Elliott's Nursery Agriculture Wi-Fi Solution

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Jan 26, 2023 2:29:17 PM

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About Elliott's Nursery

Situated 25 miles north of Christchurch, New Zealand, Elliott’s Wholesale Nursery has been operating since 1980. Spread over 25 acres, this area houses multiple agricultural tunnels and shade houses, open-ground planting, and open-space storage. Elliott’s Nursery’s core business functions revolve around supplying plants to Retail Nurseries and the Landscaping sector.


The Need

The nursery was spread over an expansive outdoor area in which employees needed to use tablets, smartphones, laptops, and other Wi-Fi devices and required full coverage across the 25 acres of the nursery. Elliott’s Nursery was initially using Ubiquiti Rocket M2 with a High Gain 2.4GHz Antenna in the center of the nursery. The Ubiquiti rocket no longer met the Wi-Fi roaming and performance requirements of the nursery as a result a more comprehensive solution was required.

Elliott’s Nursery looked for a more cost-effective and reliable Wi-Fi Access Point that was both easy to configure and had a large coverage range with fast performance.

The Solution


GWN7660LR and GWN7664LR

Coverage and Performance: Considering the 25 acres of land that needed to be covered with a high-performance Wi-Fi connection the GWN7660LR and GWN7664LR were ideal choices as Grandstream’s latest Long-Range Outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points. These devices support coverage ranges of 250m and 300m respectively, Wi-Fi 6, and up to 3.55Gbps speed. The long coverage range ensures that Wi-Fi is available at every part of the Nursery.

Concurrent Devices Supported: With many visitors and employees at the nursery, a network that can support high usage and a large amount of client devices was a requirement of the deployment. The GWN7660LR can support 256 devices and the GWN7664LR can support 750 devices providing ample simultaneous connections.

Cloud Management: Cloud configuration and management of Grandstream’s Wi-Fi access points throughout the nursery was a mandatory feature. The nursery was deployed using Grandstream’s GWN.Cloud, a cloud-based management and configuration tool for all of Grandstream’s GWN Networking Solutions. 


Centralized Wi-Fi Management: GWN.Cloud offers a centralized Wi-Fi Network Management Platform providing complete scalability and the ability to add multiple users and APs to the site. Once added to a site, access points had complete configuration templates pushed to them to bring the AP online and immediately begin offering a wireless connection within its range. After this, minor tweaks to the network were made entirely from the cloud.

Free-of-Cost: GWN.Cloud is a free-of-cost Wi-Fi management platform making the entire solution along with the Wi-Fi 6 Access Points very cost-effective which was ideal for Elliott’s Nursery. There is no cost for using GWN.Cloud, and you can deploy unlimited networks and access points. 

The Result

wifi icon web-01

After deploying Grandstream’s Wi-Fi 6 Long-Range Outdoor Access Points, Elliott’s Nursery now has exceptional coverage across its entire 25 acres, allowing visitors and workers to use their smartphones, tablets, laptops, and any other smart devices throughout the space. Not only did Grandstream’s access points provide a Wi-Fi solution beyond Elliott’s Nursery’s expectations, but they were also extremely satisfied with the Go Wireless NZ support team who were knowledgeable about Grandstream’s Networking Solutions.

The owner at Elliott’s Nursery is planning to install one more GWN7660LR in the coming months further to enhance the already outstanding coverage at the site. The GWN Wi-Fi access points provide a superior coverage range, connection speeds, and management capabilities, which was exactly what Elliot’s Nursery needed. 

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