network could not provide without having interruptions occur. This is crucial for employees to make sales and be able to demonstrate to the customers how the products operate. Fair Electronics, was also in need of a solution that could handle the backend operations such as inventory mangement, and point-of-sale transactions to enhance both general effectiveness and client experience.

Previously, Fair Electronic’s used typical access points like NetGear and TP-link. Prior to the deployment of the Grandstream access points, their showroom and outlet each used a different brand of router, which prevented the IT team from adequately monitoring from a remote location. The network administrator could not monitor and manage the network. Considering the multiple site locations Fair Electronics has, there was a necessity for Wi-Fi APs that could be monitored remotely from the head office. Grandstreams free GDMS management system offered this and more.

Provided by BTCL

Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited is the largest telecommunications company in Bangladesh. BTCL provides land-line telephone services in Bangladesh’s urban areas, including domestic long-distance calling and international services as well as internet services. BTCL provides dial-up Internet access in all 64 districts of the country, making it the most-accessible Internet service provider in the country.

The Need

Research and Development: Electronic device manufacturing involves continuous research and development. Teams need a fast and reliable internet connection to collaborate on designing new models, testing prototypes, and accessing the latest industry trends and technologies.

Supply Chain Management: Efficient supply chain management is crucial in the manufacturing industry. A strong Wi-Fi connection aids in real-time tracking of inventory, monitoring the production process, and coordinating with suppliers and distributors.

Quality Control: Ensuring the quality of electronic devices requires real-time data analysis and monitoring during the manufacturing process. A Wi-Fi connection facilitates the use of connected devices and sensors for quality control that help to identify and rectify issues promptly.

Communication and Collaboration: Seamless communication is vital in a manufacturing company. A strong Wi-Fi network supports internal communication tools, video conferencing, and collaboration platforms, enhancing teamwork and productivity.

Automation and IoT Integration: Many manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly automated and involve the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These devices rely on a stable and high-speed internet connection to exchange data and optimize manufacturing processes.

Software Updates and Maintenance: Electronic devices often require software updates and maintenance. Having an access point that provides the capabilities to download the software updates, ensuring that devices are up-to-date with the latest features and security patches is necessary for product demonstrations in the showrooms. Customer

Support and Feedback: Providing excellent customer support is crucial for a mobile manufacturing company. Fair Electronics needed a solution that could support customer service platforms, allowing for timely responses to customer inquiries, addressing issues, and collecting feedback.

Competitors Considered

The service provider BTCL, considered Ubiquity Unify and Cambium along with Grandstream’s Solutions, however, decided to move forward with Grandstream’s solutions as they provided a free management platform with the access points. Also, Grandstreams affordability and wide known name in Bangladesh was a contributing factor.

Why Grandstream


After a thorough assessment, Fair Electronics chose to deploy a combination of Grandstream’s solutions which included a total of 250+ GWN7605’s and GWN7615’s. The access points were installed throughout their 200 showrooms, factory, offices, warehouses, and outlets located throughout Bangladesh.

Cost Effectiveness: Grandstreams GDMS on-premise controller and cloud-based solution provided upfront cost savings compared to their current solution in place. Fair Electronics opted for the GWN7605 and GWN7615 for the affordability and performance these products offered.

Remote Monitoring and Configuration: Fair Electronics showrooms are located in remote areas of the country. The team at Fair Electronics now can monitor the access points from the GDMS management system from the head office.

Updating and Maintaining Firmware: The cloud controller offers a practical solution to handle access point firmware changes. By ensuring that devices are running the most recent software with security updates and feature upgrades, the network’s overall stability and security is improved.

Easy to Manage: Cloud controllers generally contain features for managing guest networks. This entails setting up guest Wi-Fi access, putting in place security measures, and keeping an eye on visitor behavior. It enables the development of exclusive, secure networks for visitors without endangering the primary network.

Free Management Option: Cloud configuration and management of Grandstream’s Wi-Fi access points are utilized throughout Fair Electronic’s multiple sites. The access points were deployed using Grandstream’s free GDMS, a cloud-based management and configuration tool for all Grandstream’s GWN Networking Solutions. GDMS makes deployment and management of the Grandstream access points easy while also providing analytics on the network performance and user behavior. Having a single-cloud-based user interface for access point management has improved network optimization. Additionally, the ability to quickly detect problems has improved Fair Electronic’s administration productivity tremendously.

User Authentication and Access Control: With a large number of customers visiting Fair Electronic showrooms, there was a need for a secure network to protect buyer information when purchasing products. Administrators can now set up user authentication and access control procedures using GDMS controller. This enables the enforcement of security policies and guarantees that only authorized users have access to the network.

The Result

The IT department at Fair Electronics is very pleased with the deployment of Grandstream’s GWN7605 and GWN7615 access points. The daily activity and complexity around access point management have decreased with the ability to manage the 250+ devices installed throughout the property from one central location.

The IT team can quickly identify minor issues with any access point and deal with the problem efficiently. This is primarily a result of utilizing GDMS for its centralized access point management and monitoring features. Fair Electronics is actively deploying multiple access points in its additional showrooms and outlets every month. They are pleased with Grandstream’s solutions and intend to eventually open 500+ outlets throughout Bangladesh using GWN solutions.

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