eMentalist Case Study

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Dec 15, 2021 2:11:38 PM

eMentalist is a recruitment and outsourcing agency with headquarters in India and an office in London. They help businesses find outsourced, off-shore talent to fulfill business objectives while cutting operational and ongoing costs. With clients all over the world, eMentalist often utilized Skype for communications with business and recruitment clients. They were looking to create a much more robust, high-end video collaboration and conferencing solution that would not only increase the quality and ease of their communications but give off a better impression of the company. Ideally, they wanted to continue to use Skype but also have access to a video platform that could support popular apps and third-party platforms that their clients use.


The Solution

eMentalist reached out to a well-known technology distributor and consultant in India, Cohesive Technologies, who recommended Grandstream GVC3210 Video Conferencing Endpoint. The GVC3210 offers eMentalist a high-end video conferencing solution that runs on Android and therefore allows them to utilize Skype and any other Android app while doing it on a much more powerful device. The GVC3210 can also be integrated with any SIP or H.323 platform being used by their clients to provide even more flexibility. It also comes with 1 free year of access to IPVideoTalk, Grandstream’s video, and web collaboration service. With HDMI inputs and support for Miracast, the GVC3210 allows eMentalist to share presentations and documents with clients. The device even offers support for 4k Ultra HD resolutions. With the GVC3210, eMentalist was able to greatly enhance their video communications and add flexibility in a cost-effective manner.

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