Edith's Restaurant Case Study

Posted by Grandstream Networks Case Studies on Dec 13, 2021 2:38:47 PM

Edith’s is a popular restaurant in one of Mexico’s prominent vacation destinations, Cabo San Lucas. The restaurant serves a fusion of Baja California and Guerreran cuisines highlighted by imported steaks, local seafood, and fresh regional ingredients. This partially outdoor restaurant offers breathtaking views of Medano Beach and the famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas. Edith’s is well-known to both locals and tourists who frequent Cabo San Lucas.


Requirement: A Blazing Fast, Long-Range and Secure WiFi Network

As with any business, Edith’s relied on a strong wireless network. They relied on it for processing credit card payments, keeping track of reservations, managing inventory, placing orders, tracking finances, and offering employees a dedicated data network. As importantly, Edith’s needed to offer their customers a strong wireless network in order to meet the demands of today’s consumers. With studies showing businesses that offer WiFi access to customers see an increase in sales, and most restaurants doing so, a strong guest network is a requirement.

As Edith’s business expanded, their network of WiFi access points could not support the increasing demand on their wireless network. They began to notice that they would get no connection or a poor connection in many high-traffic or distant areas of the restaurant. Edith’s reached out to a local communications installer and integrator, Cor IP, to help them build a faster, stronger network with a greater range. After identifying the need to implement stronger WiFi access points, Cor IP decided to deploy Grandstream’s GWN series at Edith’s and purchased the devices from SYSCOM. Cor IP chose the GWN series, specifically the GWN7600LR, because of the high-end speeds, long-range, and security features they offer. As important as the easy setup and management processes the GWN series offers. The GWN7600LRs competitive price point, the high-end features it offers, and the fact that it offers an embedded controller that prevents the purchase of a separate controller, made the decision an easy one.

Solution: Grandstream’s GWN series of WiFi Access Points

edith restaurant case study imagegwn7600_mounted_image_email2Ediths restaurant case study image 2

The GWN7600LR was the perfect fit for Edith’s. Because the device offers a range of up to 300 meters and features weatherproof casing, two GWN7600LRs were able to offer tremendous speeds to all areas of the restaurant while being able to stand up to the occasional rain and frequent heat of Cabo San Lucas. Cor IP deployed the GWN7600LR solution to offer two different networks, one for guests and one for staff, in order to keep traffic and data separate while ensuring fast speeds for both networks.

yeah 1 case study image 2In terms of network management, Grandstream’s networking solutions offer built-in, embedded controllers within every product's web user interface. This allows every GWN series device, including the GWN7600LR, to set up, manage and control entire networks of other GWN devices from one central, web-based user interface. This both prevents the purchase of separate controllers required by many other manufacturers and offers one location to manage the network. Even if Cor IP cannot be on location to manage it, they can access the controller remotely or allow Edith’s staff to access its easy-to-use management interface.

Security was also extremely important to Edith’s. The GWN series offers access to the six most powerful WiFi encryption technologies to encrypt the data flowing between access points and clients. Grandstream’s networking solutions also offer a variety of added high-end security features including unique security certificates on each device, a secure boot process that automatically checks for vulnerabilities, and digitally signed firmware to confirm software has not been compromised.

The Result

Edith’s is extremely happy with their new high-powered, long-range outdoor WiFi network anchored by the GWN7600LR. Their new WiFi solution allows Edith’s to offer blazing fast networks to both guests and staff, reach every corner of the restaurant and offer state-of-the-art security protection. The Grandstream solution was easy to set up, offers simple, centralized ongoing maintenance and the GWN7600LR offers protection from outdoor weather conditions. Edith’s is currently looking to open another restaurant location and has already requested the same Grandstream solution from Cor IP for their new location.

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